My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (November Release)

Hi there,

I have something incredible to tell you…

…as a matter of fact, you might want to be sitting down when you read this!

Last weekend, the one before this one, I did my usual routine: up at 3:00 AM, drank some green tea, ate a banana, and then began my astral travels.

About two minutes into flying around out in the universe, a strong cosmic wind blew me so hard, it caused my astral body to flip over several times. Just as I was starting to feel dizzy, the next time I know, I am being sucked down this very long tunnel of white light!

Then all the sudden, my body came to a complete stop! And as I felt my astral feet hit the ground…… and everything around me was violet.

It was beautiful! 

I Was Approached By A 20-Foot Tall Being

Then out of the blue (or should I say out of the violet) this very tall being, about 20 feet tall, walked towards me. I have to say, I feel REALLY small standing beside him! He practically had to bend totally over to talk to me. It was really bizarre!

He had this very strong voice, and when he spoke, it sounded like he was yelling in my ear. But I guess because of his size his voice would be loud!

He introduced himself as Maknak, and then he said “Welcome Tana! I’ve been waiting on you”.

It turns out he and Macar had a meeting, and Macar felt Maknak and I needed to meet. But Macar never told me this. (In case you don’t know who Macar is, he’s my Ascended Master Guide I work with on almost a daily basis!)

Then Maknak sat down beside me. Even sitting down, he was almost 10 feet tall. Again, I felt very small standing beside him.

The Message He Had

Maknak said “Tana, I’m going to get straight to the point and tell you why you’re here. You are here to learn advanced spiritual tools, and I’m the one who is going to teach you. 

Why need to learn this, is because as you already know, humanity is in a time of crisis. So we need people to help cleanse the energy of planet earth. With your current political situation, there could be a major war. So we need you to find people who are willing to participate in healing this negativity and saving the earth from World War III! 

Healing this negativity is the only thing to prevent a third World War! And you are going to need a lot of people to help you!”

So I asked him how many I would need, and he said at least 99 people! I told him that shouldn’t be a problem, and I would let people know right away that I need their help!

He then placed his large hand on my astral shoulder and said, “We need to get started. I have a lot to teach you!” 

So he led me to a large open area that looked like a beautiful garden of flowers, where there were strange flowers I had never seen before. And in the middle of this “garden” is where he trained me.

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The Many Blessings Bestowed Upon Anyone Who Helps!

Maknak explained how this negative energy is being generated by the “minds of evil people” on the earth, and how this evil is causing tensions to rise. This evil is creating a negative energy cloud to form around the planet. And this negative energy cloud is responsible for pushing things to darker places.

He explained “Tana, your planet is in a dire situation and something needs to be done. So we need you to be the one to get this word out!

And there will be magnificent rewards for those who help! Anyone who helps you will receive: 

– Unlimited blessings from the angels in finding their true love!

– An abundance of financial blessings!

– An overflowing of prosperity in all areas of their life!

– And unbelievable good luck, too!”

And when he told me the following words, my mouth dropped open. He said “Tana, anyone who helps you will receive the reward of all rewards!”

When I asked him what “the reward of all rewards” means, he said “In this lifetime, a person who helps you will be so protected and guarded, they will be taken care of in ALL areas of their life. 

AND, “The reward of all rewards” will carry with them into their next 5 lifetimes! Meaning they will be taken care of in all areas of their life now, and in their next 5 lifetimes, too! 

AND, “the reward of all rewards” will also be bestowed upon their children, AND their loved ones, too”! 

I was blown away by this because this is the first time I had ever known of a person receiving such an incredible reward for helping save the planet! Well come to think of it, it does make sense now, since these 99 people will be helping to save the planet from mass destruction!

That has to worth something!!

The Power Of Babakinar 

Maknak said in his galaxy, their Master Ruler (which we would refer to as our president) is a powerful entity named Babakinar (bah-bah-kin-are)

And the reason their galaxy has never had war, is because Babakinar is so powerful, that if anything negative would enter their galaxy, it would instantly be destroyed – and then turned into cosmic dust because Babakinar is a loving entity, and only love can exist wherever His presence is.

“By teaching you how to channel the loving presence of Babakinar’s essence into your galaxy, His essence will destroy the negative energy cloud surrounding your planet.”

And he explained how the energy radiating from this negative energy cloud is what’s causing tensions to rise on planet earth. So this is why this cloud needs to be destroyed! 

Creating A World Of Love Generators

So we spent the next 6 hours training me how to draw down the Power Of Babakinar, then infuse His love-essence into other people. And he told me this love-infusion will also turn the person into an Energetic Love Generators.

He said “Once a person has been infused with Babakinar’s energy, their energy will be transformed into a Love Generator. And once this transformation occurs, the person will automatically send out vibrations of love, everywhere they go. Spreading love vibrations to everyone around them, which will then turn all of those other people into Love Generators, too!”

He said “When the 99 people have been infused and transformed into Love Generators, within 2 weeks, the entire planet earth will have been “touched” by love. And once the entire world has been “touched by love”, peace will spread over the hearts of everyone on earth, and the rising tensions will quiet down”. 

He said the effects of this love energy will last long enough for war to be avoided…

…and avoiding war is the whole reason why he trained me in the Power Of Babakinar.

I Need Your Help

I need your help on this! I need 99 people to step forward and help me take up this cause and become infused with the Power Of Babakinar.

I need to create an Army Of Love Generators, dedicated to spreading love, not war. Our purpose will be to quiet down the storm by destroying the negative energy cloud around the planet, prevent a third World War, and then when it’s complete, go on and enjoy the many blessing we and our loved ones will receive.

But I cannot do this alone!

If you want to become a part of spiritual history, and be able to tell your family one day, how you helped change the history of the world, this is something to step up to with pride.

The world is calling, and it needs your help!

Anyone watching the news already knows the tensions are rising, and the time to act is now! Just watching the news, you can see things are not getting better.

As a matter of fact, everything is happening, just as I predicted it would, only a few months ago. And this is your opportunity to help to stop it from becoming a world crisis. No! A world disaster!

How To Help

You can help by becoming infused with The Power Of Babakinar, which will transform your energy into a Love Generator.

As a matter of fact, I forgot to mention, once you become a Love Generator, people are also going to start treating you with more love.

Because love creates more love!

And by just simply being a Love Generator alone, your world is going to change, because people feel good when they are in the presence of love.

Love softens the hearts of everyone!

So, to become one of the 99 People, click here right away, and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and someone will get back to you right away to reserve your space for this!

Not only is this an incredible opportunity you will proud of for years to come, you will also be helping to secure a safe future for your children, grandchildren, and the children and grandchildren of your friends, and neighbors, too!

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

There’s a reason you opened this email today, and the reason is because you are “being called” to respond to The Call. 

So please click here right away, and respond to The Call, by filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and someone will get back to you right away to reserve your space for this!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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