Only Spiritual Healing Can Fix These 4 Problems spiritual healing

Everything is made up of energy and the quality of energy circulating in the body can affect a person’s wellness in all aspects.

There are problems that only spiritual healing can fix.

Do you ever feel like there’s always something wrong with your relationship? Even though you’re doing everything you can to make everything work out?

Have you ever felt like there is something blocking you from achieving the wealth and the success you rightfully deserve?

Are you feeling tired all the time? And no amount of rest, sleep, and relaxation, can bring back your energy?

If you’re experiencing these things, then a spiritual healing might do you a lot of good.


What Is Spiritual Healing?                   


Spiritual healing is based on the concept that everything is energy: Humans, thoughts, plants, rocks, light, emotions, animals, space… everything.

We are all made of energy; a universal life force that animates your body and soul. In fact, an energy field called the aura surrounds your entire body.

The quality of the energy circulating in your aura reflects your physical, emotional, mentally, and spiritually, in the same way that an energy which lodges or sticks to your aura can affect you in all aspects.

Energies impact and change each other – so you have to be careful of the kind of energy you come in contact with. While your energy interacts with other people and the environment all the time, there are certain conditions that can cause problems in your life.


4 Troublesome Conditions That Require Spiritual Healing


These worrisome conditions aren’t always obvious, but most of the time, you’ll be able to see or feel the signs that you are in need of a spiritual healing.

Persistent Relationship Problems 

Breakups, failed engagements, separation, divorce – failed relationships are among the most damaging events in a person’s life.

The feelings of sadness, hurt, anger, resentment, fear, guilt, and shame, are hard to overcome. The negative energy from these intense feelings must be cleared away. Not only because they can be damaging to your current spiritual state, but because they can also affect your relationships in your future lifetimes when you reincarnate again.

To allow yourself to heal after a failed or broken relationship, you must remove all negative thoughts and feelings. This greatly helps the influx of positive energy into your body and spirit, allowing healing to fully take place.

However, if you’re starting to see a pattern in your relationship mishaps, then you might be suffering from recurring negative backlash from a past life.

Recurring relationship problems are quite common among individuals who have emotional baggage from their past lives. All humans are reborn thousands, even millions of times, so you can just imagine the amount emotional baggage many people carry with them from their past life relationships.

These experiences can lead you to having persistent relationship problems when it comes to your current flame. Sometimes, beliefs and attitudes from the past resurface time and again in this life and affect your current relationships.

There are also relationships, such as soulmate relationships and karmic ties, which can have residues of negative energy left over from a past life. Soulmate relationships are events and experiences you’ve shared romantically with someone in one of your past lives, while a karmic tie is a relationship with another soul from a past life that needs to be resolved in this life due to certain unresolved negative or traumatic experiences from the past.

Spiritual healing can clear negative residue from soulmate relationships and cut those karmic ties, so that you can begin again, without the influences of your past lives weighing you down. salt

If you are experiencing persistent financial difficulty, it is a sign that you require spiritual healing.

Persistent Financial Difficulties 

Like relationships, persistent financial difficulties may also root from negative energy you are incurring from your past lives.

Negative energy may be coming from a pessimistic attitude towards money, caused by a hard time during childhood, or by the cynical outlooks of other people surrounding you. While some negative energy can also come from distressing events from your past lives, which may be about financial hardships, poverty, famine, or losing a fortune.

Persistent Dark Energy In A Location 

Bad energy’, ‘bad vibes’, unexplained disturbances, or lack of well-being in a home or workplace – the feeling of not being comfortable in a place or area because of bad vibes or bad energy.

There are certain locations where negative energy leeches into, such as places where crimes have been committed, or places where people experienced suffering.

Sometimes the dark energy from these places can attach itself to you, affecting you negatively.

Persistent Feeling Of Negative, Heavy Energy Surrounding You 

There are many causes behind an ominous feeling of negative or heavy energy around you. Most of the times, this is a result of your own problems drawing in this negative energy.

However, there are cases when this feeling points to a more ominous and dangerous cause. There are times when negative energy from other people is being directed towards you causing you to be what is called psychically attacked.

In most cases, the person sending the negative energy is not doing it consciously, and it only happened because of an intense feeling of dislike, anger, or jealousy, directed towards you.

A psychic intervention and healing can quickly eliminate the negative energy building in your aura.


Spiritual Healing You Can Do At Home salt

Salt water has cleansing and healing properties that’s why it is usually used for spiritual healing.

Spirit Salt Water Remedy

Salt water has been used for spiritual healing for centuries across many cultures. The salt water spiritual remedy is a simple, yet potent way, to remove negative energy from your body and spirit. Especially if you’re feeling stress, unexplained physical illness, extreme emotions such as hate, frequent sleepiness, and excessive negative thoughts.

The cleansing and healing properties of salt water can be utilized through a salt immersion. Here’s how you can create your own salt water remedy.

  1. You will need a large bucket, water, a half cup of sea salt, and towel.
  2. Fill the bucket with enough water to cover past your ankles when your feet are immersed inside the bucket.
  3. Dissolve the half cup of sea salt in the water inside the bucket.
  4. Sit down and immerse your feet in the water.
  5. Close your eyes and envision all the negative energy and the undesirable things in your life being dissolved in the salt water.
  6. Keep your feet immersed in the water for 10 minutes.
  7. Open your eyes, take your feet out of the bucket, and dry with the towel.
  8. Discard the salt water after.


You can do this exercise once or twice a week, or more, until you feel the negative energy has completely drained from your body.


Elements Of A Psychic Spiritual Healing


A psychic reading is the perfect avenue to find out if you are in need of a psychic healing and to know exactly what kind of healing you need.

I can give you a wealth of information from a reading and can also perform an astral or remove viewing of your energy field.

After our reading, I will perform an actual cleansing of your energy through remote spiritual healing.

You can schedule an appointment by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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