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When there are problems in love, such as the threat of losing that person forever, due to someone else, or because their feelings have changed, it is very scary and very painful!

We’ve all been through this at one time or another, and we are all aware of the feelings of powerlessness, pain, and fear that goes along with this type of situation.

But are you as powerless as you think when faced with a love problem like this? The answer is no!

Believe it or not, there are steps you can take to turn a situation like this around and make the outcome a happy one!

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What Causes People To Doubt Their Feelings For Us?

There are numerous things that cause people to feel like they are falling out of love. Lack of communication, boredom, the attention of another attractive person, fear of falling in love, and getting hurt, and the list goes on!

But the truth is, when you enter into a serious relationship with someone, it is because the two of you have been together before in another lifetime! So you’ve met each other again in this lifetime to continue that love!

So when problems like these occur, those problems are out of rhythm with your original reason for the meeting – which was to continue in this life the love you shared in a past one!

Otherwise, if this was not true, you wouldn’t feel such deep feelings for this person, nor would the two of you have met in the first place!

But most couples don’t realize they came together again in this life to continue what they once had in a lifetime of the past! So they freeze, not knowing what to do, and then the relationship ends forever – or just becomes miserable between them until they eventually break up! 

What You Can Do To Save Your Relationship

First, you need to know that when serious problems arise, have no doubt about it that they are due to some unresolved karma between the two of you! I can guarantee you this is the root of the problems between you!

Something the two of you never resolved in your past life, so it is popping up its ugly head again in this life, because it needs to be resolved before the two of you can move on!

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You can’t ignore karma, because it doesn’t just go away! It has to be resolved in order for it to disappear!

But you need to know what that karma is in order to fix it and resolve it! The first thing I do when I see love problems between two people is to examine their Akashic Records (you’ve heard me talk about these in many of my past emails) to find out exactly what that karma is!

Depending on the depth of that karma, that information will determine what steps you need to take next! The steps could be as simple as repeating a special mantra over and over again, or it could involve karmic reparation! There is no way for that information to be known until your Akashic Records are read.

Why Discovering The Cause Of Your Karma Is Important

Once you discover the karma that is causing the problem, you can eliminate it for good, and the problems often go away rather quickly! Don’t get me wrong, karma repair can sometimes take some work, but not always! And the end result is that you save the relationship with the one you love the most! So the work is worth it!

I wanted to write this email to let you know that there is hope! To affirm that the two of you did come together again in this life to continue on the love you once had.

When I explain to my clients that they came together in this life to continue the love they had in a past life, they always tell me that they “feel” like that is true. That’s because a part of their subconscious mind remembers the love they shared in a past life!

So now that you understand the role karma can play, you know there is hope, and know that you don’t have to fear anymore because now you are armed with the knowledge that you can do something to change your karma if you choose to!

I hope this helped enlighten you more about love!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S, Feelings of fear and powerlessness are caused when a person feels out of control and doesn’t have the answers for what to do! Fear goes away when a person has answers and knows what they can do to resolve the problem! So whenever you are afraid, always seek the answers, and the fear will go away once you find them!

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