Is The Ouija Board Dangerous? – by Psychic Tana Hoy

You may have seen a Ouija board, either in person, on TV, or on the Internet. It’s usually depicted in horror flicks as an occult tool, used contacting spirits. Then the person suing the board ends up releasing some kind of demon into the world, or getting possessed themselves!

ouija board dangerous

Is the Ouija Board Dangerous?

This is why many people often ask,”Is the Ouija board dangerous?” So I am going to explain if there are any dangers involved with it at all…

What Is A Ouija or Spirit Board?

It’s basically a board with the alphabet and the numbers 0 to 9 printed on it. It also has the words “yes” and “no” on the two upper corners, and the word “goodbye” at the bottom.

It was invented as a game back in the 1800s, and its primary objective was, players would ask a question, and a pointer (called planchette), would spell out the answer without human intervention.

But where do the answers come from, and how can the pointer move on its own? People have tried to explain this phenomenon for many years, and among the most common explanations include: psychokinesis (or the user moves the pointer with his mind), spirits move it, or demons are involved.

Do Demons Really Control The Pointer?

The answer is, no. The Ouija is a powerful tool that’s used to communicate with beings from other realms. But that doesn’t mean that when you use it, demons automatically respond.On the contrary!

You can use spirit boards to communicate with your departed loved ones, your spirit guides, and the ascended masters. Tools such as these boards are useful for communication because most people aren’t able to see or talk to spirits since they have no physical bodies.

Why people think demons are involved is because when a user dabbles in what he doesn’t understand, entities from the lower astral planes try to take advantage, and will give the dabblers wrong, weird, or evil messages.

So if the user is not of a sound mind, or stable mental condition, then it will seem like evil beings are controlling the board!
So the board is not dangerous or bad in itself. It depends on the intention of their user! So like all other objects, the spirit board can be used for either good or bad, but the board in and of itself is not evil or possessed!

For example, an axe is safe when it’s in the hands of a seasoned woodcutter. But when a clumsy person tries to wield it, it becomes a hazard. A clumsy person person can seriously harm himself or others. It’s the same with a spirit board. It’s safe and good when the person using it knows what he is doing.

How To Use A Ouija Board Safely

My best advice if you want to use a Ouija is:

• Make sure that you are spiritually protected, so no dark entity can try to do mischief.
• Call the “right” spirits who you want to talk to.
• Determine whether the spirit that’s responding is the one you want to communicate with.
• Sense if there are other entities in the room that are not welcomed.
• Close the session properly, so no negative energy remains.
If you use a spirit board with a psychic medium, then you can expect the following to take place:
• Protective rituals will be performed, such as clearing the room of negative energy.
• You will sit around the board, and the medium will start calling on a spirit by verbally inviting a particular one to join your session.
• You and another participant will lightly put your index and middle fingers on the planchette.
• The medium will ask an initial simple yes-or-no question, such as, “Are you here with us now, (name)?” The Medium will then give instructions to the spirit on how to respond, like, “If you’re here with us, move the pointer around.”
• Once there is a response from the spirit, you will begin asking questions. (Remember, never ask a question that you wouldn’t want to know the answer to, and don’t ask silly questions to test the spirit.)
• Once the session is over, the Medium will formally thank the spirit and ask it to leave. He will close the session, and clear the room of negative energies.

A spirit board can offer a good experience if you know what you’re doing. And you should consider a Ouija board dangerous only if you use it without proper guidance and preparation.

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  1. Psychic Chris says:

    i picked up the ouija board for the first time 18 months ago (October 2012) wanting to know when i would meet my future wife/soulmate. The spirit said “april 5, best hope bros”, so i thought i was going to meet her on April 5 2013 at a bar called hope bros (a popular bar where i live in Wellington New Zealand). Needless to say on April 5 2013 i met a woman through a close friend of mine, the prediction came true. I share so much in common with her however she had a boyfriend at the time but i wasn’t particularly fussed and decided to give some time, i met her at my local watering hole (not hope brothers) and i worked out the spirit was telling me “best hope, bros” bros. being a common NZ Term for friend. However it got weird when i only very sporadically saw her over the next 12 months and found out only yesterday the cold hard (and very dark) truth about this woman. Someone whom i should steer in the opposite direction from.

    Yes the Ouija board can be used for good but it often turns out that “good” can end with unwanted consequences and i would definitely not use the board again, ill stick to my clairvoyant channeling ability’s and/or seek paid professional advice from now.

  2. Neil says:

    I have a spirit in my home my light was turned on my volume on TV was turned down spirit won’t leave please help

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Neil,

      I can help you with that, but you will need to contact my office at 614-444-6334 ASAP! I will need to assess what exactly is going on before I can help you. Looking forward to speaking soon.

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