Nature Spirits – The Mystical Granters Of Your Dreams

What Is A Nature Spirit?

There are four main types of Nature Spirits, also called elementals – Earth Spirits, Air Spirits, Fire Spirits, and Water Spirits. Nature spirits help manage the forces of nature, and can manifest in different shapes and forms. Each elemental has a crucial role to play in the maintenance of life on earth, and these magical beings are be governed by the archangels.

These mystical beings work tirelessly to create harmony in the world we live in. They cleanse the planet of pollution, envelope it with positive energy, filter out negative vibrations, and generally make the earth more liveable for every being.

Nature Spirits

Nature Spirits As Orbs

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How Your Zodiac Sign Creates A Special Connection With Nature Spirits

The signs of the Zodiac are based on the elements – Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius), Air Signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini), and Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo).

When you are born under a zodiac sign, you embody the element corresponding to that zodiac sign, and because of your zodiac’s association to its element, you will naturally connected to the spirits of that element.

Here are the 4 different types of elemental spirits and their roles. The element connected to your Zodiac sign will be the nature spirits with that you have the closest affinity.

The Earth Spirits

Gnomes, elves, dwarves, pixies, fairies, brownies, or wood nymphs, are earth spirits. They release positive energy into the earth, thus creating and propagating life. They tend to the earth, and subsequently, to all the living beings that are dependent on it. Without them, the earth would be inhabitable.

The Air Spirits

Air spirits take the form of sylphs – living beings made of pure air and light. They are like

Nature Spirits

Nature Spirits

fairies but not entirely. They have light, luminescent bodies that they can transform into different shapes as they soar into the air. They can travel rather quickly and can cover great distances in a short time. You know a sylph is near when you see a beautiful cloud formation or feel something delicate brush against your face. The air spirits provide you with inspiration and aid your mystical and spiritual development.

The Fire Spirits

Fire spirits are the biggest and most powerful of all the elementals. They appear as sudden bursts of heat but often take the shape of a salamander. They are majestic beings who infuse passion, will, and motivation into the minds of human beings.

The Water Spirits

Water spirits manifest as beautiful mermaids. They govern all water bodies and the energies that they transmit. They are responsible for the creation of chemistry and magnetism. They create attraction between people, stimulate your emotions, and nurture your psychic abilities.

Now that you know the elemental closest connected to you, talk to them, acknowledge them, and your life will begin to change. They will help you when you need them – but only if they are called upon to do so!

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Elementals In Nature

How To See Them?

Elementals possess supernatural powers that make them invisible to most humans, except those with psychic ability. Since everything in the Universe vibrates to a particular frequency, humans are only able to see a limited range of vibrational frequencies. Elemental spirits exist on a vibrational frequency not easily visible to us, but learning to develop your clairvoyant ability will allow you to see them.

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The human race is completely dependent on the selfless service of a nature spirit. Although ignored by most of us, a nature spirit gives each of us the most important gift of all – the gift of life and nature.

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  1. Anna says:

    Nice to know this, thanks for this article Tana!

  2. Ashlee says:

    I’m a 12th house Gemini so I relate to mermaids and sylphs; sometimes tree nymphs but alas no salamanders… Thank you for creating this article… Very informative as usual 😀

  3. Marie says:

    So do the nature spirits show themselves as orbs? Only air spirits, or all of the different spirits?

  4. Eleonora says:

    When I read your article sameone was touchening my face.
    I love nature, thank you Tana for all article aboute nature spirits!!!

  5. Janet says:

    Hi Tana what a wonderful post! No wonder I’ve always felt an affinity for elves…I’m Capricorn!

  6. denis says:

    what is the specific gem stone for gnomes, sylphs, salamanders and undines. thank you.

  7. DonD says:

    I see little shadows often in my home. Always wondered who or what it was. It’s like it’s moving so fast all you can see is the shadow.
    I will work on learning if any of them are also my guides.
    I do know of two fairy that help me. I don’t thank them enough.
    thanks again Tana for the good information.

  8. allen says:

    thank you once again, for a wonderful story! it is so nice, that you teach all of us, so many different things! I have five signs in aquariaus, which makes me a unlucky air sign, or I guess, a lucky one ,depending on how you look at it. thank you for touching so many people, with information, and for caring for others.

  9. Candy says:

    Thank you Tana, I’m a cancer, so I’m “water” I talked to them just now. I want to be able to meditate long, like you, but I always fall asleep lol
    Thank you Tana for helping people♡ you’re awesome 🙂

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