My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2018 (September Release)


Here are my psychic predictions for September 2018. And with all the craziness going on around the world, especially in the United States, this negative energy radiates outwards and affects everything in the universe.

So, my psychic predictions for September are going to reflect the effects of this crazy energy. I hope you enjoy my latest predictions.


Hollywood demi lovato

Due to Demi Lovato’s struggle with addiction, a lot of people will keep their distance from her fearing that she will pull them down.

Kanye will try to get into some form of politics and may eventually try to run for president. But I do not see him becoming president, no matter what or how hard he tries. We are going to find if he enters politics, he will begin acting in some very bizarre ways and saying some very bizarre things. As a matter of fact, over the next 12 months, we are going to start seeing some of these bizarre behaviors coming from him. It reminds me of the time Brittney shaved her head. It will be that kind of bizarre.

Demi Lovato is going to continue to struggle with her addiction, especially with an eating disorder. Sadly, her addiction is going to get to the point where some of the people around her will begin slowly distancing themselves out of fear she will bring them down. She will seem like a sinking ship, occasionally coming back to the surface. But this is going to be like a roller coaster ride for her, just like it is/was with Lindsey Lohan.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are not married yet, as some people may think, but they will get married. Hailey may be the one girl that tames down the Bieb, and in a sense, introduces him to domestic life. I feel they have a soulmate connection from a past life. But what will determine if it lasts or not, depends on Justin being willing to tame his own wild oats and crazy party lifestyle. After the marriage, Justin will eventually be seen with other women, which he will claim are only friends. And whether or not they stay together at this point will all depend on Hailey’s tolerance level of Justin’s behaviors.




International relationships between the USA and other countries are going to sour, due to irresponsible political decisions made by the US president. As a result of this, the US economy is going to plunder to depths not seen in decades! Regardless, the president will blame this financial crash on the former US president, failing to admit he was responsible for it himself.

Russia will eventually release dirty secrets about the former US president. Embarrassing photos of his golden showers may also eventually surface on the web. Get ready for the crap show! It’s going to be very entertaining!

Major terrorist attacks are going to take place in the Middle East and Indonesia. For safety reasons, I would highly recommend staying out of all parts on Indonesia until the summer of 2019.


Financial economy_drop

Many people will pull out their investments in the US stock market causing a major drop in the US economy.

Prepare for major drops in the US stock market, as the US president plays chicken with other countries. Due to alliances being formed between these outcast countries, the US will get by-passed, causing a major drop in the US economy. This drop will be a result of people pulling out of the US stock market and investing in these foreign countries instead.

The most stable investments in the US during the remainder of 2018 will be in commodities, gold, and personal use items made in the USA, since many of these will be unaffected by the new tariffs.

Certain skin care and beauty companies are going to do very well in the stock market this year. Especially big brand names and start up beauty companies.


Medicine and Science


There will be a new virus discovered that acts very similar to the HIV virus. It will be discovered that this virus is passed from sexual contact among heterosexuals and will mostly affect only the heterosexual community. Some will refer to it as “the straight man’s AIDS”. A cure for this will take several years to find and many people in the world will perish from this.

An ignorance gene will be discovered, explaining why some people are naturally ignorant and cannot help it, because this gene will be found to render them unable to think like rational people, due to their genetic brain defect. Unfortunately, it will be discovered this cannot be cured. But it will create more compassion towards people who seem especially more ignorant than a normal human being.

A new species of mammals will be discovered that scientists never even knew existed. These newly discovered mammals will be closely related to whales, and a distant relative of sharks. Although they will look a little strange, they will be very docile and gentle creatures. Japanese Whale boats will immediately begin trying to catch them and sell their meat as exotic sushi, while claiming they are catching them for scientific research. 


Weather weather_disaster

Some areas of US will be hit by a major weather disaster.

Major weather disasters are going to strike parts of Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, Utah, and even South Carolina. Some areas will be hit so hard they will be declared a national emergency! Due to certain political connections, help and support will quickly go to Texas and Utah, while the other four states will be left to deal with it on their own. Several lives will be lost.

Parts of Indonesia will be wiped out due to another major weather disaster. This time, it will almost totally decimate the areas it hits, and many, many people will die.

California, Oregon, parts of New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts, will have incredibly amazing weather throughout the next 12 months.  Some will claim these states have been blessed. 


Love and Romance


Romantic affection will be in the air this month! A bull-in-the- Spring-time, kind of romantic affection! Be very careful and use protection if you don’t want to get pregnant because a larger-than-usual number of pregnancies will occur during this month!

Single, same sex couples are going to going to find this month to be the month for finding Mister or Misses Right. Expect this love-connection to take place in the most unexpected place, and it could even have the potential to turn into a lifelong romance.

This month avoid getting involved with ex’s or anyone from your past because this will lead to nothing but disaster and heart break. As a matter of fact, it will be best to avoid ex’s and connections from the past altogether.


Psychic Occurrences plants_and_flowers_in_bloom

You may notice your plants and flowers will be in full bloom because fairies and elves will be very active this month.

Unusual ghost sighting are going to occur this month. You may even find unexpected shapes or mysterious-looking figures appearing in your photographs.

This is the month that fairies and elves will be very active. Plants will grow better, flowers will bloom brighter, and you may even see little movements on the floor, out of the corner of your eye. If you do see these movements, then you just saw a fairy!

Energetic occurrences are going to be felt strongly by those who are sensitive to these vibrations, especially if you live in Sedona Arizona, Portland Oregon, Chesterfield Indiana, Lily Dale New York, or Cassadaga Florida. These vibrations will heighten a person’s psychic abilities, and some people will report levitating during their sleep.


There you have them, and I hope you enjoyed my psychic predictions for September 2018.

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  1. stella rogers says:

    Hi Tana,

    My daughter has plans to travel to Bali/Indonesia in October, will that area be affected by the weather at that time?

    Thank you,


  2. Irma says:

    Tana, thank you for this email! I needed to read this as a couple exes keep resurfacing! My Jade plant I just noticed looks greener and healthier, it was looking dry and about to die like a month ago! So former president with golden showers, is that Obama? That would definitely shock me and not much surprises me. As far as Justin Beaver, I feel like a lot of men have a sex addiction. Like they need more sex, one person cannot be enough. Maybe that’s why a lot of men and women cheat. Sad to hear about Demi Lovato, didn’t she have a girlfriend? I wonder if this is what made her snap? I’ll be praying for the weather not being so harsh in those places. Some areas just can’t catch a break.

  3. Melody says:

    Hi Tana, Interesting predictions. Does this mean the stock market will take a major plunge between September – December. Thanks much???

  4. William Obenour says:

    Wow I’m thrilled to be receiving these updates… Thanks Tana Hoy…

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