My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (October Release)

Hi there,

With all the tragedies happening on earth, from trouble with North Korea to the hurricanes hitting Texas and Florida, the earth’s bio-psychic axels have been thrown off-balance.

The reason why these tragic events are happening is conversation for a different email, but the most important things to know today is how these tragedies are affecting the earth’s bio-psychic axels, and how this will also affect you, along with the people you care about!

Never before, in the past 25 years, have I seen the earth’s energy in such a mess. 

My Very Unusual Meditation Experience

Last Friday at around 3:00 AM, I began my meditation as I always do. But something different happened this time…

…when I closed my eyes, my Energy Body rapidly shot upwards, releasing itself from my physical body…and before I knew it, I was floating out in space, looking down at the earth below.

But the earth looked very different this time.

I could see all kinds of twisty dark energy shapes swirling throughout different parts of the atmosphere. These swirly shapes looked like large dark snakes. They also looked kind of evil to me, and seeing them gave me an eerie feeling.

So as I was floating around in space, I took the time to really observe what was going on.

They’re Called Chupacondas

Immediately, when I returned back to my physical body, I requested a special meeting with Macar, my Ascended Master guide…

…and what he told me was a bit shocking!

Almost instantly after I called him, Macar physically materialized right in front of me. We chatted for a few minutes, and then I told him about shooting out of my body during my meditation, then finding myself floating out in space, looking down at the earth below.

He said I shot of my body like that was because The Advanced Spiritual Counsel (a group of highly evolved being which with over the universe) wanted me to see what was going on in the earth’s atmosphere so I could warn people about it.

He then explained the energy snakes I saw were actually real energy snakes, which were manifested as a result of the tragedies happening on planet earth. He said these snakes were created by the evil thoughts of certain groups on earth, and these energy snakes were born out of the “womb” of the negative thought forms created by these people.

In other words, the negative energy of these people’s thoughts created a cosmic womb. This womb was like a female, waiting to be impregnated by the seed of a father, and the seed was the negative thoughts of these groups of people.

Once impregnated by the evil energy from their thoughts, the thing created, could be born. And the thing that was born, were these energy snakes, which I discovered are called Chupacondas.

Once born, these Chupacondas slither throughout the atmosphere, looking for other Chupacondas to mate with, so more babies can be born. And when these baby Chupacondas are born, more evil will be released! 

All Of This Blew My Mind

Let me tell you, this sounded like something out of a horror movie!

The good news is these Chupacondas can’t eat people. But the bad news is, they keep spreading their evil around the planet, which in turn creates the right environment for more tragedy to occur.

Macar explained how the earth needs healers who can act as channels to send out the right vibrational energy into the atmosphere. And how to right vibrational energy will wipe out these Chupacondas from the entire universe.

And interestingly, only human energy has the power to wipe them out. And boy was I relieved to hear they could be wiped out!

He told me The Advanced Spiritual Counsel has requested the help of 62 people on earth – 62 people who want to help rid the planet of this negative destruction, so these Chupacondas cannot cause any more destruction on earth.

And currently, there are 42 impregnated Chupacondas slithering around out there, and they will give birth to 100,000 more babies in exactly 8 and 1/2 months.

Healers Are Needed

Macar then asked me to move closer to him, so he could place his hands on my head. And when he touched my head, he used a technique called Thought Transference Osmosis, which instantly downloaded knowledge directly from his mind into mine.

So after he removed his hands, I instantly knew the exact method I needed to see to turn 62 people, into the people who were going to help save the planet from more destruction!

If you’ve ever felt a need to help, give more, or be of service in a way that would make an everlasting impact on the world, this is your opportunity!

I am looking for 62 people who want to help save the planet from future tragedy. I’m talking about the tragedy that’ll be created when these 100,000 baby Chupacondas are born. Because I cannot do this alone!

The powerful energy needed to stop these energy snakes will be transfused into your energy field, and this transfusion process is called Reception Of The Process Of Bio-Magnetic Vibrational Healing. It’s a long name, I know.

Once you have been transfused with this energy, the healing will happen naturally. 

Sleep Healing – The Ability To Heal When You Sleep 

Reception Of The Process Of Bio-Magnetic Vibrational Healing is an ancient technique known about in Atlantis.

It means after your energy has been transfused with the proper bio-magnetic vibrations, you will naturally emit those vibrational rays of energy, out into the universe, while you sleep. That’s right! While you sleep!

Sleep is the most powerful time for emitting healing energy after this transfusion.

After all 62 people have been transfused, in only 3 days, all of the Chupacondas will have been eliminated from the universe.

And once this happens, the earth’s psychic axels will realign, and natural balance and harmony will be restored back to the earth.

If You Are One Of The 62

If you are one of the 62 who is transfused with The Reception Of The Process Of Bio-Magnetic Vibrational Healing, you will be blessed with amazing karma, as a type of reward from the universe, for helping with such an incredible deed. So the benefits bestowed upon your life will be unimaginable.

Anything in your life related to negative karma, will be instantly healed and resolved immediately! AND, these blessings will even be extended to people you care about, so the people you love will receive the same blessings too! And will be all because of you!

These blessings include:

– Relationship problems will go away!

– Love will enter your life

– Financial struggles will clear up

– You will be blessed with wealth and abundance

– Health problems will clear up

– You will feel happier than you have for a long, long time

– You will find loneliness, sadness, and depression disappear

– You will have an abundance of friends

– Doors to fulfill your deepest wishes will be opened to you

– Any and all obstacles will be cleared out of your way!

– And remember, those closest to you will receive the same benefits, too!

– Plus many, many more!

Isn’t that incredible! I am so happy to know The Advanced Spiritual Counsel will be blessing the 62 healers with all of these cosmic blessings!

Believe Me! You Want To Jump On This NOW

You will want to jump on this. Trust me, this is going to be life-changing! Knowing you helped save the world will give you such a deep sense of satisfaction, and the blessings you are going to receive for your help – are out of this world!

But I only need 62 people. I don’t need 63, 64, or 65. There is only enough energy to be dispersed to 62 people because 62 is all that are needed.

So if you want to change the course of the world, and receive these rich, life-changing blessings, then click here RIGHT AWAY! NOW! To fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, so you can be one of the 62.

You can even call my office at 614-444-6334 right away to take one of the 62, also!

This is not a limited session in the sense of I only have so many spaces I can create in my schedule. This is limited because The Advanced Spiritual Counsel only needs 62 healers to help them!

So make sure to click here now to reserve a space, by filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page!

I am so excited to transfuse this energy to you. And I am so happy you will be given the chance to be one of the 62 amazing people who are going to be a part of helping me and The Advanced Spiritual Counsel save the world, by changing the destiny of mankind forever!

Lives will be saved as a result of this! Innocent lives will be saved!

Please click here now and join me on this rare opportunity!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. I forgot to mention, these blessing will also be passed on to three future generations in your family line, too! All because of the remarkable karma you created in this life! Amazing, isn’t it?

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  1. Toni Lindgren says:

    just wanted to say, i awoke around 3 this morning and lay wondering what i was going to do with the rest of
    mylife. when i received this email the universe instantly answered me. As i have always know i am a guardian of the portals into the earth. For me it is not a question as to whether i will do it the answer was you must.

    Love, joy, peace

    Toni Lindgren

  2. Irma says:

    I can totally feel the dark energy on earth ?. I was just thinking that I should become like a Monk and meditate/pray all day for so many things to improve. ?

  3. Tina says:

    How do become a sleep healer… I’m interested.

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