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Have I got something to tell you!

If you’ve been reading my emails for awhile, then you know about the Energy Tsunami – Level 2 that is going to hit the earth on November 20th (the date was moved sooner), and the damaging affects it’s going to have on unprotected people.

And as I explained in that email this Energy Tsunami – Level 2, is being caused by all the negative fear thoughts being sent out into the universe from people all over the world!

These fear thoughts are coming from people’s fear, anxiety, and worry, over all the horrible events that have been taking place, such as:

War in the Ukraine with Russia, the US presidential corruption currently being addressed, the recent, devastating, 5.3 magnitude earthquake that just hit Nepal, the war in Israel and Palestine, and now the major concerns about a volcanic eruption in Iceland, along with many other worrisome events like this and quite frankly – people are scared!

And with all of these tragic occurrences happening all at once, around the world, people’s minds are filled with fear, anxiety, stress, worry, paranoia, and loss of hope – and rightfully so!

And as a result of all of this excessive negative energy from people’s minds being sent out into the universe, something new has resulted from this called  a Zodiac Energy Misalignment (ZEM)…

So grab something to drink and then sit back and relax as I explain to you what this means! 

What Is A Zodiacal Energy Misalignment (ZEM) 

A few nights ago, I received a visit in my dreams from my mentor. This is very unusual because he rarely visits me in my dreams…

…he told me he had something very, very important he wanted me to warn as many people as I can about!

Then he proceeded to tell me about a Zodiacal Energy Misalignment (ZEM), what it is, what it means, and what caused it.

And here is what I learned:

A Zodiacal Energy Misalignment (ZEM) is a rare celestial event, which is an after-affect that gets triggered by the excess negative energy in the stratosphere, which causes a shift in people’s zodiacal energies, disrupting the natural zodiacal energy flow of all 12 astrological signs!

This shift causes a misalignment of a person’s Energy Body and a blockage of unimaginable proportions in their energy channels, such as their chakras, meridians, and auric layers!

What Triggered This Zodiacal Energy Misalignment (ZEM)?

First, it’s important to understand a massive amount of negative fear energy needs to be sent into the universe to cause the Negative Energy Tsunami – Level 2, that just hit the earth on November 20th!

As a matter of fact, this is the first time in the earth’s history a massive amount of negative energy like this has ever been sent out into the universe!

So when a massive amount of negative energy like we just witnessed is sent into the universe, there is such a massive amount of it that the stratosphere could not handle it all!

So, in order to prevent an explosive and major rupturing in the earth’s stratosphere the excess energy was released through a type of pressure valve into the universe, which floated clear up into the ethers of the earth!

And when this recess negative energy entered the ethers it triggered a Zodiacal Energy Misalignment (ZEM). 

We Are Now In Uncharted Territory

When this excess negative energy reached the ethers it triggered a VERY RARE celestial disruption known as a Zodiacal Energy Misalignment (ZEM), which has caused a major shift in the zodiacal energies of all 12 zodiac signs!

It’s also important to know this is the first time in earth’s history there has been a massive excess of negative thought energy the stratosphere could not hold that had to be released into the universe!


…this is the first time negative thought energy has ever been able to float up and invade the ethers!

And this is why we are now facing a Zodiac Energy Misalignment (ZEM)!

So now we’re entering uncharted territory for the very first time!

What Causes A Zodiac Energy Misalignment (ZEM)?

First, you have to remember it is not natural for any kind of negative energy to enter the ethers of the cosmos!

It’s like a foreign invader, such as a virus, entering your body!

When this happens, your body goes into high alert, and immediately sends antibodies to fight off the invader!

And this is exactly what happened when this massive excess of negative energy entered the cosmos! It caused a fight-or-flight reaction in the cosmos to rid itself of this invader energy!

And the cosmos reacted to this unwanted invader by sending Hiperlins from the highest dimensions in the cosmos to fight off and destroy this foreign energy invader! Hiperlins are powerful energy bolts, kind of like lightning bolts but on steroids, whose job it to destroy any foreign invaders that enter the cosmos…

…and it worked!

BUT the problem is when the Hiperlins hit and destroyed all of this excessive negative energy, it created a  several cosmic smoke clouds to be released into the cosmos, creating a crisscrossing of the cosmic circularity!

And this is what created this Zodiacal Energy Misalignment!

The good news is, even though the Hiperlins have already destroyed all the excess negative energy in the cosmos, it will take between 3 to 4 months before this Zodiacal Energy Misalignment begins to affect us here on earth! 

This means we still have time to get protected and avoid the fallout from this! 

What A Zodiacal Energy Misalignment Does 

A Zodiac Energy Misalignment causes all 12 signs of the universe to become misaligned!

And when this happens, a person will no longer have the traits, feeling, thoughts, or emotions of the zodiac sign they were born under!

In other words, they will change into a totally different person because they will begin exhibiting the opposite traits, feelings, thoughts, and emotions of the zodiac sign they were born under!

And this is some serious stuff!

For example, if a person is Aries, some of Aries traits are energetic, courageous and assertive, but this Zodiacal Energy Misalignment will cause that person to become the opposite, which is passive, fearful, and indecisive.

If a person is Cancer, who some of Cancer’s traits are emotional, nurturing and protective, the Zodiacal Energy Misalignment will cause the person to become the opposite, which is unemotional, neglectful, and reckless!

Or if a person was born a Pisces, which some of Pisces traits are compassionate, artistic, ad gentle, once they are affected by this Zodiac Energy Misalignment, they will become cruel, unartistic, and harsh.

And these are just a few examples!

I’m sure you get the picture

In other words, whatever sign a person was born under, they will begin exhibiting the opposite negative traits of their sign!

And this is not good news! 

People On Earth Will Be Deeply Affected By This

The reason people will be so deeply affected by this is because we are all influenced by the alignment of the stars and the moon when we are born.

We already know the moon influences the rising of tides in the ocean, and it’s common knowledge among police that people get crazy during a full moon, so we already know people are affected by the moon and the alignment of the stars!

And problem is, when this misalignment of zodiacal energies takes affect, it will instantly cause people to experience major changes in their personalities, the ways they feel, and even their outlooks on life! 

And people will not only experience major changes in their personalities and the ways they now feel about their life, it will also affect how they feel about their current relationships, career, vocation, finances, etc!

Simply out, people will feel lost, confused, stuck, and unsure about everything…

…they will literally feel like an alien walked in and took over their body because they will look at everything their life in the totally opposite way!

The Negative Ways A Zodiacal Energy Misalignment Can affect You

Here are just a few examples of how you can be drastically affected by this:

– Any relationship you currently have, including spouses, significant others, boyfriends, girlfriend, fiancés, coworkers, bosses, family members and relatives, can change – 180 degrees!

– Dating opportunities will fizzle out and become challenging because you will start choosing people who are not good for you, getting stuck in unhappy relationships feeling there’s no way out, trapped and unfulfilled!

– You will begin feeling misunderstood because people who knew you as you were before this change, will no longer understand you as the new person you will have become! Frustration and misunderstanding will replace peace and connection to others!

– Your career, work, or vocation, may no longer seem satisfying, even if you love it! And if you’re unhappy in your work life, you can experience more loss and confusion!

– Your ideas of love can change and what you used to think love was can also change, too.  If you are a person who has the right understanding of what love is you could begin feeling the opposite. And if you are a person who doesn’t have an understanding of what love is, you will experience even more confusion!

– If you are someone who invests their own money, you could begin making opposite decisions and begin investing in losing stocks!

– People who are communicative will become at a loss for words! And people who are at a loss for words will feel even more lost about what to say!

– You may find yourself aging faster with lines appearing on your face out of nowhere because this negative energy will take a toll of your stress levels!

– And these are just a few of things people can expect!

As you can see, the excess energy seeping into the cosmos created a real mess! 


Unfortunately, opposite does not mean an unloving person will become loving. Or a quiet person will become talkative. Or a confused person will gain clarity!

Unfortunately, it means people will exhibit the opposite negative traits of their signs.

And you want to make sure by all means this does not happen to you!

But there is some very good news!… 

The Very Good News!

My mentor taught me a ways that all this excess energy leaching into the ethereal cosmos can have a beneficial and reverse, positive affect on a person!

He taught me how to perform the Astrological Harmonization Ritual (AHR)!

Let me explain…

This session is going to be different form all the others! And the exciting part is you will be part of Astrological Harmonization Ritual! And this harmonization ritual session will reharmonize your Zodiacal Energy (ZA).

And having your Zodiacal Energy reharmonized is what will protect you from the fallout affects of these toxic energy clouds when their mist falls down onto the earth.

So this Astrological Harmonization Ritual (AHR) will actually reharmonize your Zodiacal Energy (ZA) giving you and your entire family protection! (Which I’ll explain more about in a minute)

Reharmonizing your energy is kind of like tuning a piano or guitar that is out of tune! It will make sure your zodiacal energy is aligned properly!

So the good news is, after your energy has been realigned, all the negative affects I mentioned above will not affect you at all!

As a matter of fact, there is even MORE good news! After you have been reharmonized, not only will you be unharmed by the fallout I mentioned earlier, the positive traits of your zodiac sign will also increase and multiply in a very good way!

So by being reharmonized you can turn something devastating into some amazing!

And here’s how to do that…

The Amazing Power Of Astrological Harmonization Ritual (AHR)

Being reharmonized will prevent you from experiencing any major personality changes, any major changes in the ways you feel, and it will even improve your outlook on life! 

Being reharmonized will also have extremely positive affects on your life, your current relationships, your career, vocation, finances, etc., because you will experience a clarity in these areas like never before!

Here are just a few examples of the positive changes you will experience:

– Love will become more abundant in your life! It will seem as if love flows to you from every direction! And any conflicts or tension you have experienced with the people you care deeply about – will dissolve like magic!

– Any hard feelings between you and others you deeply care about will instantly be replaced with feelings of love! This will even increase another person’s physical attraction towards you!!

– Any of your relationships, including spouses, significant others, boyfriends, girlfriend, fiancés, coworkers, bosses, family members and relatives, will change to become everything you have always wanted them to be!

– Dating opportunities will seem to appear out of thin air and they will be people who are good for you – repelling the bad ones away!

– You will end up in a happy relationship feeling whole, complete, and fulfilled!

– People you know who often hold their true feelings in, will begin freely expressing the what they feel inside and become more communicative! You will think an alien walked in and took over their body because you’ll be shocked by how open they become!

– You will begin feeling understood by people who and begin forming deeper relationships with others based on feelings of happiness, joy, and deep feelings of connection!

– Your career, work, or vocation, will become even more fulfilling! And if you are not feeling fulfilled where you are career-wise, a more fulfilling and prosperous job opportunity will open up to you!

– Financial investments will improve! And an abundance of money will come out of nowhere!

– You will find yourself aging slower to an almost unnoticeable rate until the age of 88! With minimal  cores feet, lines on your face and around your mouth giving you a longer lasting youthful appearance!

– Your energy levels will increase to the energy level of a 21-year old!

– Even your eyesight and vision will begin to improve and get clearer!

– PLUS a whole lot more!

Your *Loved Ones Will Also Be Protected

By attending this Astrological Harmonization Ritual (AHR) and having your Zodiacal Energy reharmonized, this reharmonization of Zodiacal Energy will also be passed energetically to your family members via Meridic Connections and Energy Cords.

What is different this time is YOU get to decide who in your family circle will receive this harmonization. There are on 20 people this can be passed onto so you get to decide which 20 loved wants you want to harmonize, too!

* A loved one is defined as someone you love, or have strong feelings for.

About This Session

This session is going to be conducted differently very different than any of the previous sessions you may have attended in the past!

The reason for this is because as a result of me astrally traveling to some many different galaxies and coming into contact with so many different advanced beings, as I continue to spiritually grow, evolve, and and advance in my spiritual knowledge, these sessions will also begin to evolve and advance!

Therefore, when you attend the Astrological Harmonization Ritual (AHR) you will bring a few common household items with you to the session. What these items will be used for will be explained to you at the time of this session.

Also, after reserving your space for this, you will also be sent some images of some very powerful astrological symbols. These symbols will be explained to you during the session, where they will also activated, once the Astrological Harmonization Ritual (AHR) has been completed!

All of this will be explained during the session. All you will need to do is have the few common items with when the session starts, and have printed out the astrological symbols sent to you!

It’s that simple! Nothing complicated at all!

So, as you can see, this session is going to be very different for any past sessions!

And you will that future sessions from here on will also be performed differently, too!

Word Of Wisdom! 

Move in very close as I whisper to you these very important words. 

And if you listen closely, you may even hear my voice whispering in your head as you read the following words: 

Not only is this session very important for you to be a part of….

it is very necessary for you to be part of it, too!

Why, you may be wondering?


–  The Zodiacal Energy Misalignment IS going to happen!

– There is NO WAY to avoid it!

– If you don’t get protected from it now, I cannot go back later and protect you from it because this is a one shot deal! 

Your Next Step

The next step is to click here now to fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to reserve your space for this Reharmonization Session BEFORE the spaces all fill up!

I’ve said this a hundred times before, and I am going to say it again because now,more than any other time before this, these words are very important to listen to:

“If you procrastinate, you will lose the opportunity to get your Zodiacal Energy Harmonized!” 

–  The Zodiacal Energy Misalignment IS going to happen!

– There is NO WAY to avoid it! – If you don’t get protected from it now, I cannot go back later and undue what has already been done!

This is a one shot deal!

I cannot go back later and protect you is because it would be like getting caught in a rainstorm and getting soaking wet! Then asking me for an umbrella and expecting that once you open it, to become instantly dry!

It just doesn’t work that way!

Once you get wet, you are wet!

And once this toxic energy mist hits the earth, if you are not harmonized, you are going to get covered in it!

Causing you to experience Zodiacal Energy Misalignment and all the things I mentioned above!

* Relationship problems, career concerns, financial issues, and all the other things I explained earlier in this email!

So click here now to fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to reserve your space for this Reharmonization Session BEFORE he spaces all fill up!

I’ve tried my best to explain the importance of being reharmonized to avoid get covered in the toxic cloud mist. So, I hope I have been able to do that!

Because I would feel terrible if you didn’t protect yourself from this!

Thank you so much for letting me be of service by sharing this important information with you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Click here NOW to fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page and reserve your space for this session BEFORE all the spaces fill up!

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