New Year Psychic Predictions For 2018


Here are my first New Year psychic predictions for 2018. 2018 is going to be a very interesting year.

Expect several shifts and changes ahead, due to the many planetary alignments and misalignments that are coming up ahead.

So, here are my first set of psychic predictions for 2018.


Hollywood hollywood

A lot of people connected in the Hollywood pedophile ring may face prison terms once this filthy secret is fully exposed.

More sex scandals are going to rock Hollywood. As a matter of fact, we are going to be reading about some pretty kinky things that some of the Hollywood elites are into. There will be stories coming to the surface that will leave people asking, “Are people really turned on by that?!”

The Hollywood pedophile ring (which I predicted in 2017) that Corey Feldman has been trying to expose, will gain more traction in 2018. Hollywood will still try to sweep this “dirty little secret” under the carpet. But since this secret is full of filth, it will crawl back to the surface and eventually be exposed. When this Pandora’s Box opens, several people in Hollywood, along with others connected to it, will face prison terms!

A new rape case will surface. A famous Hollywood name will not have learned his lesson from all the recent media exposure of certain celebrities and their pushy sexual advances, thinking he’s smart enough to get away with it! Wrong! He will lose his career and face serious consequences.




There is going to be more unexpected news brought to the attention of Wendy Williams. Regardless of whatever unexpected situations she is faced with, she will rise to the top, above it all. She will eventually become as big as Ellen.

There will be a famous celebrity who will be exposed for having some very dark sexual desires. People will come forward and share the weird and “unusual” things he is into, and many of his fans will be surprised. The stories we learn about his sexual “appetite” will border on the edge of bizarre, strange, and kinky. Some will even find it’s repulsive.

More rumors about the relationship between Oprah Winfrey and Gail King are going to surface.  An anonymous source will come forward claiming to have actual proof that the relationship between the two is an intimate love relationship, and that Stedman has been nothing more than a cover-up for the truth. As a matter of fact, sources will claim that Stedman himself, is actually gay.


International diseasse

A strange disease similar to AIDS will strike Uganda and parts of Russia. This will also eventually spread to Texas and Alabama.

Tensions between the USA, and either North Korea, Israel, China, or all three, will rise. There will be many competent sources claiming if the US President does not handle things differently, he is going to start World War III. Things will get dicey, but the right people will step in and smooth over the troubled waters before the president makes things a dangerous mess for the entire world.

Israel is going to be faced with serious violence. Eventually, ISIS will infiltrate deep into the country, claiming to be helping the Palestinians fight to take back Israel. I see a large death toll in Israel, as a result of the recent decision by the US President. Terrorist attacks on Jewish synagogues around the world will also be on the rise as a result of the President’s decision.

A strange disease will strike Uganda, parts of Russia, and eventually spread into Texas and Alabama. This disease will have the same devastating consequences as AIDS did in the 1980’s. It will be found to be spread by sexual intercourse among heterosexuals, and then carried to the US by American government officials and politicians.




The US government will fund a secret operation where scientists will alter some commonly known viruses in order to make them deadlier. This operation will be the beginning of a massive project to create chemical warfare around the world.

China will become the world leader in the fight against climate change, followed by India. The USA government will be largely driven by monetary and political gain on this issue, rather than what’s best for the planet, and will remain in denial of this international problem. The US will lag a few years behind even far less developed countries in this fight.

As technology advances, the instruments used to explore space will also advance. In the upcoming future, scientists are going to discover 3 new planets behind the sun, which they were unable to see before, due to the equipment they had available to them. One of the planets discovered will be as big as the earth.


Health medicine

There will be several advances in the search for the cure for major diseases.

Strides will be made, as new medications will be researched in order to restore the sight to people who are suffering certain forms of blindness. People who were totally blind before will regain their vision after using these newly hailed miracle drugs.

This will be the year for the cure of a few major diseases. Medical research is going to make several advances in 2018, leaving many people with different kinds of illnesses with a lot of hope. Major advances will be made with HIV, certain forms of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

There will be the discovery of a new infection, which is resistant to all current medications. This disease will affect women during the menstrual cycle. It will first be discovered in Africa, Uganda, and Russia. Then it will begin popping up in the more rural states of the US, like Alabama, North Carolina, Indiana, West Virginia, and parts of Texas.


Love And Relationships


2018 is going to be a good year for having children. Due to the planetary alignments, people will have an easier time than ever getting pregnant. So, if you are trying to have children, this is a good year to try. And if you don’t, make sure to use protection – every time!

This will be the year where troubled relationships will finally begin to heal. If your relationship or marriage has been on the rocks, this will be the year when the two of you will start becoming close again. Expect emotional healing to take place, and a new sense of intimacy beginning developing between the two of you.

Many people will come out of the closet this year. Friends, relatives, celebrities, and even neighbors, will begin coming out in 2018. 2018 will become known as The Year of Rainbows, as many people will finally come to accept themselves for who they truly are.


UFO And Aliens UFO

There will be several UFO sightings from all over the world.

There are going to be several UFO sightings all over the world. Several of them will be clearly caught on video, and there will also be new types of crafts never seen before. Many UFO-ologists will be scratching their heads wondering what planet these new beings are visiting from.

More and more well-known people are going to come forward with their stories about their own personal UFO sightings. Due to some of the well-respected names of the people who end up coming forward, many people will begin taking UFO’s and their sightings more seriously.

It will be exposed that the US government, as well as other governments around the world, have had important information regarding UFO’s, but have been withholding it from people in fear that the public would not know how to handle information like this if it was released.




2018 will be the year of male pride. More and more men will begin carrying men’s clutches, shoulder bags, wearing male makeup, more cologne, and even become more fashion conscious, in order to make themselves look better. So, if your man starts suddenly taking more pride in his appearance, don’t instantly assume he’s having an affair.

There will be serious talks about creating an outpost on Mars for future habitation of humans. The discussions will be met with resistance from some parts of the scientific community, but eventually, within the next 5 to 10 years, we will begin the first steps towards exploring the possibility of humans living there.

Body Cam Porn will be the next thing to hit porn sites around the world. Unscrupulous individuals will wear body cams when they are in restrooms, dressing rooms, and walking by gym showers, along with other “private” places, and then secretly publish their “videos” on the internet on various porn sites.


So there are my New Year psychic predictions for 2018. I hope you enjoyed reading my first set of psychic predictions for 2018.

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  1. Irma says:

    I love Wendy Williams! I feel like she is very fair and nonjudgmental! I totally believe in UFOs and aliens ? too. There has to be more beyond our ? world. Thanks for the predictions!

  2. Chastua Dubua says:

    come on diabetese cure!!! its long overdue.

  3. Patti says:

    I agree with everything you have predicted for 2018, but I’m still a President Trump supporter. I saw you on the Justice Channel and I thought you were great and you were are great asset to solving the case. Have a great 2018 Tana.

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