Here’s My New Year’s Psychic Predictions For 2023

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by so quickly. So, a few nights ago, I spent 6 hours in a deep trance meditation and consulted with my 450 Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Ascended Masters to see what lies ahead for 2023!

And this is what they showed me…




The death of another male celebrity is going to shock many of his fans. Some fans will not be surprised, while others will be in total disbelief.

A major movie theater chain will begin closing a few of its locations around the country. Eventually leading to the end of an era gone by.

Shocking news will be exposed about a major A-List actor in regard to their sexuality. This information will not be willing to be shared by the actor – it will be leaked out.

Another Hollywood scandal will have people coming forward saying a well-known actor touched them sexually against their will. Some will claim they were raped. These allegations will eventually be found to be true.

Bill Cosby will be in the news again with even more allegations coming his way, reinforcing even more that the man who was once-upon-a-time known as “America’s Dad” was really “America’s Worst Predator”.

We will begin to see Chinese influence in Hollywood because Chinese Billionaires will start to become interested in investing in entertainment companies, movie production, and movie studios.




Saudi Arabia map

Another sex scandal will shock Saudi Arabia this year, including the exposure of a gay prince in the king’s family.

Donald Trump is going to find many of his once-loyal supporters continuing to turn their backs on him. Although he will publicly pretend this is not a big deal, it will end up having serious consequences on not only his political future but also on his entire family.

Several major leaders of Al Qaeda are going to be captured and arrested, putting large dents in the terrorist group’s power, control, and influence, in the Middle East.

China will be accused of testing germ warfare, claiming it is sending infected Chinese travelers to countries abroad, so they can see how the disease spreads and the effects it will have on people in the infected areas.

A higher up official in Uganda, who is known for supporting tough LGBTQ laws in the country, will be discovered to be gay himself. Once exposed, he will take his own life shortly after.

Several Republican male politicians will be caught in a sex scandal, doing all the things they speak against. The scandal will involve minors, drugs, sex trafficking, and gay sex, not to mention some very kinky things! It will be revealed that some of these politicians enjoy cross-dressing, being tied up and whipped, wearing ladies’ wigs, putting on makeup, and dressing up like adult babies, along with some very disgusting sex acts involving bodily fluids.

Another sex scandal will rock Saudi Arabia this year, involving the outing of a gay prince in the king’s family. Measures will be taken by the family to hush it up very quickly! But it will be too late once the “secret” is out.




The discovery of a cure for a very rare disease will make international headlines. Although the cure is for a rare disease, this discovery will eventually cure other major diseases.

A few new planets will be found, which have similar environments and conditions as the earth. There will be speculation in the scientific community that other life forms already exist on some of these planets, leading to much debate!

A new species of plant will be discovered in the Amazon Rain Forest, eventually discovered to hold the cure to certain types of cancer, heart disease, and of autoimmune diseases.

More sightings of Loch Ness will be on the rise, catching the attention of certain scientists to begin looking at the possibility that Loch Ness’ existence is a possible reality.

UFO sightings will be on the rise again in 2023. Several of these sightings will be undeniable that they are genuine UFO sighting, yet the government will come up with explanations to try to explain them otherwise.

Global warming will continue to increase, causing a major ice cap to break off in the Arctic Ocean. Some scientists will continue to claim there is no such thing as global warming, but regardless, the results of this ice cap break-off will have undeniably, devastating effects on our planet.


Health And Medicine


medical marijuana

The health advantages of medical marijuana will be discussed more frequently in the medical community.

A cure for sickle cell disease, which is still in testing, will be approved soon and the results will be nothing short of a miracle!

A new type of drug will be introduced to the market for people with anxiety and depression. Drug companies will claim it is safe and effective, but we will eventually discover it is more addictive than crack cocaine, leaving millions of people addicted to it, with little hope of ever breaking their addiction to it.

Like something out of Star Trek, a new type of surgical machine will be in development, which has the ability to perform surgery without having to cut into the skin. This invention will lead to the development of scarless surgery without knives, and in 10 years, it will become the new standard for performing several surgeries.

The testing of robots to assist surgeons, in basic surgical skills during an operation, will be talked about in the news. Many people will be against it, while some will hail it as progress in the medical field.

There will be more talk in the medical community, regarding the health benefits of medical marijuana, and there will be talks in several states about allowing doctors to prescribe it under certain conditions. Uproar will follow but regardless, many states will begin allowing doctors to prescribe it.

Stem cell research will continue to advance, getting closer and closer to being able to help paraplegics be able to walk again.


Love And Relationships


Traditional relationships, as we know them, are going to expand and change. This definition of a relationship will begin to be defined by the people involved in them. These new definitions will be embraced by most of society.

More laws aimed to take away the rights of LBTGQ people will be introduced, along with lots of misinformation being spread about what it means to be LGBTQ. Intelligent people will see right through this, preventing many of these laws from passing.

Libras are going to be especially blessed in 2023. If they are already in a relationship, it will thrive, and if they are single and looking, this will be the year they will find their everlasting love!

Drugs will be manufactured and tested, which will cause the people who take them to fall in love with each other. Or they will also be marketed to take them when couples are having relationship problems, to smooth things over. Be very cautious.

Researchers will discover that when two people on their first date feel a connection, their hearts will begin to beat at the same rate, almost as if they are energetically connected.

2023 is going to be a year of healing broken hearts and emotional wounds. This will be the year when many people will be able to release any unresolved emotional pain, related to love, and also close the door on any unfinished relationship business from the past. Allowing new doors to finally open in their lives!


Financial Outlook


US stock market

The US stock market will be very strong throughout the majority of 2023, with fewer dips than it has experienced in several years!

The US dollar will continue to remain stronger than the Euro, seeing an increase in tourism in places like the London, Paris, Ireland, Italy, Prague, and even Croatia.

The Mexican Peso will experience another drop in value, while places like Columbia and Peru will experience slight increases in their currencies.

The US stock market is going to be very strong throughout most of 2023, experiencing fewer drops than the US stock market has seen in several years!

The interest rate will begin dropping by the second quarter of the year, causing the real estate market to boom, and limit inventory for buyers.

Gas prices will begin to drop during the first quarter of 2023, and during the summer, when gas prices are often raised, they will not be raised as high as they have been years before.




More devastation is going to hit Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, Arizona, Bali, Indonesia, and Uganda, along with a few other places around the world. Because of all of the bad luck, these areas have been having, some will begin to wonder if these places are cursed.

California, Oregon, parts of Nevada, and Washington State, will be blessed with some of the best weather in years. As if the weather in those places could get any better.

A major drought is going to devastate parts of Africa, especially Rwanda, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Regarding the places around the world, which are currently experiencing some of their worst weather they have had in years, are all going to have just as extreme summers. So, those who enjoy the extreme heat are going to love it!

During the third quarter of this year, a major hurricane is going to hit, causing some of the worst destruction seen in years! Several lives will be lost.

Alaska is going to see an increase in its natural wildlife while having perfect weather patterns that will be conducive to this type of occurrence. Visitors will get to see more of the animals, fish, and wildlife, that had been decreasing in the past.


There are my New Year psychic predictions and I hope you enjoyed reading my first set of predictions for this new year!

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