My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2018 (March Release)


March 2018 is going to reveal some very interesting things for the upcoming days. With the political climate being out of arrays, and the mood-climate around the world being off-kilter, too, here are my latest psychic predictions for March 2018.



Some celebrity secrets will be revealed which will interest and shock people,

Months ago, I had predicted the revelation of a pedophile sex ring in Hollywood, which has already happened. But due to the money, power, and people involved behind this terrible crime, things will come to a halt for a while. But eventually, over time, this whole thing will come to a head and explode. And several Big names in Hollywood will end up going to prison over it.

Several celebrity secrets will be coming out soon. Some of these secrets will involve illicit love affairs, weird sexual appetites, kinks, and other quirks. Some people will find this news interesting, while others will be shocked!

A major Hollywood executive will be accused of embezzling a large amount of money! Many in the industry will be shocked by who this is. And what will be even more interesting is he didn’t need the money.




Several countries are going to develop a bad taste in their mouths when they hear the word “USA”. Major damage will be done to the reputation of the United States, making it unsafe for Americans to travel abroad in countries, which have always been safe for Americans to travel to before. This will be due to the anger, resentment, and animosity, many countries are going to feel toward the USA. All unnecessarily created by the US government.

Oil prices will be on the rise, once again. Behind the scenes, profits will be made by those invested in oil, and also by those people who are considered to be “friends” of the people in control of oil exports. Major corruption will be involved.

Expect a rise in terrorist actions against the USA. Several terrorist groups will attempt to strike, in order to embarrass and prove to our president, no matter what he tries, they can get into the USA if they really want to. Many well-respected experts will report this could have all been avoided but occurred due to the president unnecessarily fanning the flames of hatred.


Financial bitcoin

Bitcoin prices will rise again before the end of the year.

The best investments for 2018 are going to be low-risk investments. The same as I had predicted this most recent drop in the stock market, I also predict that although it will be stable, investments will be very slow in regaining profits lost. It’s best to cautious over the next 6 months.

Bitcoin will become a hot commodity to invest in again. Although it has taken a dive, expect to see prices rise once again, before the end of the year.

The USA economy will be stable, but several countries around the world are going to begin losing faith in the stability of the US economy, due to the current government setup. Many serious investors are going to feel extremely concerned about this and the implications it could have on the US dollar. But in the end, everything will be fine.


Medicine and Science


Self-driving cars will be available to the public much sooner than may be currently reported or expected by car companies. New strides will be made where scientists working with car companies, are going to make huge strides in having these cars available to the public as soon as possible.

As I had already predicted that a drug would be available to prevent people from contracting HIV and that also a cure would be found soon, expect huge advancements this year, where a cure will be closer than ever, if not found, by the end of 2018.

Cloning is going to make major breakthroughs. There will be an announcement that it will now be possible to clone the Woolly Mammoth, and Russian and Chinese scientists will begin the first attempt to clone this amazing animal. Talk of cloning dinosaurs will be next. It will begin to seem like something out of Jurassic Park.


Weather tornado

Tornados and other disturbing weather occurrences are expected to happen in some parts of Texas.

Major tornados, flooding and other damaging weather occurrences are going to destroy parts of Texas. These will be some of the worst disasters parts of the state has experienced in many years.

Colorado is going to be hit by the unusual weather. Parts of Denver, especially Lakewood and surrounding areas, will be hit the heaviest! Some will find the irony in this just too coincidental.

Parts of Asia are going to experience unexpected weather patterns. While some areas will have unusual weather, where the weather will be opposite of what it normally would be, other parts will have the same expected weather, but much worse than usual.


Love and Romance


This month will be a good month for love between two people already in a relationship. Expect to start feeling closer as a couple. It’s also a good month to plan your summer vacation together. If you’re single, this is not a good month for finding new love.

This is a good month for getting pregnant. Couples who have been trying with little or no success will find this might be their month of conception! Dates that are odd numbers will be the luckiest for getting pregnant this month.

If your partner is not usually romantic, don’t be surprised this month if all the sudden, he or she starts acting romantic. It may seem like an alien walked in and took over their body, but in reality, it’s the planetary alignments causing this unusual change. Enjoy it while it lasts, because next month he or she will go back to their normal selves.


Psychic Occurrences UFO_sighting

There will be many UFO sightings particularly in the middle of the month.

Some unusual UFO sightings will occur this month, especially towards the middle of the month. If you think you see something unusual flying around in the sky, it’s probably not your imagination. Make sure to have your camera ready.

Psychic feelings will become enhanced this month. If you are already aware you have psychic feelings, expect them to become stronger. If you don’t feel like you have psychic feelings, expect to notice picking up feelings from the environment and from other people.

Auric emanations are going to be strong. You may feel experience a push-pull feeling when standing to close to others. If you experience this, this is their aura either telling you they want you to back away, or that they want you to move a little closer.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions for 2018.

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  1. Irma says:

    Hi Tana, I’m happy to hear that there will be a cure for HIV. I pray and hope that they find cures for other diseases like diabetes , cancer, HPV, bipolar issues etc. I’m looking forward to Trump not being president too. I wonder if his wife will divorce him or stay with him. ?

  2. William says:

    As usual your amazing…

  3. Chastua Dubua says:

    Waiting for the diabetes cure. Hope its soon and not just another scam.

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