My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (November Release)


Here are my latest psychic predictions for November 2017. The upcoming month is going to reveal some very unusual events.

So here are my latest psychic predictions:


Hollywood rock_star

The unexpected death of a well-known rock star will startle everyone.

Another major Hollywood name is going to be embroiled in a major sex scandal. Rumors of a secret group of Hollywood’s elite, who are part of a sex ring involving young boys, will come to the surface and also proven to be true.

An upcoming Hollywood movie will be picketed by the far right, claiming it’s sinful to watch due to its permissive attitudes about premarital sex, along with hints of homosexuality.

The death of a major rock star will shock the world. This death will come unexpectedly.




More accusations against the president and his sexual proclivities are going to surface. Eventually, the Golden Shower dossier will be proven to be true!

Three senators, two Republicans, and one Democrat will be discovered to have been involved in covering up ties to Russia’s involvement in the last US presidential election.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden will become very vocal, speaking out against many of the policies the current president is trying to create, destroy, or pass.


International oil_rig

The oil prices will be higher than what the US has ever seen but the president can’t do anything about it.

The Middle East will eventually try to put a squeeze on the prices of oil, forcing oil prices higher than the US has ever seen. The US president will not have the power to do anything because of the financial wealth and power of the individuals involved.

China and Russia will have a major conflict, which will put the world in a state of worry. Eventually, the conflict will be resolved.

Uganda will experience another outbreak of a deadly disease due to the poor hygiene of the people in that country.


Love And Relationships


This month will be the month of twins. Many women who get pregnant this month will get one more bundle of joy than they bargained for!

More men around the world will be having vasectomies in the upcoming months.

This is a good month to be on the lookout for infidelity. Due to the upcoming planetary shifts, both married men and women will have a strong urge to “try something new”.


Financial gold_bars

Gold prices are expected to rise.

The World economy will remain strong, but Mexico is going to experience a heavy hit, as the Mexican Peso continues to plummet.

Platinum and white gold will become a popular again, making yellow gold no longer fashionable. So expect gold prices to be on the rise.

The stock market will hit a major dip between November 2017 and February 2018, but will quickly bounce back up.


Job and Career


November is a good month to make any career changes or to begin a new business. Avoid both of these things in December 2017 and January 2018.

Expect hoped for promotions or raises to be put on hold until after February 2018.

The best time to start taking any further education or training classes for your career will be this month.


Aliens And UFO’s UFO

There will be more UFO sightings this month particularly in Asia and Europe.

Expect to hear about more UFO sightings this month, especially in Asian and Europe.

There will a wave of people reporting alien abductions over the next three months, making it appear that they are studying us more lately, than in the past.

Alien life from another galaxy, located over 500 light years away, is planning to make contact with the earth over the next 10 years. They are already on their way.


There are my latest psychic predictions for 2017 (November release) and I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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  1. Betty says:

    Tana , I enjoy your predictions. Your financial predictions are typically accurate but I always conduct my own due diligence. Since I’ve been a gold bug for years it is encouraging to read that the metal will be on the rise. BTW, We look forward to hearing about your Halloween plans soon. Your life is simply magical. ???

  2. RE says:

    Kevin Spacey? “Another major Hollywood name is going to be embroiled in a major sex scandal.”

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