My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2018 (October Release)


Here are my latest psychic predictions for October 2018. As things around the universe get more and more crazy, this craziness will also be reflected in this month’s psychic predictions.

Here is some of the stuff you can expect:


Hollywood hollywood

The sudden and accidental death of someone famous will shock Hollywood.

An accidental death of a famous person is going to rock Hollywood. Many people will be in shock due to the way it suddenly and unexpectedly happens.

A country singer is going to reveal some shocking news that will leave fans speechless. Many people will simply be beside themselves when they hear this revelation.

Another major scandal involving Scientology is going to rock Hollywood. It will involve accusations of the “church” using blackmail to hush up important people. Of course, the people at Scientology will deny this ever happened.




The US president is going to be caught in some shady dealings involving the illegal sales of properties, buildings, and land, once belonging to the US government. It will quickly be spun into a story of webs as to confuse the public. No actions against the government will be taken as a result of these illegal moves.

It will be discovered that there are secret camps, just like Guantanamo Bay, that have been in operation for a very long time but have been kept secret from the public. Public outrage will follow but it will have little to no affect.

China and Canada will form some kind of agreement or alliance. This is going to create a very interesting situation for the entire world, moving Canada into a more important position of international power.


Stock Market beauty_products

Invest in beauty and skin care companies as they will be the best ones along the road.

Beauty and skin care companies are going to become some of the best investments down the road. For the time being, avoid anything related to internet services.

The European Stock Exchange is going to have several ups and downs. Although with the current political climate in the US, it will have more ups than downs.

Oil and gas are going to do well. It is best to stay away from the major brand names and invest more with their suppliers. 




Terrible storms and massive rains will plummet parts of Asia. Especially Tokyo, Japan, along with regions of Africa, including parts of Egypt. Although some will say the weather in Egypt is karmic retribution due to their repressive government views, this is not necessarily the case.

Major floods will hit Houston, Texas. Along with parts of Ohio, Mississippi and possibly even New Orleans. Other parts of the world will also be hit by major floods. These upcoming months is going to be called The Months of Floods.

The United Kingdom is going to be hit with some unusual weather patterns. Although no major damage will occur, these odd weather patterns will be uncharacteristic for this time of year.


Medicine and Science small_drone

A tiny drone, like the size of an insect, will soon be announced.

There will be the announcement of a tiny drone that is so small, you will think it is an insect. Talks of the development of this little drone will create major controversy, due to its ability to invade people’s private lives without their knowledge.

Scientists will talk about advances in cloning eyes. With this new research, there will be hope in the future that the blind will eventually be able to see. There will also be talks of creating bionic eardrums that will also allow the deaf to hear.

It will be announced that a new drug that will show promise in eliminating several forms of common cancer will be going into trials. Many people will have their hopes built on the success of this promising new discovery, due to the fact it will be able to save millions of lives.


Love and Relationships


This is going to be the month of “A lot of fun tryin’!”. It will be difficult to get pregnant this month, but you’ll have a lot of fun tryin’! But don’t worry because next month you will be very fertile!

Love problems will begin to resolve themselves this month, and this resolution will seem to come out of the blue. There will be no reason you will be able to pinpoint for this positive change, but things will get better. Enjoy this change and ride this new wave in the positive direction it is going.

Someone close to you will announce a surprising fact about their relationship. This will be something you never knew, nor ever expected. Keep a calm and cool face, even though inside you may feel a little uncomfortable about what was just revealed to you.


Psychic Events water

If you want to heighten your psychic abilities, stay close to bodies of water this month.

There is going to be the discovery of a new alien life form. Several people around the world will report seeing a new type of alien never described before. We will be getting visits from beings from new galaxies.

Energy sweeps will wash over the universe, shutting down people’s auras, and causing them to begin experiencing a loss of energy, along with feeling more tired than usual. This is a good month to have a chakra balancing by a trusted professional. Even if you just recently had one.

This will be a good month to spend time near or around water. The upcoming energetic sweep across the planet will magnetize large bodies of water. So, being close to any body of water will heighten your psychic abilities.


So, there are my psychic predictions for 2018. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

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