Are You an Old Soul or a Young Soul? – Part 2 frustrated woman

Old souls often find it hard to adjust to the new life they have.

Do you feel so out of place sometimes, even if there are no clear reasons for feeling that way? Do you frequently run into difficult situations that seem to be so familiar, but also feel unavoidable? If yes, you may be an old soul who is trying hard to come to terms with the life you now have.

In Part 1 of this article, I discussed five of the most striking qualities of old souls, which clearly differentiate them from young souls.

It is important to remember that all five qualities mentioned need to be manifest, or seen together in someone, to help determine if he or she is truly an old soul.

Now, in this 2nd part of the article, the most common difficulties faced by old souls are presented.  These problems are:

1. Overachievement or Underachievement

If you are an old soul, being middle-of-the-road or average will never define you. The sad fact is, you are either an overachiever or an underachiever. There’s no middle ground.

This fact is sad, because while your depth of understanding of the human condition as an old soul may be deep and expansive, it is not a guarantee for success, the kind of success measured in material terms.

As an old soul, you may materially reach your peak, but it will not make you content nor happy. Something deeper is calling to you, urging you to “spread your wings” and use your talents and knowledge to help others.

Your interests are not necessarily for your self-gain.  You are more interested in the bigger picture, and want to help society improve.

That is never something that is easily done, and thus, you may experience plenty of frustration and regret.

On the other hand, reincarnating while being equipped with deep spiritual knowledge of the imperfections of human life can be a total downer. That in turn, can cause you to become depressed, and consequently, become an underachiever.

2. Regularly Thinking-Out-of-the-Box creative thinking

The old soul is a deep and creative thinker, and he or she has a tendency to see beyond what is obvious, thinking out of the box in the process.

In itself, regularly thinking-out-of-the-box might not seem to be a problem situation. In fact, many people see it as a strong sign of creativity and welcome this kind of thinking as a gift.

While that is true, there are still downsides to thinking in a way that is not common.

For example, during the campaign period for the election of leaders on a nationwide scale, many people will focus primarily on the track record of a candidate, such as his or her achievements, and secondarily on what a candidate is presenting as his or her platform.

That is how most people would do it, in choosing whom to vote. However, old souls don’t think that way. They don’t limit their analysis of a political candidate to his or her past (achievements and/or failures), and to the future offered by the candidate (platform, or promises).

An old soul goes deeper. He or she will compare what a candidate has claimed as achievements with the actual situation of society.

For example, if a candidate claims to have reduced poverty, the old soul will not be satisfied with statistics presented during campaigns. The old soul will do his or her own research to determine if the number of poor have really been lessened or not – if there is a clearly seen improvement of the quality of life of the poor.

As for assessing a candidate’s platform, the old soul is also not easily carried away by promises of a better tomorrow. In his or her analysis, the old soul will take into account the social, economic, and political environment that the candidate will need to work with, once elected.

The focus of the old soul will be more on what challenges the candidate will face as an elected public servant, and if the candidate will be able to carry out his plans.

The old soul is a deep thinker, and he or she has a tendency to see beyond what is obvious, thinking out of the-box in the process

3. Battling with Sadness

Because an old soul is clearly able to see what is wrong with a situation, he or she can easily become sad. That sadness may worsen into depression, especially when the old soul comes to terms with the reality that the problem faced by the society he or she lives in has roots that are wide, deep, and heavy.

The old soul wants to make positive social change happen, but often his or her resources to do so are limited.

If the old soul decides to act on his own, and becomes disappointed, he or she will keep on being sad.

Most times, it’s a tough life for old souls.

4. Not Being Able to Relate to Trends, Crazes, or Fads

An old soul living in today’s highly technologically-driven world often finds it hard to understand why other people act the way they do, particularly in the matter of following a trend, a craze, or a fad.

For example, an old soul will not appreciate the continuously increasing lack of privacy that people make a habit of in their lives, sometimes even putting their children at risk by casually sharing information or pictures about them with strangers online.

An old soul will also not be a fan of “selfies,” of buying and wearing the latest trend in clothes and footwear, of cyber and/or real-life bullying, even when many others are doing it.

Instead, the old soul may initially attempt to do as everybody is doing, so as not to stand out like a sore thumb. However, the old soul will easily grow weary doing what everybody does, and will drop the pretense quickly to feel relief.

The trade-off for this relief is a feeling of being out of place.

5. Finding it Hard to Find Someone Who Truly Understands

Old souls experience loneliness because they are not sure if they are understood, or if someone they care for actually understands them.

Because an old soul is intellectually more advanced or knowledgeable, emotionally more sensitive and emphatic, and spiritually deeper, he or she may experience rejection because others do not understand why an old soul thinks and acts then way he or she does.

Should this happen, the old soul may simply settle for anyone who makes him or her loved, at last, even if that other person does not understand the needs of an old soul. This is one of the saddest things that an old soul may experience.

If you are a true old soul that is having a hard time dealing with the current life you lead, get in touch with me and I’ll guide you on how you can manage your life and problems more easily. You can get in touch with me for a psychic reading here.

What are your thoughts about the topic? Tell me about it in the Comments below.


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4 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    Being an old may not always mean they are more advanced or experience but more importantly, a young soul isn’t necessarily inexperienced. A soul that has gone maybe 1 or 2 incarnations may have gone through probably not as much but almost as much experience as an older one. It may have been planned by the higher self, guides and angels to experience many life lessons in one or two lifetimes. This kind of thing is rare though I assume. I’m just saying some souls may have a quicker run than others. However, I believe that multiple incarnations are best for experiencing these lessons as the soul sees from different and varied angles, not just one point of view, possibly resulting in judgementality they acquired from one lifetime – the only lifetime they know at that time – if they progress too quickly or alternative may just be too much for them to handle in one go.

    Its kind of a weird thing to mention but it is possible.

  2. Patricia H. says:

    I have been told that I’m an old soul, yet, never knew the meaning until reading Mr. Hoy’s articles. There is a deep fascination within me regarding ancient Egypt, Native American and Chinese cultures. Always yearned that our schools had taught on these interesting and fulfilling topics rather than the useless subjects presented–for 12 years! I needed intellectual challenge, to run and jump, yet had to be a good, quiet little girl–sitting in my seat–hopelessly bored with memorizing–religious doctrine, history, geography, etc. My earlier religious teachings forbade any spiritual enlightenment whatsoever and were merely a form of successful brain washing.
    However, it is never too late to learn. I’ve been absorbing as much as possible and especially practicing meditation. My husband has even asked me to unplug my ear buds and turn up the volume so that he can benefit. ^_^

    Thank you, Mr. Hoy for your willingness to share. Looking forward to my first reading with you and many more! In light and peace.

  3. Candy says:

    I hope you see this, this was really interesting.
    Number 3 completely resonated with me and almost made me cry I’m always trying to think of ways to better the world- always!
    I want to help homeless people, I want everyone and everything to feel loved. Trees, flowers, the ocean world ( sea creatures , Wales, Dolphins- everything living in the ocean) I would meditate and send love to every living creature in the ocean and every tree in the world and every flower even every weed sorry if that sounds funny but it’s true I send love to weeds! Lol
    I send love to the sun and to the moon and every star in the universe I bought a map of the world a while back and I put it on my wall.
    My intention was to pick out a country or state every night and pray for it I was going to put thumb tacs on the ones that I sent love to. I ended up pretty much just free styling it – praying for whatever country came to my mind when I was praying I guess it worked out better that way lol
    I still have the map I should hang in my new room I forgot 🙂 thinking out of the box is true also for me, what you described. Love is everywhere in everything, it’s not loving something or someone it’s the fact that the love is already there! Why can’t people see it I don’t understand why others can’t see it. I’ve always seen it? You can’t miss it. I don’t get it? Ok I guess that’s enough lol ? love is everything ❤️

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