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A few nights ago at around 2:30 am, as I began to get ready for my astral travel, the motion sensor in our house went off and the alarm siren started blaring very loudly!

My phone showed the motion sensor in our spare bedroom was tripped and I was a little freaked out because my husband was out of town, so I was in the house – all alone!

As I waited for the alarm company to call me, the weird thing is – they never called!

So, I decided to brave it and see who had entered our home!

As I approached the door to the second bedroom, I was hesitant to open it, but I opened it anyway.

And when I opened it, someone WAS standing there…

When I Discovered Who It Was, I Was In Shock 

As I opened the door, I was so scared I literally almost pooped my pants!

And when I turned on the light, this short alien-looking person? Being? was standing there!

I was so scared I let out a loud scream!

Then this gentle voice said to me, “Hey Tana, My name is Qwalk. I’m from the Planet Q and I’m not here to hurt you!”.

Walk said he was here to take me back to his planet with him because he wanted to share something amazing with me! He said, “I’ll explain everything once we get there!”.

So, he gently took my hand, I closed my eyes, and then immediately took off in my astral body!

The next thing I know, we landed on a planet called Planet Q…

Planet Q – An Amazing Place!

In my opinion, Planet Q is a planet that is as close to one that will ever get to the real Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

There’s no chocolate there, but it is just as magical of a place. I mean, Planet Q was an abundant planet, overflowing with some much wealth, it was actually mind-blowing!

There were beings flying around in diamond-covered flying discs that looked like mini UFO’s that could seat 4 people.

The streets were covered in precious gemstones, and the buildings and streets were lit with lights made out of large cut diamonds! Each light was at least the size of a beachball, or bigger!

I quickly realized the beings on this planet were very wealthy, so I asked Qwalk why people here seemed to possess so much wealth, and he said, “Because on this planet we possess the Power Of Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito and this is the reason I brought you here!”

He definitely had my attention!

The Incredible Wealth Generating Power Of Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito

Qwalk told me that Planet Q was the only planet in the entire galaxy, which has veins running through the core of it, and these veins have prosperitus energy flowing through them.

He said the word prosperitus is a common word on Planet Q, and when his people visited the earth some 2,000 years ago to teach the Egyptians how to build the pyramids, they passed the word prosperitus onto them.

The word “prosperitus”, later became the Latin word prosperus, which is why we have the word “prosperous” in our vocabulary today!

And this word has always meant “to flourish in material terms, especially financially”.

And it turns out, the beings on Planet Q have learned how to tap into the prosperitus energy running through the veins of their planet, creating a wealth technique they call Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito.

Qwalk explained to me that since his people (called Q’s) have learned how to harness this prosperitus energy, they have lived lives of extreme wealth, prosperity, and abundance, for over 4,000 years!

So, this explained to me why they have diamonds and other precious gemstones encrusted on almost everything on their planet, along with an endless, limitless abundance of whatever anyone on their planet could ever desire!

Walk then invited me to sit on a solid gold chair, embedded with polished rubies and diamonds, which were the size of baseballs.

He said, “On the earth, this chair would be valued well over 60,000,000 (sixty million) dollars or more, but these chairs are commonly used in people’s homes here!”…

…I felt like a king sitting on a throne! 

The Ceremony As I Sat On The $60,000,000 Gold Chair! 

I was so excited listening to Qwalk.

I mean, I was sitting on a $60,000,000 (60 million) solid gold chair! And I could see with my very own eyes the incredible lives of wealth the beings on this planet were living!

Qwalk said Planet Q is the only planet in the entire galaxy, which has veins running through the core of it carrying this incredible prosperitus energy.

And he said, “Because we are the only planet with prosperitus energy running through its veins, we protect our planet and the knowledge of Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito, very closely!”

Suddenly, he looked me straight in the eyes and said “I came to your home to get you because I am going to teach you how to use the secret knowledge of Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito, so that you can use it to make others wealthy, too.”

Needless to say, I was flabbergasted!

And I was all ears!!

So, after 4 hours of instructing me on how to use prosperitus energy, he then performed a special ceremony he called The Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito Ceremony, which gave me the power to bestow this incredible wealth gaining power onto others.

And afterwards, I felt great!

Once I returned back home from the Planet Q, I immediately called you know who…my best friend Chuck!

Chuck Was Blown Away By The Results

As many of you know, Chuck is always the first person on which I perform all of the things I learn, so I can see the actual results first hand!

A few days after I performed The Ceremony Of Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito on Chuck, seemingly right away, amazing things started to happen for him.

At first, they were little things, then bigger things started to follow.

Money and financial opportunities seemed to begin coming to him from everywhere. Financial opportunities began presenting themselves to him out of thin air.

Chuck called me and excitedly said, “As a result of all the amazing results I am experiencing, my money fears about my future, have all disappeared!”

As a matter of fact, shortly after having The Ceremony Of Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito performed on him, Chuck met a financial investor who told him about a financial investment strategy that changed his entire retirement plan.

And that one miraculous meeting of this guy allowed Chuck to be able to retire 12 years earlier than he expected…

…and if that’s not financial freedom, then I don’t know what is!

How The Ceremony Of Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito Can Make You Wealthy, Too!

What The Ceremony Of Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito does is it surrounds your aura with “money-attraction particles”, which makes your aura energy magnetically vibrate at the same vibrational frequency as money.

So money, along with amazing money opportunities, begin to be “vibrationally pulled” towards you, in a very natural and effortless way.

And the best part of it all is this…all of the things that began happening to Chuck seemed to come out of nowhere, and without any effort on his part!

This means, you literally don’t have to do anything, other than to have the Ceremony Of Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito performed on you. After that, it just works!

It’s that easy!

Money, financial opportunities, and financial freedom will seem to follow you around like a lost puppy following its owner. 

What The Ceremony Of Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito Will Do For You

If you’re tired of struggling with money, want to quit worrying about your financial future, and would like to have financial freedom and become debt-free, then you will want to have The Ceremony Of Wealtho Flowyo Unlimito performed on you!

Trust me, once you see the results people have gotten from this, you will kick yourself later if you miss this one-time chance!

Did you know that people who are financially free have less stress because they know they can do anything they want to do? Because never having to worry about money again brings a lot of peace of mind to the people who are in that position!

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What I’ve Discovered About People Who Struggle!

I’ve discovered that there are many people out there who struggle and they struggle because they always procrastinate. They don’t act on golden opportunities like this one when they are presented to them. So, they ALWAYS miss out.

I’ve discovered that people who financially struggle aren’t action takers. Why? Because they just passively sit by and let amazing opportunities like this one pass them by.

Then they act confused and wonder why they struggle.

And the other interesting thing is this – people who struggle never realize that THEY are the cause of their struggles. They don’t realize that by taking action, their struggles will almost instantly end!

And the even better news is this! This type of person doesn’t have to be you!

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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