The Many Negative Energy Affects From A Psychic Attack! by Tana Hoy

Have you ever felt hurt when someone directed his or her anger towards you? Even a sharp look of contempt from another person can have an impact on your composure and well-being. This is because the other person is using the negative energy of his or her thoughts against you, causing you to have become a victim to a psychic type of attack.

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Experiencing Psychic Attack!

What Is Psychic Attack?

A psychic attack is when someone deliberately or unknowingly sends dark or negative energy toward a person or place. These negative energy vibrations can have very harmful effects to the person on the receiving end, creating dents, or even holes, in his or her aura.

A psychic attack can be done through rituals or ceremonies, spell-casting or curses, using psychic powers, negative mantras, voodoo, invocations, and other forms of black magic. Psychic types of attack can also be caused by a strong negative emotion such as rage or anger, sent out by someone who is not even aware they are attacking anyone psychically.

How Psychic Attack Energy Works

The whole universe is made of energy, including everything and everyone on earth. Every person’s thoughts and emotions are made of energy that is being released into the universe.

In fact, there is constant exchange of energy vibrations happening around you every moment, and you are both a sender and receiver of these energy vibrations. Sometimes, though, you can become an unwilling recipient of powerful negative energies sent from another person.

Signs To Know If You’ve Been Psychically Attacked

A psychic can tell you if you have been psychically attacked, because they can see the dents, holes, and damage to your aura, as well as feeling the negative energies that may be causing havoc in your energy system.

And here are some signs to look for that will tell you if you have been psychically attacked:

• Chronic fatigue, and/or a feeling that you are drained of your energy
• Depression and general loss of self-confidence
• Sudden illness that doctors cannot diagnosis or explain
• Loss of sleep, sleep disturbances, and nightmares
• Irritability, irrational fear, anger, or melancholy

The symptoms of a psychic type of attack usually come suddenly, and elude explanation. But if you are a victim of a psychic attack, then you may experience the effects emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and/or physically. An attack can even affect your job, finances, and other aspects of your life.

How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Attack

There are several ways that you can protect yourself from psychic attacks, including:

• Being vigilant. You need to make mental notes of how people leave you feeling, such as if you feel depleted of energy whenever you spend time with a particular person. In such cases, try to have as little contact as possible because with that person because he or she may be attacking you psychically.
• Create a protective shield around yourself. You need to use the energy of your thoughts to create a force field around yourself to keep dark or negative energy out. You can do this by imagining a strong force field around you that cannot be penetrated by negative energy!
• Working with gemstones such as black obsidian or black tourmaline. These crystals have special properties that take negative energies out of your auric field. Black obsidian also wards off any dark energy that is directed your way.

Making Sure Not To Psychically Attack Others!

You need to remember that as you receive energy, you also send it out. Therefore, you have to be aware of the thoughts that you release. Anger, jealousy, resentment, and all negative emotions have an effect on your surroundings and the universe, and most especially on the person you are directing it to. These concentrated forms of negative energy create dents in the other person’s aura, unknowingly creating holes in it that will endanger him or her.

If you think that you are suffering the effects of a psychic type of attack, then it is best to consult a psychic who can help you get rid of the negative energies that have lodged into your system, so that you can restore you aura, and create a protective shield around you.

If you have been a victim of psychic attack, you contact me for a Psychic Healing and Protection session by clicking here and filling out this form!

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