My Latest Psychic Predictions For February 2018


Here are my Psychic Predictions for February 2018. As the New Year is beginning, we are going to find some interesting unfolding’s in the upcoming year ahead.

2018 is going to bring some interesting energies along with it, which will in turn, affect many events here in the US, and also around the world.

So here are my latest psychic predictions:


Hollywood famous_celebrity

A famous female celebrity will surprise her fans with her unexpected passing.

There will be an unexpected passing of a famous celebrity, although this time it will be a female. In the eyes of the people who knew her, they will feel her time had been cut short. The cause of her death will surprise many of her fans.

Many will be in shock by the name of another well-known male celebrity, who will be accused of inappropriate sexual advances towards females. When people hear his name, people will have the same reaction they did when they first heard this the accusation against Bill Cosby. They will be in disbelief.

A campaign will be started in Hollywood by an openly gay actor, challenging Hollywood’s “open secret”, in regard to the coming out of gay actors. People in Hollywood will standi behind this calling, and begin demanding that Hollywood begin to deal with its outdated views, when it comes to the coming out of GLBT actors.


Love and Relationships


This is going to be a good month for love. Many people are going to get hit with cupid’s arrow, as new romances will flourish this month. People who have been single for a long time are going to meet someone whom they can begin their love with.

People who have been married 3 years or more, will begin feeling the itch to have a child. Talks of having a child, either naturally or through adoption, will be discussed. If you aren’t planning to get pregnant again, make sure to use protection this month. Otherwise, you may find yourself with an unexpected child on the way.

This will be a month of confessions. Boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives, who have had secret same sex attractions, will confess their secret to the partner, spouse, and friends. Some people hear this news are going to be shocked.


Financial precious_metal

Avoid investing in precious metals because this is not a good month for this.

The stock market is going to remain strong this month. Although lower risk stocks are going to do especially well this month, we may see a fluctuation of stocks that are considered higher risk.

People with money problems will find this to be a month where money seems to start flowing in again. People without money problems will find a surplus left over when all the bills are paid.

This is not a good month to invest in any type precious metals. If you are already invested in this area, expect fluctuation. But otherwise, wait at least two more months before investing in anything related to precious metals.


International earthquake

A major earthquake may hit Latin America that will cause a lot of damage and lost of lives.


A major earthquake is going to hit Latin America, causing major damage and several lives being lost. The US president will either be slow to mention anything about this devastation, or he won’t even mention it at all.

Tensions between Mexico and the US are going to heat up. With the US president fanning the flames on such issues as immigration issues and building the border wall, tensions are going to flare.




There will be great strides made in Type I diabetes research. There will be talk of a tiny implant that can monitor and supply the right amount of insulin, eliminating the need to take shots.

There will be experimentation in the transplant of different body parts, such as fingers, arms, legs, and there will even be talk about research into transplanting heads. Eventually this research will become so perfected, it will be impossible to tell the new body part is not yours.

Progress will be made in curing blindness and other eye problems. Eventually people who could not see at all, or who developed eye problems as they got older, will be able to have these problems eliminated and cured.


Miscellaneous drugs

A dangerous drug will emerge and will become popular with teenagers and young adults.

A well-known figure in the Catholic Church will also be accused of inappropriate sexual advances, but this time towards women, instead of young boys. The church will deny these allegations and quickly go begin to cover it up. But the truth will eventually come out.

A dangerous new drug is going to pop up, and become popular among teenagers and young adults. It will be considered more addictive and dangerous than crack, and will quickly spread across the country.

More and more UFO’s are going to be sighted. And as I mentioned in 2017, these sighting are going to increase throughout the year. As a matter of fact, some people who were skeptics will find themselves starting to believe!

So there are my latest psychic predictions for February 2018 and I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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  1. Betty says:

    It is wonderful to read about advancements for the eyes and diabetes. Many other interesting predictions. When your predictions come true I think “another psychic hit for Tana; he’s got the gift”. ? thanks for sharing your insights ???❤️??

  2. Rose Muna says:

    Dear Tana,

    I am grateful to find you. You are a huge help. Thank you so much for everything. I appreciate you. You are the best! God bless!! ? Please include me and my loved ones in your Angel Prayer list, thanks again. ???

    With love,hugs and kisses,

  3. Faith says:

    I spoke to you briefly and you shocked my life! Things I never told anyone you knew! I don’t know how but I will be scheduling another session with you soon!

  4. Nicole says:

    Dear Tana,

    I read your blog post in January and it troubles me right now. You had written that the stock market will remain strong in February and that it is a good time to be invested. As you probably heard, the stock market has had the biggest one-day decline in history and the worst week in decades. Some say it is a correction, others say it may be the start of a recession. Either way, it is certainly not flourishing – quite the opposite. I know it is impossible to be 100% accurate in your predictions at all time, but would you please channel this topic again and look at what exactly is going on? This would mean a lot to people who, like me, have their entire savings in the stock market and were hoping for a promising February.


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