My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2018 (August Release)


My latest psychic predictions for August 2018 are going to be very interesting.

I am surprised how quickly the energies I’ve been talking about over the past nine months, have been affecting the planet. The effects of this energy is showing up in Hollywood, politics, weather, and even some strange and unusual psychic occurrences.

So here are my latest predictions:


Hollywood pop_singer

A new pop singer will win the hearts of many young fans.

A famous comedian is going to be in some hot water for making jokes some will feel were taken took to far! The controversy surrounding this will cause people to ask themselves “Has political correctness went too far?” 

More disturbing news about a famous fitness guru will surface. Revelations about how he sees himself, versus how others see him, will reveal surprising facts about the private life of the happy man on TV, who we all grew to love. Many fans will feel saddened by these insights, wishing he could see himself the way they see him.

A new young pop singer is going to take the world by storm. Justin Bieber, step aside! This new young cutie is going to win the hearts of young fans all around the world, and will also release a string of hits – one after the other! 




If things in the current US government continue as they are, a civil war is almost certain to be inevitable. Be prepared for stirrings in the USA and other countries, to involve talk of revolt and over throwing the current political structure, if change is not made.

Iran will be discovered to have strong financial power over the USA, and also other countries. Political leaders in the US will try to keep this a secret, as long as they can. But eventually, this knowledge will come to the surface.

China and Russia will eventually be in conflict. This will cause a warning bell to ring out all over the world. Many people will start to fear the beginning of a World War III. 


Financial oil_investment

It’s not a good idea to invest in oil because it will continue to drop down.

The USA is going to discover millions of dollars have been embezzled by high level government officials, and that the current administration has also been involved. Either directly, or indirectly by having knowledge about it and doing nothing to stop it.

Gold prices are going to drop.

Oil investments are going to begin dropping, because we are going to see more and more people trying to use and less and less of it. Over the next 10 years, just like Cord Cutters who are cancelling their cable TV, we are going to see Fossil Fuel Cutters who will try to live in way that’s not dependent on fossil fuel. 


Medicine and Science


A new weight loss drug will come out on the market. It will be hailed as a miracle drug because of its ability to not only suppress your appetite, but it will also alter brain chemicals, which cause a person to have self-sabotaging thinking about their weight loss.

Advances in stem cell research will make major advancements and huge progress in Europe. Although some people around the world will cry religious reasons for why they feel it is wrong, the research will continue, and then go on to save thousands of lives!

Science will stumble upon a new scientific law, which points towards proving there is a non-physical, but energetic “spiritual presence” that flows through the universe, giving us a deeper understanding and insight into the spiritual workings of what some people refer to as God. 


Weather hot_weather

Hot weather will continue in some states in USA and other parts of the world causing heat emergencies.

Hot summer months will continue around the US, and other parts of the world. Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, Arkansas, and Arizona, just to name a few. These states will have heat emergencies causing several people to perish.

Indonesia will be hit with another Tsunami. This one will be almost as bad as the last one that hit, causing serious damage to the country. Some will claim it could cause the country to experience financial collapse.

More levies will break. One in the USA, and another in a different part of the world, causing major damage and destruction to the cities.


Love and Romance


People who have been married two times before, are going to find their one true soulmate before the end of 2018. As they say, “The third time is a charm!”

Pregnancies occurring in August, October, and December, are going to have the highest chances of producing twins or triplets. Some couples will even have quadruplets! So, if you only want one, then avoid getting pregnant during these months!

Another member of royalty will come out, surprising many people! Reception by other royal family members will be mixed at first, but eventually, it will all be okay in the end.


Psychic Occurrences alein life

Alien life in another planet will be discovered soon but it will be hidden by scientists from the public.

There are going to be more and more stories coming out of India, and parts of Europe, regarding children with amazing psychic powers. Some of these children will be able to read minds, and others will be able to use their mind to lift objects. Some will even be able to levitate off the ground!

Once thought by some to be a conspiracy theory, a New World Order is going to seem more and more like a reality to many people. International concern will begin to grow.

Alien life will be discovered on another planet soon. Although it will be covered up by government scientists, those in the know will be very aware of the truth of what this means. 

I hope you enjoyed my psychic predictions for August 2018.

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  1. Irma says:

    Tana, your predictions are right on! I’m very scared of our president upsetting other countries. I believe that he is starting a war. The weather has been scary in a lot of places in the USA. The current tornados in Iowa and that those other nearby states, just sad. BTW, Netflix has a movie called This Is How It Ends. This movie scared me, basically all these natural disasters and the electricity or power grid going down! I’m curious as to what you make of this movie if you watch it. Thank you for the emails! Have a blessed week!

  2. Amanda says:

    As always love reading your predictions. Thank you for taking the time to do them!

  3. Alejandra says:

    Thanks Again Tana, I love reading all your monthly predictions. I wish you could do YouTube videos.

  4. William Obenour says:

    Love reading your predictions… Tana Hoy…

  5. Psychic chris says:

    This “fitness guru” you mentioned is it richard simmons?

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