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If you’re wondering whether you and the one you’re interested in are truly made for each other, then you can check and see your numerology numbers match!

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Numerology And Love

Looking at your numerology compatibility is an excellent way to see if there are aspects in your individual personalities that fit together, or clash. Numerology is also great for looking into your current relationship, and understanding issues that may exist.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It’s an ancient form of divination that was used in Babylon and ancient Greece to see events as influenced by their numerical patterns. It’s can also be used for divination, and in understanding a person’s character.

In numerology, every individual has corresponding numbers, based on their date of birth and their birth name. These numbers offer insights into your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, along with your ideal field of study, career path, and the type of person who will be your best romantic partner.

Calculating Your Numbers

There are several numbers that you can calculate to know more about yourself, such as your Destiny Number, Soul Urge, Personality Number, and more.

But for love compatibility we will only calculate at your life path number. This number reveals the traits that you were born with, your natural inclinations, and what you’re meant to do in this life.

To find your life path number, add together the digits on your birth date. Keep adding together any double digit numbers, until you reach a single digit.

For example: October 15, 1975

October (10th month) = 10 -> 1+0 = 1
Date of Birth = 15 -> 1+5 = 6
Year of Birth = 1978 -> 1+9+7+8 = 25 -> 2+5 = 7
Then add all three of the above numbers together: 1+6+7= 14 -> 1+4 = 5

Calculate the numbers for both yourself and your potential, or current partner’s life paths. Then read your individual characteristics, and compare.

The Meaning Of Numbers

Remember, there is no real perfect match, nor is there a truly incompatible pair. You will discover that some numbers do get along better, while others may need a bit of work.

Here are the characteristics of each number:

1 You’re independent, a natural leader, and a hard worker.
2 You’re good with people. You’re a natural peacekeeper, are sensitive, sincere, and loyal.
3 You were born with natural creativity and optimism. You live your life in the present.
4 You have a natural talent in organization, and you build and work methodically. Hard work is something you don’t mind doing, in view of success.
5 You like freedom and adventure. You have a magnetic personality, and you like to go out and see what the world has to offer.
6 You feel secure with your family, and are most comfortable at home. You are a nurturing soul, and have a naturally warm and loving personality.
7 You like to contemplate about the deeper aspects of the things around you, and are very comfortable in solitude. Naturally intuitive, you take a deep spiritual view of the world.
8 You are good at looking at events in different perspectives, and you can envision what needs to be done. You are also romantic, passionate, and highly motivated.
9 You have a natural ability to lead, but you also have a heart for helping other people. “Compassionate” describes you well, as well as “charismatic”.

Usually, when you end up with double numbers like 11 and 22, you don’t add these any further as they are what is called Master Numbers. However, when looking at compatibility in relationships, these two master numbers are added together.

Interpreting The Numbers

Once you know you and your future partner’s life path numbers, then you will be able to compare your personalities, along with your levels of compatibility.

For example, Adventurous 5 and Contemplative 7 seem to be so different from each other, and yet, together, they could have so much to share. And if they can overcome their differences, they can actually balance each other out.

The powerful information found in numerology compatibility can shed light and insights into any relationship. The numbers can guide you in achieving a better and more harmonious relationship with anyone, giving you deeper insights into the people in your life!

If you have a relationship that you would like to know more about, a psychic reading will give you even deeper insights into the possibility of a future together with the one you truly love!

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