My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (July release) psychic predictions

Psychic Predictions For July 2019

Here are my latest psychic predictions for 2019 and as we approach the end of the year things are going to start getting even more interesting around the world and also here in the US.

This month’s psychic predictions reflect the energy of these approaching changes.

I hope you enjoy reading my latest psychic predictions… 




Taron Egerton will win an academy award for his outstanding role in the hit movie Rocketman. This is the role that will put Taron’s career on the path to many more starring roles, landing him on the list of becoming an A-list celebrity.

After his final concert tour, Elton John will not disappear from the public spotlight. Instead, he will continue his work in different areas, such as movie producing, radio, and helping to launch the careers of up and coming artists.

Another sex scandal is going to rock the career of a famous celebrity. Accusations of inappropriate touching, predatory behavior, and other sexual accusations will come to light. It is going to put a huge dent, if not end the career, of this famous celebrity. 




As time goes on, protests in Hong Kong are going to become more intense in this world city. Riots, violence, and an aggressive uprising will be on the horizon if China does not back off on continuing to place more and more restrictions on the city and its people.

Saudi Arabia is going to take more and more interest in increasing its military arms. The country will attempt negotiations with China for collecting nuclear missiles and other artillery to increase their military power. The current US president will be a strong supporter and supplier of arms to this country.

Ebola in Uganda is going to become an epidemic that will catch the country by surprise. This disease will get out of control and many lives will be lost before it can become manageable by their government. 




With the election on the horizon, we are going to find an unstable stock market begin to develop, as many candidates wanting to become the next US president begin causing people to question the stability of the economy under the rule of the current president.

I see that Uber stocks will rise up and down, but eventually become a major stock, due to an aggressive plan to become the world leader in manufacturing and testing the types of vehicles that were once only read about in science fiction magazines, such as flying cars.

As we face the 2020 election, I see the US will be headed towards a major recession. As we approach the middle of 2020, people who keep an eye on the stock market, make sure they have safe investments and are conservative with their investment portfolios, are going to fare well when it hits. 

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Medicine and Science


New discoveries regarding Alzheimer’s are going to be made. This new knowledge will place scientists one step closer to finding a cause and a cure, which will eventually eliminate it.

Scientists are going to find that certain emotions like anxiety, paranoia, and feelings of neuroticism, may be linked to the bacteria in your gut. More and more research will be directed towards this theory and it will be discovered to be true.

Advances in cancer research, especially related to melanoma, is going to make great strides. More effective treatments will be discovered that will eliminate cancer cell resistance to certain types of treatments.




Due to global warming, climate changes all around the world are going to be seen. Winters are going to become longer and more severe, and summers will become shorter and cooler. Places like Mexico, China, and other countries where air control standards are non-existent, will suffer the most and be hit the hardest.

Hail, tornados, flooding, and other severe weather is going to rock the US. Many homes will be destroyed or damaged due to these extreme weather conditions. The construction industry will boom during this period of time. Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, and Ohio will be hit the hardest.

Another major water disaster is going to hit parts of Asia. Several lives will be lost, and help will slow arriving due to the destruction of the roads leading to where the disaster occurred. 


Love and Romance


Pornography addiction will be on the rise among young people. Due to the internet and the availability of free porn, impotency among young people, along with other sexual performance issues, usually found in older adults, will become common issues being found in the younger generation.

Researchers are going to release a study that reveals that many people think how relationships are portrayed in movies is really how relationships are in real life. This study is going to reveal that relationships, marriage, and the divorce rate, are all tied into people’s beliefs about the relationships they see actors having on the big screen.

Rather than talking to others in clubs, new apps will be developed where people can go into a dance club, and rather than approaching someone they might be interested in, people will be able to meet them via this app, carrying on conversations in this way. They will claim the app minimizes people’s feeling of rejection from people not interested in them.


Psychic Occurrences


Science will begin to discover that our thoughts have a direct influence on the actions of others, and can even influence their decisions, as well as their actions. It will be discovered to be strongest between people in a love relationship, as well as among close friends.

More and more military personnel are going to come forward with stories about their interactions with UFOs. Discrediting those who claimed flying saucers were rubbish and validating what believers in UFO’s had known to be true all along.

Scientists will begin doing research into the human aura and actually be able to validate its existence, along with beginning research on how it can give information about a person’s health and personality.


I hope you enjoyed reading my latest July 2019 psychic predictions.

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    Hi Tana,
    First of all, I love reading your monthly horoscopes, especially the money ones as I could use a little extra luck on that issue. Now reading your latest predictions, although this isn’t one of them, what is your take on the recent deaths in the Dominican Republic? Do you think It is water or alcohol related?
    Thanks again for the awesome emails and have a wonderful day!!!

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    Always enjoy reading your predictions !

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