My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2018 (May Release)


This is going to be the beginning of a very interesting year. The planetary energies surrounding 2018 are going to cause many interesting happenings and occurrences here in the US, and around the world, too.

Here are my latest psychic predictions for May 2018:


Hollywood bollywood

The modern dance music and love songs of India will attract the attention of the world.

A celebrity will come out as transgender. This is going to surprise many people, simply because it was kept such a secret, no one will have had an idea this famous person was struggling with accepting their identity.

Just when we thought it was over, more sexual assault scandals are going to rock Hollywood. This time, they will involve some powerful behind-the-scenes people. Nonetheless, they will be made famous for their crimes – in a way they didn’t want to become famous.

Just as K-Pop swept the country, some already famous singers in India, are going to catch the attention of the world with their modern dance music and love songs! Bollywood will sweep America.




There are going to be many countries turning against the USA. Countries that once considered the USA a friend, will come to see the USA as an enemy.

Many embarrassing things will come to light, embarrassing the USA around the world. One of the things proven will be the Pee Pee Theory, the presidents rumored kinky sexual fetish involving Golden Showers. It will be proven to actually be true.

The US situation with Syria is not over yet. Political figures around the world will secretly fear this will lead to a major war between the three power countries. No world war will happen, but things may appear to get close to heading in that direction.


Financial stock_market

Due to the political instability of the US presidency, the US stock market will continue to fluctuate throughout the year.

The US stock market is going to fluctuate throughout the rest of 2018. Experts will agree this has been due to the political instability of the US presidency and decisions made in the White House.

Gold prices will remain stable, as will diamonds. Silver will go up and down, and wheat, along with other commodities, will not do very well this year.

Money will flow more freely to people in 2018 than it has in the past 10 years. Prosperity will be in the air for those who tune into it.


Medicine and Science


New discoveries will be made in advancements towards a cure for liver disease. Many will hail this discovery as one of the greatest medical discovers of all times.

A new breed of exotic cat will be created. This new cat will be very affectionate, not shed, and considered as smart as most dogs. Some of the most die-hard dog lovers will find themselves wanting to own one of these cats!

Major improvements will be made in the technology of self-driving cars, pushing them closer than ever, to being available to the average consumer.


Weather Indonesia

Severe weather patterns will affect parts of Indonesia and will claim many lives.

Tornadoes will hit heavy in the Midwest this spring and summer. Several homes will be destroyed.

Parts of Indonesia will be wiped out due to severe weather patterns. Hundreds of lives will be lost. Some will begin to wonder if the country has been cursed.

Texas, parts of Indiana, and Tennessee, will experience weather disasters like never before. Several deaths will occur.


Love and Romance


Due to the planetary alignments, this month will be a good month for getting pregnant. Some people, who are having affairs, will become unexpected parents. Make sure to use protection is parenthood is not a vision you have for your future.

Sexual desires will be at an all-time high this month. Not only will you wonder what “love pill” your partner, spouse, or significant other took, but don’t be surprised if complete strangers make random, sexually suggestive comments towards you.

This is not the month to accept any serious romantic commitments or proposals. Any serious romantic commitments or proposals made this month are likely to end badly. Better to put them off until next month.


Psychic Occurrences ghosts

There will be a lot of ghost sightings this month.

Ghost sightings will be on the rise this month. If you are alone at night and see something move out of the corner of your eye, it was not your imagination.

Psychic feelings will be intensified this month. If you are empathic, you may feel a little emotionally crazy. Ground yourself with a sea salt bath.

More trumpet sounds will be heard in the sky. These alien communications are a sign that extraterrestrials are trying to make contact with us here on the earth. Scientists and skeptics will try to come up with silly theories and explanations.

I hope you enjoyed reading my most recent psychic predictions for 2018.

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  1. Betty says:

    Tana, for the remainder of the year will the stock market drop more than it will rise, or stay roughly where it is now with ups and downs. Thanks

  2. Paris says:

    Thank you for your May predictions Tana. You always calm the heart and mind as many worries and questions are laid to rest when you release these.

  3. Gabe says:

    Thank you so much for the predictions each month! I do have one question though, is the behind the scenes hollywood scandal in any connection to dan schnieder? he was kicked off nickelodeon a while back, and hes been just… gone ever since.

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