My Latest Psychic Predictions For March 2021

Psychically speaking, March is going to be a very interesting month! So, here are my latest psychic predictions for March.


My Psychic Predictions For March 2021




A famous star will pass away due to COVID-19. Many people close to them will be shocked, along with all of their fans.

A steamy affair between two married and well-known personalities will come to light, surprising many people.

An unusual sexual fetish will be revealed about an A-list actor. He will push this off as nothing more than a rumor, but in reality, this so-called “rumor” is true.





The world will gradually go back to normal, what it used to be like – before the virus hit.

Relationships between the US and other foreign countries will begin to heal as the world begins getting back to normal.

COVID-19 is going to begin to wane all around the world! We are going to see life starting to resemble what it used to be like – before the virus hit.

Oil prices are going to fluctuate throughout the remainder of the year. Although gas prices will remain fairly stable and consistent.


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There is going to be another sign of communication from a far away galaxy. While some scientists will try to claim it is not of alien origin, others will be very vocal that it is!

Tesla will announce they are getting closer to a fully autonomous self-driving car. While many people will be excited to hear the news, others won’t feel as comfortable fully trusting the technology.

A new technology will be developed that can be used for many applications. One of the applications can be used to increase the accuracy of a lie detector test to the point of being practically infallible.


Health And Medicine



We can expect some good news about a potential drug that can control the growth of common cancers

Two more strains of COVID-19 will be discovered, and the current vaccine will not be found to be effective against it! But there will quickly be a new vaccine available that will keep people safe from both strains.

There will be the announcement of a new drug that will control the growth of some common cancers, and even be found to cure others.

New information will come to the surface regarding dishonest advertising about a drug that was released several years ago. Several people will report serious health effects as a result of taking it and the drug company will be sued for millions of dollars. 


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Love And Relationships 


This month will be good for finding true love. If you are single, you are going to find this month easier than others to meet someone you love.

This month will give people the opportunity to reunite with an ex from the past, and some of these reconnections will result in marriage.

This is going to be the perfect month for couples wanting to buy a new home. This month more than ever, good deals will be found.




Cryptocurrency will attract more serious investors.

The housing market will continue to stay strong throughout the rest of 2021. It will be a great market for sellers but not so good for buyers.

The interest rate will eventually drop even lower, possibly reaching a 0% interest rate.

Cryptocurrency will start becoming all the rage. What was once thought of as a risky investment will begin receiving more and more attention from serious investors.




Several parts of the US will continue to be bombarded with heavy snowfall and unusual weather. These weather conditions will last much longer than in the previous years before.

California will experience one of the best summers ever, along with Yuma, Arizona, and Portland, Oregon!

Parts of Africa will experience an especially dry season, with little rainfall and heavy droughts sweeping certain parts of the country. 


There are my psychic predictions for February 2021 and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

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  1. Marsha says:

    Appreciate you and time spent each month creating good will with your well-being articles and monthly predictions! Going to refinance my mortgage when the rate is 0.

  2. Really, more strains of COVID-19, come on man. the world and the U.S. and have a hard time with 3 strains of COVID-19 but 5 strains of COVID-19 will make it harder. Let’s hope it does not happen.

  3. Canadian says:

    It’s a fact; Also here in Canada we have a brand new variant aside from the South Africa and Britain virus, so why not two more?

    We all must be prepared again for yet another virus in the future.

    Fortunately, the world will be more ready next time. Fingers crossed.

    Stay safe, everyone!

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