Near Death Experiences – Proof Of Life After Death – By Tana Hoy

What Is A Near Death Experience (A Definition)

Usually near death experiences occur when a person has suffered a traumatic event such as being a victim of a fire or a car accident. At first, their physical body will seem damaged beyond anything doctors can do, and they are pronounced clinically dead.

near death experiences

A Near Death Experience

What happens is that their soul travels to the astral plane. But when it gets there, the person realizes that they are not yet ready to die yet, and that their soul needs to return back into their physical body.

Sometimes when a person dies, they will see images such as a tunnel that leads to a white light, or they will see their life flash before their eyes. They may also have conversations with angels or loved ones who have passed on. They may also have an out of body experience, where they are floating over their body, and observing the hospital room or other space that they are physically body dying in.

Then by some miracle, their souls are transported back into their physical bodies, and they come back to life.

A Recent Study On Near Death Experiences

In the past, it was believed that the brain stops when a person experiences death, but scientists have now proven that this is not true.

Recently, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal has published that there is a significant increase in brain activity after a body’s heart stops. It seems to be a biological mechanism that causes the brain to go into overdrive before it completely shuts down.

The significance of this is that is the first time that near death experiences can be scientifically proven. However, scientists are still studying exactly what happens in a person’s conscious or subconscious mind during this brain overdrive.

The Lessons That Can Be Learned From Near Death Experiences

The lessons that can be learned from a near death experience can be profound. When some people die for a moment, they are only shown a small side of the infinite wisdom that exists on the other side. This is because it is not yet part of their path to know everything.

However, there are others who have come back from near death experiences chronicling full details about the universe, our reasons for being, and God.

Many people who have had near death experiences report the following experiences:

• Seeing is an extremely brilliant, beautiful, and loving white light that shows the person what they need to know before returning back into their physical body.

• Understanding that death of the physical body is only a transformation of our being. Our soul continues to live eternally, reincarnating into other bodies, in order to spiritually grow to its fullest potential.

• Realizing that the soul is connected to all other human souls, and also to the entire universe. We are separate in our paths, but we are a unified being that comprises the universe as a whole.

• Heaven is what we make it. Whatever belief systems we have in our death, we carry them into the After-life, and create the heavens that we have been taught by our different religious backgrounds.

• The concept of hell as mainstream culture knows it is not true. There is no devil or Satan. There are only our limiting beliefs, hate, and ignorance that keep us in the dark throughout the growth of our souls.

People come back from near death experiences with a renewed purpose for their lives. They teach others what they have learned, so that the world may benefit from these lessons.

The most important lesson is that you don’t need to have a near death experience to have a more enriched life. Our lives, even heaven and hell, are created by our own perceptions and thoughts. We have the power at any time to transform ourselves for the better, and help others do the same.

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