My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (December Release)


Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for 2017 (December Release). This month’s psychic predictions are very interesting, to say the least.

With my predictions about Kevin Spacey already having come true, and also my prediction about the pedophile ring in Hollywood being in the beginning stages of becoming exposed, this month has some more interesting events, which are about to unfold.


Hollywood pedophile

There are going to be major names involved in the pedophile ring which will slowly unfold in Hollywood.

As I had predicted about a pedophile ring that was going to be exposed in Hollywood, we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. As this scenario unfolds, I predict there are going to be major names involved in the ring, and major names will also be shown to involve in covering it up. Several more careers are going to be ruined.

Also, as I had predicted that Kevin Spacey would come out, and his coming out would involve complications for his career, a few more celebrities who are gay are going to be outed and tied to a very shady sexual past.

Harvey Weinstein will continue to be in denial, never admitting to the pain he has caused others. His name will leave a permanent black mark on Hollywood.


Love and Relationships


The upcoming months are going to be rocky times for marriages where there are major problems. These problems are only going to intensify until after the first of the year, especially where drinking or drugs are involved. It is best to avoid arguments until January if you are in this type of marriage right now.

Expect baby girls born in the month of December to later in life exhibit strong psychic abilities. December 2018 will be the “Month Of Psychic Births”. Boys born this month will also exhibit psychic powers, as long as their parents don’t try to repress them!

December is not a good month to begin a new relationship. Best to keep it at a friendship level until January 1st.


Science and Medicine cars

Modern self-driving cars will be available very soon to the public.

As I had predicted that there would be the discovery of a new drug which will cure HIV, and this has already come to pass, I am also still predicting we will have a cure no later than January 1st 2019.

Self-driving cars will be available to the general public for purchase no later than 2 years from this month.

A new vaccine that prevents women from having babies born with autism will be talked about, and it will look very promising.




Many of the “fake news” claims by the current US president, about Russian interference in the US elections, will be proven not to be fake, after all. Several people who would be damaging witnesses will end of dying of “heart attacks”, “suicide”, or “plane crashes”.

Tensions between the US and North Korea will go quiet for a while. Meaning, we will not hear much noise from Kim Jung- Un. The troubled waters that have been stirring will begin to settle down.

Major embarrassment will fall upon the Japanese government. There will be accusations of improper business deals taking place between the Japanese government and the former US president. The world will respond in a very negative way to this news.


Finances US_economy

The US economy will continue to stay strong.

The US economy will stay strong, while the Mexican economy will continue to destabilize. Uganda, along with several other African countries, will be on the verge of a depression.

Gold prices will drop temporarily and then rebound back very quickly. Silver prices will also begin to rise.

Australia will take a major financial hit. The value of their currency will begin to go down during 2018. It will be a slow recovery process.


World Events


A recent visit the US president made to the Philippines will be discovered to be wrought with corruption. It will come to light that secret deals have been made with Duterte, who has admitted to personally killing two people.

China and Russia will begin to form a secret alliance. Many in the world will be left wondering what this means, claiming it is the beginning of an attempt for both countries to join together for the purpose of trying to eventually take over the world.

Oil prices will be on the rise within the next several months. Gas will reach a new high, although the high prices will only be temporary after people around the world begin to complain. 


The Strange, The Unusual, And The Bizarre aliens

Abduction by aliens when he was a teen will be divulged by a politician in Washington.

A politician in Washington will come forward saying he was abducted by aliens when he was a teenager. The announcement of this bizarre news will shock many people in Washington.

A new fad will sweep the nation where men will begin dying their pubic hairs. This new trend in manscaping will become all the rage, as men claim their right to look good on all parts of their body.

With the lack of support the US president has shown for transgender people, he will try to keep it a secret when one of his own relatives comes forward and say they are transgender.


I hope you enjoyed reading my psychic predictions for 2017 (December Release)

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14 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    As always I love reading your predictions. Thank you for taking the time to do them 🙂

  2. Betty says:

    So enjoy your monthly predictions, especially stock market and precious metals. Re: Hollywood, the truth is surfacing and is unstoppable. Thanks Tana for your psychic insights. Eagerly await your 2018 annual predictions. ??????

  3. Jo-Ann says:

    Dear Tana,
    I too love your monthly predictions and it truly breaks my heart when you hear about the pedophiles in Hollywood taking advantage of those young people who only wanted a career. May their spirits be healed and those responsible be held accountable for their actions.
    I was very interested in reading about the future vaccines for pregnant women to help prevent autism considering the high number of children being diagnosed on the spectrum. My daughter knows of one family where all 3 children are on the spectrum. Now is it true that autism ties in with the vaccines that babies were given or do you believe it has anything to do with the food we eat? Just curious.
    Thanks again and keep up the great work!!!!

  4. Nicole says:

    Love reading your predictions! I am very interested in the future of artificial intelligence and their effect on jobs and life in general. I would absolutely love it if you wrote a blog post on that topic 🙂

  5. Pauline Holmes says:

    Love reading your monthly readings too Tana..thankyou all the way from New Zealand

  6. Janet says:

    Thanks as always Tana! You really did predict the shenanigans in Hollywood would come to light and it’s turning into an avalanche! Love your predictions and looking forward to your 2018 ones.

  7. Kevin Kacala says:

    Simply Amazing Tana!!!
    Great stuff!

  8. Gabe says:

    Dear Tana,
    I discovered your monthly readings a few months ago and I am shocked as to how spot on you have been. Definitely going to look forward to all your future monthly predictions. I do have a question about one thing though that was not touched, especially considering it has been in the news rather recently. Do you have an ideas of what may come of net neutrality in the US? A vote is apparently on the 14th for its repeal, very curious of what your thoughts may be on the subject!!!

  9. Beth says:

    I am having feelings that another 9/11 type attack is coming, perhaps before the end of December. Really strong interest in reading all I can on 9/11, which I already know all about but it’s like this strange urge I can’t control, to read more more more. Also having very disturbing dreams that I am being stalked by wild animals, and I am in my car which is stuck in the snow outside a house. I have to either get to the house or get back in the car before it gets me. I feel it’s all related. I have had this happened before, dreams/feelings that come true. Wondering if anyone else is having feelings about this at this time. They are so strong!

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