Are You an Old Soul or a Young Soul? – Part 1 old soul or young soul

Not all reincarnated souls are the same. Some are old souls, some are young souls.

An old soul can find it hard to exist in a life that a young soul will just breeze through. That’s because old souls are more mature and serious about life. How can you be certain that your soul is old, which is most likely why you experience several situations others don’t?

To help you understand what old souls truly are, here are five of their most striking qualities.

If you are an old soul:


1. You often yearn for days long gone, to the extent that you may appreciate the culture and society of a period that was way before your current time on earth.

Curiously, one of the best places to find old souls online is YouTube. If you go look for a song or singer that was popular in the 1950s, and you scroll down to the comments, you’ll often find remarks such as these:

“Wow, what beautiful music! I’m only 16 but I really love listening to these old songs!”

“This song really does something, like it makes me wanna cry, you know? My friends think I’m weird because I’m the only one who dislikes hiphop and they say songs like this are so cheesy.”

Of course, some young people develop a taste for old time music because of their exposure to it from their parents or other relatives while growing up. However, many others just strongly prefer the songs that are vastly different from what’s popular today, even without previous exposure.

And it’s not just songs from a long-gone era that they’re fixated on. They are fans of retro-fashion, and are even collectors of any souvenirs that represent a time that resonates with them, deeper than the emotional level and more strongly than intellectual liking.

It’s more of a spiritual connection, one that helps them relive a decade they couldn’t have possibly known… or could they?

If they are old souls, then, yes, they could.

That’s because old souls have gone through reincarnation, and sometimes, their past simply catches up with them.

2. You enjoy being alone, you don’t feel anxious about not being with a group of friends, even on a long weekend.

Some people cannot function well unless their friends surround them, or they are kept busy by one social activity after the other. If it’s not possible to personally be with friends, they do their best to fill the emptiness they feel by being extremely active in social media, to the point that they overshare details about their life, or stalk the accounts of their friends.

Old souls don’t do these things, because at a well-hidden point within themselves, they know that this life is not permanent – that all things pass, and therefore, there’s no point in hanging on desperately to what is temporary, anyway.

Aside from that, old souls can easily amuse or entertain themselves. They are seldom bored. That’s because their past life experiences are already encoded in their souls. These experiences have given them knowledge and wisdom; they have learned lessons.

And so, they instinctively know what to do to prevent themselves from getting bored or lonely when they are alone, which brings to the next characteristic of an old soul.

3. People often come to you for advice, even when they are much older than you, or even if they are supposedly more in a position to understand the topic they are asking.

These kinds of situations usually happen in more structured settings such as schools and places of work.

When there is an old soul around, his or her age or much younger appearance does not matter. Consulting an old soul simply happens. People who seek the old soul’s advice, ideas, or opinions, don’t even think twice about it. It just feels natural, or flows naturally.

That’s the reason some teachers prefer discussing a lesson in-depth only with certain students, who may not necessarily be at the top of their class. It’s just that their minds are in accord.

That’s also why some bosses put a lot of importance on what certain employees have to say about something that concerns the business. It’s not necessarily because the employee is favored, it’s just the boss can feel that the employee knows what he or she is saying.

It’s because at an instinctive level, the teacher or the boss knows that they are dealing with an old soul who is more up to speed with the topic being discussed, and on a deeper level at that, than his or her peers.

4. You don’t readily jump to conclusions.

This may sound strange, because generally, old souls are intuitive by nature.

Remember, they have already been reincarnated, possibly more than once. That’s why their souls are already attuned to the Spirit World.

However, when you are an old soul, you automatically understand that sensing something doesn’t always mean that you can immediately jump to conclusions.

An old soul can process ideas and situations faster, and with more depth, compared to young souls. They think things through, but it doesn’t take them a long time to do so.

Their minds, emotions, and intuition work together harmoniously.

But all of their processing takes place internally. If you are old soul, you easily gain insights into the personality of people you deal with; doing so is second nature to you.

However, you don’t easily pass judgment on other people. You give them the benefit of the doubt, and give them several chances to prove themselves.

In the process, you may wear yourself out, and find yourself becoming more and more frustrated. It is not uncommon for old souls to feel grouchy or easily tired because of their difficulties in dealing with the rest of the world.

Still, as an old soul, those irate feelings and the sensation of being fatigued are not things you nurture within you. In fact, you are more sympathetic and your empathy levels are high, compared to others.

5. You may be prone to being depressed about the way things are in the world.

As mentioned earlier, old souls have already learned lessons during previous incarnations. That doesn’t mean though, that they do not need to reincarnate anymore, because all the lessons they need to learn have already been accomplished or their missions in life fulfilled. soul-human body

Old souls have gone through reincarnation, and sometimes, their past simply catches up with them.

An old soul living again on earth, has chosen to be reincarnated once more, and like other souls, chose the kind of life he or she will live, including the details in their soul script.

However, the main difference between an old soul and a young soul is that while young souls often add elements in their soul script that require the heavy participation of other souls, an old soul can manage the elements of his/her soul script even on their own.

For example, a young soul will need the guidance of someone wiser and will therefore include that soul into his or her life script.

On the other hand, an old soul can be the one to provide the guidance needed by other souls, and if ever he or she needs to seek counsel, it is usually from the Spirit World. The old soul is often in communication with higher beings, and consultations with angels or Spirit Guides are frequent.

The five characteristics discussed above are always seen together in old souls, which is why their reactions to many situations are often seen as strange by others who are not old souls like them.

In turn, those reactions can create problem situations for those who are old souls. What are those problem situations?

The answers will be tackled in the 2nd part of this article. Watch out for it!

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And as ever, if you have any ideas or feedback about this topic that you want to share, let me know about it in the Comments below!

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  1. Richa says:

    Thanks for such an informative article. Though I know I am an old soul and have read a book on it but there is additional information in your article which I knew but didn’t read anywhere. I didn’t know that communication with spirit world and spirit guides is a characteristic of old soul only. I knew old souls are spiritual and more interested in the spirit world than the material world we live in. People often think old souls are arrogant and know-it-all but the truth is they do actually know and are more aware of what is right for them and don’t need advice esp. from young souls who always criticize them for their asocial nature.

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