Negative Energy: The Danger Of Holding Grudges – by Tana Hoy

If you’ve ever experienced being on the receiving end of an insult or injury (physical or otherwise), such as getting humiliated, having someone take what is rightfully yours, or being rejected, then you already know how painful the offense feels.


The Danger Of Holding Grudges

You can’t help but feel resentment and deep anger toward your offender. In short, you can’t help but hold a grudge.

What Happens When You Hold A Grudge Against Someone?

It goes without saying, when you’re offended, your positive energy gets depleted, and you feel angry or hurt. And when you let this feeling of bitterness remain inside you, it starts to build up. It gnaws on you, weighs you down, disrupts your life, and grows and grows inside you as a mass of negative energy.

You may think that the grudge that you feel is directed only toward your offender, but in reality, it affects you more than it affects them. And it affects the people around you, too.

This is because as the negativity from resentment builds up within you, you begin to get defensive and sensitive. You may lose your temper more easily, and begin to withdraw trust from those who care for you.

During this emotional state, you send out negative vibes into your surroundings and the universe, and this in turn, will result in negative events happening to you. Other people may also begin to feel rejected by you, and they may start to feel resentful towards them, too. And the sad part is, you may not even realize this is happening.

Many of my clients get surprised during our telephone psychic readings when they discover that it’s a grudge against someone they’ve not seen in years that’s affecting their current lives.

How To Let Go Of Grudges

A grudge is an emotion that’s not easy to let go of. It runs deep, usually much deeper than the initial offense, because it has taken time to take root. Forgiving and forgetting may come later, but letting go comes first.

To let it go, think of the painful episode in your life as a sharp rock that you tightly clutch in your fist. The sharp edges hurt your hand, but only for as long as you hold on to it.

To begin to let go:

• First, accept the fact that you’ve been offended, insulted, or hurt. Don’t try to deny it or run away from it.

• Next, you need to admit that you’re angry, in pain, or resentful.

Then, each night before you go to sleep, visualize that sharp rock in your hand (that episode in your life) and feel how tightly you’re clinging on to it. The mentally will yourself to loosen your grip on it, just a bit.

• Accompany this exercise with positive affirmations, such as, “Along with this rock, I let go of that episode in my life.”

• Do this exercise each night, loosening your grip a little more each time.

• When you are able to mentally see the rock drop onto the ground in your mind, you will find that you can look back at the offense and feel nothing, as though it has happened to someone else.

If a grudge continues to disrupt your life, then it may be time to look at the psychic cords that tie you to other people. It may be that you need to sever a particular cord that continues to link you to your offender.

Through a phone psychic reading, I can determine how to free you of the grudges that are pulling you down. Visit here to schedule a psychic reading with me.

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