With Obama As President – What To Expect Over The Next 4 Years

As you may already know, I predicted that Obama would win the presidential election again. Actually, I predicted his second win on a live radio show, when he won the first time 4 years ago, on 97.9 WNCI FM in Columbus, Ohio. 

My Spirit Guides Spoke About Why Mitt Romney Didn’t Win

I was in total shock when I was told by my Spirit Guides that the reason Romney didn’t win was because the Spirit World was not going to allow it! Here is what my Spirit Guides told me:

Macar (My Ascended Master Guide): “Evil lurked in a heart full of hidden agendas and deceptions. Once he would have become President, those who voted for him would have been angry and outraged by his deceptions! Mass suicides would have followed due to the despair and strong disappointment that would have been felt in the hearts of his one-time followers. We, here in the higher realms, were not willing to allow such evil to take place on the earth! Many will read these words, with anger, outrage, and disbelief, still holding onto their false beliefs that he would have helped their country. But those people continue to hold onto his deceptive words, and do not realize we have saved them from dire evil falling upon their lives, and the lives of future generations to come. It was our decision here in these realms that he not win.”

I was floored when I channeled those words! As I read them, I was literally stunned. But I am glad to know that the earth is being protected and watched over by those higher beings from the other side!

What To Expect Over The Next Four Years

Macar also had the following to say about the next four years with Obama as President:

Macar: “With Obama as President again, your country will go through a spiritual, economic, and liberating transformation! You should expect to see positive changes that will benefit all beings, not only a select few! Although many blame him for certain hardships, what they fail to see is that these hardships were a result of your president past. We have chosen Obama because of his pure heart – not perfect heart. Purity and perfection are two different virtues. Purity is a heart of truth. Perfection is a goal that is never achieved while in a human form. Those who have fears about him being president, have fears that are unfounded. There is no need to have fear – because we, here on the other side, are guiding your country back to purity, fairness, and hope.”

Here Are A Few Predictions I Was Told By My Guides Regarding The Next Four Years:

– Health care for all americans

– Equal rights for all people

– A government ruled by the people – not the religious values of a corrupt few

– Shocking sex scandals will surface among some conservative religious leaders in Washington

– Gay rights will move forward

– Women’s rights will continue to advance

– Education will improve in this country

– The economy will start to recover

So it looks like we can all expect a bright and shining future ahead! After I channeled this information, I felt like I could finally take a deep breath!

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  1. Pearl says:

    I agree and look hopefully to the future as Obama as our leader. I truly believed he would win through divine intervention despite reading otherwise!

  2. cynthia Hill says:

    Well, Tana, I knew for years that Obama would get in a 2nd Term, I knew Divine Spirit would not allow for the dark to take that seat. Obama is slated to help us usher in the Golden Age, and when Obama was running for the 1st term, I met him in the Astral and we sat on a picnic bench near a beautiful wide stream, and I said to him, you know now that you will be President, you owe me a dinner, and he said Yes, and we laughed, and thats all I remember of my obe….

  3. Connie says:

    Thanks Tana! I believe these predictions. I remember your original prediction back 4 yrs. ago. Right on you were… I have been feeling the same about your latest predictions. I must remember what you taught me…to listen to my guides and not doubt what I am getting from them. Thank you for your gift you give freely to others. Love and Light, Connie

  4. Angel says:

    Wow!!! That was amazing!!! I thank the Lord he didn’t win. To a prosperous future!!!

  5. Kathleen says:

    Thank you so much for that.I really needed to hear that. because during the election my heart was very heavy and saddened at the thoughts of Romney winning. I would tell people if he is elected it will be like someone opened the gates of Hell. Now I can validate why I felt that way. Thank you again.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I would like to say,thank you for sharing this wonderful news.I appreciate it completely.Maybe now I can start to feel better,about where our country is going,while so many have lost so….much.Their homes,jobs,living in their cars.Woundering and praying the whole time,that some thing will just change for the betterment of human kind.So,my friend,laugh often,love deeply,God Bless you.

  7. bobbie garrett says:

    I felt this about Romney this first moment I saw him. Just a very sick feeling deep in my stomach. An I was hoping I was reading Obama right, I supported him in both elections.thank you for confirming my feelings an posting this!!

  8. CHERYL says:


  9. Arathu says:

    My contacts tell me that you are listening to even worse than the idiot republicans and that I should not trust any of them. Belief is a dangerous thing! If you folks actually believe that you have saved anything, silenced anything, stopped the evil, you’re damned fools that will die like sheep. Wake up and keep your eyes open! Watch your pure hearted saviors as they kill women and children. Watch them as they rob you and yours. Watch them as they lay in bed with the ones that actually control them all. Watch them as they generate the next wave of your enemies and propagate wars in the name of profits. This is quite humorous as here comes the darkness and you’re blinded to it. I feel bad for you.

  10. Michelle says:

    Tana, once again you have set many minds at ease. You said that Pres. Obama would win again and he did. You are now saying that things will get better for all, not just for a select few. I am so looking forward to seeing this change, it is much needed.

  11. Marie says:

    Nice to read about the distinction between purity and perfection.

  12. Rosemarie says:

    I knew Mitt Romney was bad news! His only statements about things were cheesy slogans!

  13. Paris Aries says:

    I really hope the gay rights movement will continue to progress. It sucks that people have to go out of the country just to get same sex marriages. Where is the equality in that!
    Also, Obama seems more grounded than most other presidents. He doesn’t seem afraid to interact with “society” and can take a joke. It’s not his fault he was the one that ended up with the poop bag economy and problems the other guy left behind.!

  14. Ana says:

    After reading this predictions it seems it’s a matched everything you said back in 2012. healthcare for all Americans (even many opposed to this great benefit), gay rights, the economy which is recovering…can’t wait to hear what’s going to happen with Syria…I hope the Spirit Guides will help the world leaders make the right decision.

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