How To Open The Third Eye – by Psychic Tana Hoy

Knowing how to open the Third Eye is very important for any kind of psychic work! Once you learn how to open the third Eye, it makes any psychic work you do a lot easier! The steps how to open your third eye are listed below. I’ve also included a how-to video.

Your Third Eye is located in the center of your forehead. This psychic center plays a large role in your ability to have clear psychic visions. It is important to keep your Third Eye open when doing any type of psychic work, especially clairvoyant work. Learning to open your Third eye will greatly improve your ability to tune in and receive clearer psychic information. It is also an important tool for giving psychic readings.

how to open the third eye

The Third Eye

How to open your third eye now video:


To open your Third Eye just follow these steps below:

1. Place your middle finger gently in the center of your forehead, and gently massage this area in a counter clockwise direction. If you can massage Tiger Balm in this area, which can be purchased in most Asian stores and sometimes at alternative food stores, it’s even better. Any type of natural oil that has peppermint, spearmint, or eucalyptus, is beneficial in stimulating this area, and is helpful in the opening of the Third eye.
2. Now close your eyes and visualize or image a third eye right in the center of your forehead.
3. Visualize or imagine this eye opening, and see it looking around in all directions.
4. Practice blinking this eye using your minds eye to get comfortable with it being there.
5. You will be surprised how easily it starts to feel like a real ethereal eye.

Your Third Eye will benefit you to a great extent. I recommend doing this exercise daily, even when you are not doing psychic work.

Keeping your Third Eye open will allow you to “see” things that you might normally miss in everyday life.

For example, your Third Eye is connected to your intuition in a very major way. Many of my clients have told me that by doing this exercise daily, they have become less gullible to dishonest or tricky people. They are better able to “see through” people and get to the real essence of who they actually are, not who they pretend to be.

The Third Eye is very real! Even though you cannot see it, it is there. Most people are surprised to find how sensitive that area is, even to light touch.

Try this exercise daily for two weeks, and you should notice a difference in your psychic ability to be more perceptive to people, events, and life in general.

During a psychic reading, I rely on my Third Eye for having clairvoyant visions because all psychic visions comes from the Third Eye.

Now that you know how to open the third Eye, if you use the above technique and practice it often, you will start feeling more psychically aware! Knowing how to open the Third Eye is one of the most powerful psychic tools that you can possess!

Video How to open your third eye:

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  1. mimi says:

    Hi Tana!
    I saw you on you tube video. You used your left index finger to start from your left shoulder to your right shoulder. It is Clockwise for you when you are doing it but I will see as a counter clockwise from observing you. So, you should say clockwise NOT counter clockwise for people who are trying to do it. Thanks! Please respond! BTW: my husband discovered it.

  2. reber says:

    Is when I open the third eye I will appreciate to see the angels and the energy and aura??
    and thanks

  3. CG says:

    I read what mimi said – but right-handed and counterclockwise works better for me.

  4. diane says:

    I will do this exercise every day love and light diane

  5. Gabriel says:

    You said clockwise rotation to open third eye. Is it clockwise when someone looks at you doing it, or from our own view?

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