My Psychic Predictions For August 2023

I have consulted with all 450 of my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels about what lies ahead this month regarding Hollywood and celebrities, international politics, science and technology, health and medicine, love and relationships, the financial world and investments, and weather around the world.

So, I hope you enjoy reading my newest psychic predictions! 


Hollywood and Celebrities


Things will be looking a little dim for Hollywood in the upcoming year. With more caution towards established revenue channels, there may be a reduction in blockbuster premieres taking place in theaters.

The universe is aligning to bring someone new into the spotlight, catching the attention of both Hollywood and the public. It may be someone who was previously under the radar, but will soon be shining brightly in a leading role in a highly anticipated work of art.

Social media will become a star-studded event this year, as celebrities will speak out and connect with fans through online platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and others. Fans will be attracted to the authenticity and genuine connections created through these social avenues.




People listening to a speaker at conference

An upcoming international climate conference will convene nations from around the globe to engage in discussions aimed at tackling carbon emissions on a global scale.

With caution, we should be on the lookout for possible conflict between nations, specifically the US and China. There will be a series of tumbles taking place, including economic sanctions, but the chaos won’t last for long.

A major shift in the world of politics will occur as the UK and EU looks to reach a definitive trade agreement. While there may be some ups and downs in the coming months, the end result will be satisfactory for both sides.

There will be the occurrence of an international climate conference, bringing nations together to discuss ways to impact carbon emissions worldwide.

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The Mars Rover mission will lead to groundbreaking discoveries about the fourth planet from the sun and its potential to support life.

There will be the creation of new advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning that will revolutionize numerous industries with upcoming applications yet to be discovered.

I foresee major breakthroughs in gene-editing technology. However, caution must be taken to avoid unwanted consequences that may arise down the road from its application.


Health and Medicine 


covid 19 vaccine besides image of a virus

In the coming months, the medical field is set to unveil further discoveries surrounding the highly politicized COVID-19 vaccines, resulting in a surge of vaccine distribution.

The medical world will continue pumping out discoveries of the highly politicized COVID-19 vaccines, leading to an increase in the distribution of the vaccine in the coming months.

As the pandemic continues, the medical world will go through a significant shift. Telemedicine will take the forefront as an alternative form of treatment. This shift will lead doctors and scientists to explore the use of technology in medical treatment, as they adapt to the new normal.

There will be a long recovery ahead for COVID-19 survivors. There will be continued studies regarding the long-term effects of the virus on individuals, including effects in the realms of mental health, emotional health, and so on.

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Love and Relationships


 Love should be strong and enduring, and so technology will help mitigate the continued pandemic this year. Virtual meeting methods will still be a trend in the dating world, leading to potentially stronger connections.

People who have joined together in previous years will have less extravagant ceremonies, leading to intimate and profound emotional connections.

The strain of the pandemic on relationships will manifest in a rise in divorce rates as partners experience togetherness for extended periods of time.


Financial World and Investments


The economy will see a shift towards a more digital market for assets like Bitcoin due to the increased public trust in cryptocurrency and its values.

There will be a change in investment laws and regulations coming up, leading to new protections for global financial markets.

Unforeseen events may lead to a tumultuous stock market year. Investors must be patient and seek guidance in non-material things. 


Weather Around The World


tip of the iceberg half under water

The gradual melting of the Arctic ice cap is poised to trigger severe weather events in the future.

There will be an increase in natural disasters, ranging from hurricanes to wildfires to droughts due to the consequences of climate change. Communities across the globe are at risk and must take necessary steps to prepare for the worse.

There will be a rise in global temperatures, which will inevitably lead to flooding and displacement of communities around the world, leading to dire situations in numerous regions.

The melting of the Arctic ice cap will lead to severe weather events down the road. Governments and societies worldwide will need to work together to prevent negative consequences, but due to political differences and greed, this will not happen fast enough.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!

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