My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2018 (July Release)


My psychic predictions this month for July 2018 are heavily influenced by the energetic occurrences happening on the planet.

This psychic energy is going to have a strong effect on the events and occurrences you can expect to see throughout the remainder of 2018.

Here are more of my 2018 psychic predictions and some of the things you can expect:


Hollywood suicide

You may expect more deaths in Hollywood because of suicide or drug overdose in the coming days.

After the two recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdin. Sadly, there is still more to come. There will be two more deaths in the world of Hollywood, either by suicide or drug overdose.

A famous singer will say something that is going to get people in a kerfuffle! People will take different sides on this, and the singer will be unapologetic, due to feeling they are speaking their truth.

Another sex scandal is going to rock Hollywood. This time it is going to involve a woman, which is going to cause major upset among the people who are trying to create more awareness for fair and equal treatment of women in Hollywood.




The international climate towards the US is going to begin turning cold…very cold. It will come to a point where international travel will be too dangerous for Americans, due to the negative image created by the actions of the US president.

There’s going to be another nuclear disaster taking place in Asia or the middle East. This will be one of the worst nuclear accidents since Chernobyl. Many, many people will be affected.

Another genocide is going to take place in Africa. The US government will try to ignore it at first, but when the territory being affected shows to have financial implications on the resources used by the US, the US president will suddenly want to “help”.


Stock Market cosmetics

It’s a good idea to make investments in cosmetics and skin care as they are most likely to do well in the coming months.

The stock market will remain stable over the next month, but there are some dips coming up ahead.

Commodities such as corn and wheat are going to do well, while other commodities are not. Invest in this area with caution and make sure to do good research beforehand.

Cosmetic and skincare companies will be excellent investments now and in the upcoming months. With good research, people who make these investments will be sitting on a goldmine.




Extreme heats will affect parts of Texas and Utah. This will be so extreme, some old-timers will claim it is the worst heat they can remember. Others will claim it is due to being some kind of punishment from God.

Major weather disaster is going to strike parts of Asia. Several lives will be lost, and the rebuilding of this area will be slow in the making. The world will ignore this.

Another dam is going to break in the US, causing major flooding in the area where this happens. Sadly, government response will be slow when it comes to long term help for this area.


Medicine and Science planet

A new planet will be discovered but speculations about possibility of life in the planet will be concealed from public knowledge.

As I have been predicting all along, the advancement in HIV research is going to lead to a cure soon. Within 18 months, an effective vaccine against HIV infection will be available. And a cure for people already with HIV will be just around the corner after that!

Scientists will announce a common drug has been discovered to be very effective towards finding a cure for Type 2 diabetes. It will take several more years of trials and research, but it will look like a positive start.

A new planet is going to be discovered and there will be major speculation and buzz in the scientific community as to the strong possibility of life existing on the planet. But these speculations will be quickly swept under the carpet! 


Love and Relationships


This will be the perfect month to make wedding plans. Engagements made and accepted during this July, will be happy, successful, and result in long-term marriages.

Infidelity will be on the rise this month. Make sure to keep an eye out for signs of this with your loved one. If you are married with a tendency to cheat, but want to remain faithful, make sure to be on guard this month.

This month, expect to hear from someone you liked in the past. It may be confusing because this will be someone you still have feelings for. If you are married or involved, it’s best to ignore it and not respond.


Psychic Events fatigue

People tend to be feel more tired than usual this month due to the planetary imbalances.

People will report feeling more tired than ever this month, due to the planetary imbalances. These imbalances will cause energetic fatigue, and most people will be affected by this. Thankfully, it will pass by August 1st, and people will regain their energy back.

There will be Auric Buildup (AB) on the rise this month. So, if you haven’t had a Chakra Balancing with an Aura Cleansing before, or within the last 6 months, now is the time to do so. Otherwise, paranoia, fear, insecurity, and foggy thinking will plague you.

There is going to be more UFO sightings, although this time, people are going to be sharing that the beings on these ships walked off of their space vehicle, and actually made contact with them.

So, there are more of my psychic predictions for 2018. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

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  1. Irma says:

    Tana, any cures for HPV? This affects so many people and can lead to cervical cancer in women. Oral cancer too. There’s a vaccine but only for a certain age group.

  2. Kathy says:

    Hi Tana, thank you for your latest predictions, I always enjoy them and look out for them every month. Regarding the African genocide, are you able to see what part of Africa this will be in?

  3. tracey jane says:

    My x boyfriends from the 80’s are now living in my town cairns is it time to move l find this an annoyance where to though l do not like the cold. Regards tracey

  4. tracey jane says:

    My x boyfriends from the 80’s are now living in my town cairns is it time to move Regards tracey

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