My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2018 (April Release)


This is going to be the beginning of a very interesting year. The planetary energies surrounding 2018 are going to cause many interesting happenings and occurrences here in the US and around the world, too.

Here are my latest psychic predictions for April 2018:


Hollywood Arnold-Schwarzenegger

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be faced with more non-fatal health problems.

Harry Styles of One Direction will face some interesting rumors. Revealing photos will surface, showing Harry has had some intimate encounters with a male close to him.

A few men will come forward accusing Adam Lambert of making inappropriate advances toward them. These rumors will be ignored, and his life will go on as usual.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will experience more unexpected health problems, although his health problems will not be fatal.




The current US president will make the relationship between the US and North Korea even worse. Due to his thoughtless actions and comments, he will push the US closer to a world war than ever before.

Poisonings, drownings, and other bizarre ways of dying, will occur among foreign officials who are considered to know too much. None of these deaths will be questioned in regard to foul play.

The US will air strike Syria again. Hundreds of women, children, and other innocent people will die as a result of this. Regardless, these facts will be ignored, and the US government will call it a success.


Financial Amazon

Amazon investments will turn out to be a profitable one by the end of summer


The US economy will take another tumble. Expects more drops in the stock market than this year, than in the history of any other president before. The White House will blame all of it on Obama.

Gold prices will remain solid, but silver and platinum prices will drop.

By the end of summer, Amazon will turn out to be a good investment for those invested in this stock.


Medicine and Science


An HIV cure is getting even closer. Within 18 months, we can expect to see a promising drug being tested that will eliminate the virus in HIV positive people.

Self-driving cars will be available to the average consumer within 5 years or less. China will try to dominate the market on these cars, but the US will become the major leader.

Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California, will some become competing cities with Silicone Valley, when it comes to the tech industry. More and more people will head to these cites, especially Austin, due to its more affordable cost of living.


Weather snowfall

Snowfall is likely to be longer than usual in many states.

Weather will get worse before it gets better in the Midwestern parts of the US. Snowfall will linger longer than normal this year, causing many states to feel like they didn’t have a spring or much of a winter at all.

Indonesia will be bombarded with serious weathers. Lots of rain, major flooding, and other weather disasters will causes several lives to be lost in parts of the country.

A major tidal wave will strike Florida, wiping out many areas along the coast. Miami will be safe, but other areas will experience major devastation!


Love and Romance


This is going to be a good month to begin new dating relationships, but not a good month for wedding proposals. Say “yes” to dating propositions but say “no” to marriage proposals.

Bromances will be on the rise this month. If you notice your male friend or spouse seeming to have a possible romantic connection with another male, relax!  Because it’s not what you think. He’s simply having a bromance!

This will be a good month for planning a wedding, but again, not a good month to get engaged! Keep a close eye on the people helping you plan your wedding because one of them could miss an important detail that could ruin your wedding.


Psychic Occurrences quartz_crystal

It is advisable to put small quartz crystal under your bed to help you sleep better. Sleeping becomes difficult due to the energy this month .

You may notice your psychic vibes increasing this month. Empathic feelings will be heightened, so make sure to pay attention to what you feel. Trust your gut this month!

Many people will report seeing angels and ghost-like figures, especially in their homes, or walking along the streets late at night. It’s not your imagination, so don’t be afraid to tell them hello!

This is a good month to place a small quartz crystal (thumb size) under your bed. Due to the energy this month, sleepless nights may be a problem. But placing a crystal under your bed will make you sleep better than you have in months.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions for 2018.

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  1. TP says:

    T- thank you!

  2. Ismail sani says:

    Beautiful prediction!

  3. Linda says:

    Hello Mr. Hoy, we have a mutual friend in Bob S., we are on the same paranormal team and he has been helping me learn about and develop my abilities. He advised that I sign up for your blog and emails and I am happy he did!!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Hi Tana, hoping you can elaborate on the tidal wave prediction. Will it happen this month or sometime in 2018???

  5. Monique says:

    I can’t help but wonder if the tidal wave prediction is a result of a tsunami or not?
    I have heard about a tsunami to strike California (sure hop it isn’t I my time if it does cause I live in so cal)….;-)

  6. Suzanne says:

    Tana, your prediction about Arnold S. – you were right, an intuitive hit

  7. psychic chris says:

    hey tana

    you hit the nail on the head in regards to Arnold Schwarzenegger…He has just had heart surgery and is reportedly “doing very well”.

  8. Carol says:

    Hi Mr Hoy

    Both my daughter and I have been seeing the same ghosts/spirits out walking the street late at night and at home in the house these last few weeks. We have no fear we feel honoured if anything.
    Could you please tell us why this is happening?



  9. Paris says:

    Had a quick look at the news on YouTube, it appears your prediction on Syria has unfortunately come to manifest. Do you see any concerns regarding this as far as how the US will portray it and if we might be a target from other countries ?

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