How to Keep Negative People from Sucking Your Energy Dry – by Tana Hoy

Who hasn’t met a negative person at least once in their life? I’m sure that you have known someone who seems to never be happy about anything. They complain incessantly. psychic vampires

They whine, going on and on, to the point that they can make head ache. These “negatives” leave you feeling weak and tired. They’re what are known as psychic vampires.

The Walking Undead Among Us

Mention the word “vampire” and for majority of us, what comes to mind is Dracula, from the story penned by Bram Stoker.

Fiction aside, however, there is truly walking undead among us. Only they look as you do. No fangs, no capes, and they don’t glitter. They are as human as you, but they drain your consciousness and your spirit. They are psychic vampires.

If such psychic vampires are as human as you, why do I refer to them as the “walking undead?” It’s because that’s what they are!

Even if they are human, they act as if they’re not really one of us. As mentioned previously, they go through life hard-pressed to enjoy living. They act like people with life, yet appear to be simply going through the mentions of life.

There’s no spark of joy within them. This is also how undead creatures would act – they would be walking and talking among us, but not truly alive.

These psychic vampires that opted to be reborn to experience human life are not having a good time at it. Not by a long shot. In fact, their whole existence as a human is so off-the-wall, that you’d probably be more at ease being with your dog or cat, or your plants, or being alone, than being around them!

Why Psychic Vampires Suck Your Energy Dry

The reason these psychic energy sucking vampires can leave you with a weary mind, a tired body, and a sinking heart, is that they need your life energy to keep on going.

In essence, they are sucking away the strength of your spirit because they themselves are spiritually weak.

As spirits, they are not as resilient as you are. They are not as prepared to learn life’s lessons. Which is why it’s a terribly difficult time for them here on earth, in their current existence as human beings.

Does this mean that psychic vampires are to be avoided at all costs?

The answer is both yes and no.

It’s “yes,” if you are not yet sure about your own psychic strength and the level of your spiritual development. If this is the case for you, you will know right away, because you are one of those who truly suffer when a psychic vampire is around.

On the other hand, the answer can also be “no,” and this applies when you are already more spiritually enlightened.

That’s because one of the strongest missions of each spirit experiencing an earthly life, is to help other spirits who are having difficulties living as a human being.

Therefore, if you are already aware that you are learning life lessons, it means that you are already stronger to some degree, compared to other spirits here on earth at this moment.

As such, a psychic vampire will not easily deplete your strength, and you should do your best to help them.

One of the ways you can do this is by guiding them so that they can have hope, love, peace, and strong realities in their lives. That’s what our Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Ascended Masters expect from us.

But what if this is not the case for you? What if you are still not spiritually confident or strong enough to take on a psychic vampire? What should you do?

Quick Tips to Ward off a Psychic Vampire Attack

Once you realize that a psychic vampire is around you, making you feel listless, discontented, and in the early stages of losing hope, you can take the following basic steps:

  • Immediately think positive thoughts. Recall moments that made you happy, content, and grateful.
  • Then give thanks to your Guardian Angels for protecting you.
  • This may sound elementary, but by smiling, you condition your mind to become more receptive to positive energy. When this happens, you repel the negative, sucking force of psychic vampires around you.
  • Do your best to walk away from the psychic vampire. You will be able to easily identify that person by the way he/she talks or acts.

A psychic vampire is often slouched or frowning. At the very least, you will see the facial expression of the psychic vampire as one that is “unfriendly.” That means no smiles, no openness in the eyes, and his/her brows are furrowed.

What you’ll hear from these psychic vampires are commonly words of blame towards others, or angry words about their having been “victimized” (Think about it.

If they had really been victimized, why are they just complaining about it, instead of seeking help, or doing something about what happened?)

If your interest is highly stoked to find out more about psychic vampires, and how you can protect yourself from them, or help them along, you can sign-up for a Spirit Guides Reading to understand the higher role you need to play when it comes to psychic vampires in your life.


Have you ever been attacked by a psychic vampire? I’d love to know your experiences!






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