My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (October Release)


Here are my newest psychic predictions for 2017 (October Release). So many things have happened over the past 30 days, so I couldn’t wait to share my latest predictions with you.

Here are my latest psychic predictions:


Hollywood celebrity_arrest

A celebrity will be caught from shoplifting and they will only be punished by probation.

A celebrity is going to be arrested for shoplifting. People are going to be confused as to why someone with all that money would want to steal. Probation will be their only punishment.

A well-known Hollywood star is going to be arrested for a DUI. Although the circumstances surrounding the incident will seem very bizarre and questionable.

Kevin Spacey’s sexuality will come to surface in the news, and this time, he won’t deny he’s gay. Tom Cruise and John Travolta will also be in the news again for falling under the same radar.




I keep seeing the President will no longer be president of the US. I’m not clearly being shown exactly how this will happen, but I keep having visions of his presidency being cut short.

Major chaos is going to take place in the house and senate. There may even be fist-fighting among some party members.

Several rights will be whittled away from women, the LGBT community, and other minorities. Laws will be passed in overnight sessions, and these sessions will take place during times of crisis, so Americans won’t notice their rights are gone – until it’s too late. Some will say human rights are being set back to the Stone Age.



A major oil producing country in the Middle East is likely to have a conflict with the US president.

North Korea will attempt some kind of attack on the US, but it will be cyber related – not an attack by using missiles – at least not yet. The attack will not be very successful, but it may be hidden from the American public so we may never even hear about it.

China’s economy will not be strong in 2018, causing China to feel in a vulnerable position. China will quickly take action and turn the situation around.

A middle-eastern country, which is a major supplier of oil, will come into conflict with the US president. The world will watch with anticipation, wondering if the president will resolve the problem or make things worse by the words he says.


Finances stock_market

The stock market is expected to stay strong throughout the rest of 2017

The stock market is going to stay strong throughout the remainder of 2017. Although several international currencies will drop. Especially the Mexican peso.

Over the next few months, oil prices will go up and down like a roller coaster. The rise and fall of oil prices will have many people wondering “what’s going on” and “who’s in charge of changing these prices”?

Gold will see some ups and downs in value. But overall, it will remain stable. But expect commodities to take a major dip.


Love And Relationships


A new drug will be discovered, which will cure impotence in older men. It will be hailed as the new miracle drug!

Throughout the remainder of 2017, women will find themselves being more fertile than ever. Make sure to use protection, or there’s a good chance of having an “oops” pregnancy.

Men will find themselves feeling extremely emotional this month and next. Due to their highly emotional state, many people will wonder if their male partner is going through male menopause!


Miscellaneous hurricane

More hurricanes are going to hit Texas and Florida.

Another new discovery will be found in relation to the pyramids in Egypt. This discovery will give archeologists a deeper understanding into the lives of ancient Egyptians.

More hurricanes are going to hit Texas and Florida. One will be even worse than the recent most recent ones.

Before the end of 2017, sadly, one, possibly two tragic school shootings are going to plague the nation. The reason for these shootings is going to baffle and sadden many.


There are my newest psychic predictions for 2017, and I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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  1. JJ says:

    I have a question = if we manifest what happens in our own life’s then how can someone predict our future especially if you are knowledgeable about manifesting and the law of attraction?

  2. Mary says:

    I would rather burst into flames then have my rights being taken. I will not tolerate that at all. Never.

  3. Irma says:

    Tana, I watched part of the Presidents speech today when he spoke about Iran! I was in disbelief! Iranian people are good people. His mouth is what is going to lead this country into war. I was embarrassed hearing him speak to the ? world leaders this morning. ??‍♀️?

  4. Carla says:

    So Trump gets Impeach will his running mate be President? Cause he’s the same as trump

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