Why Pain is a Powerful Mentor

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A romantic separation, or a love relationship gone bad are often the reasons I hear from clients regarding their emotional pain.

During a psychic reading, clients often ask me for ways to help them develop emotional strength, especially when faced with relationship problems.

Clients will also request for help in that regard if they are experiencing grief brought on by the passing of a close friend, family member, or loved one.

However, in cases when a client asks me how to deal with emotional pain, their questions arise due to a romantic separation, or because of a love relationship gone bad.


The Cruel Power of Emotional Pain


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Negative psychic energy can appear as emotional pain.

There’s an old saying that goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” This means you learn from the mistakes you make.

However, to be more accurate about it, it’s not really the mistakes per se, which teach you.

It’s the pain you suffer, the pain associated with the mistake, which is the most powerful mentor you can have.

Did you know that pain, in itself, is a materialization of energy? Emotional pain especially, is very strong, and can also be a type of negative psychic energy.

Not all kinds of psychic energy are beneficial for you. Some kinds of psychic energy are truly negative.

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During a psychic reading, I can easily sense if such negative energy is affecting a client and making them miserable.

Usually, after sensing something like that, I often see the pain being experienced is due to the heartache caused by a love lost.

The confirmation I am given is actually the key to liberation from the pain, because accepting the root cause of the pain is basic to learning why it hurts so much.


Why Pain Can Hold Power Over You


No amount of pain can dominate you if you do not allow it to. In other words, pain can only hold power over you with your consent.

But for those who are hurting, such a fact is hard to understand, much less accept.

Those who are experiencing pain aren’t aware of the spiritual concept which states how the only thing that is keeping them on intimate terms with their pain is their own thinking.

All their focus is concentrated on the pain they are experiencing. The more they think about the pain, the stronger its influence and intensity grows.

As the pain continues to magnify, it soon starts to make the lovelorn feel a deep sense of despair, or to lose all hope of a possible positive outcome in their painful situation.

The result is a terribly broken person. Afraid to trust. Afraid to start over. Afraid to love.

Does this describe you or someone you know?

If yes, don’t be consumed by worry and sadness. While things may look hopeless, solutions are actually within arm’s reach.

When you know how to receive messages from Beings from the Spirit World, your grief turns to understanding, and your understanding turns to acceptance.

Acceptance will give you the emotional strength you long for. Your acceptance will allow you to solve relationship problems by harnessing psychic energy the right away.

That is how pain can be a powerful mentor for you, because experiencing pain is one of the best tools you can have on your road to spiritual development.

But how can you do this?


The Different Expressions of Pain


Not all kinds of pain are alike.

That’s because not all their causes are the same. As such, the ways by which pain manifests or expresses itself are also different.

One kind of pain shows itself as negative traits, such as being too proud and overly demanding.

Another kind of pain shows itself in coldness, and in the inability or unwillingness to mingle with others because of trust issues. Also, it may show up in abusive or exploitative behavior.

A third kind of pain is inward-bound. This type of pain is internalized and can show up as various kinds of self-harm.

There’s also a fourth kind of pain, which makes the one suffering the pain turn completely from life and all its beauty. This person will just go through life for the sake of appearances. They no longer experience any kind of joy or satisfaction in living.

And, of course, there is the kind of pain that manifests itself as anger. As passive-aggressive behavior, which often leads to a maddening urge to bully others.

In other words, pain can easily be misdirected.

When that happens, any lessons you would need to learn through the help of the pain will not be properly learned. Which is a pity, because as I mentioned around the start of this article…

 “It’s the pain you suffer, the pain associated with the mistake, which is the most powerful mentor you can have.”


So, it’s best to learn how to prevent your emotional pain from being misdirected.

Instead, you need to:

  • Acknowledge your pain. Even if only to yourself at first, admit that you are hurting. Do not deny your pain.
  • Understand the cause of your pain. Does it have something to do with:
    • Unfulfilled expectations?
    • Envy at the happiness or contentment being enjoyed by others?
    • Weariness because of the demands placed on you by others?
    • Frustration caused by a feeling of defeat?
  • Find out if you are prepared to forgive mistakes committed while in a relationship. Do you have it in you to forgive yourself or your partner who may have let you down?


Admittedly, all of those things are easier said than done.

But as a psychic medium, I can give you the guidance and counseling you need to prevent your emotional pain from eating you up, and turning you into a bitter shadow of your true self.


Denial or Escape is Never the Solution


tanahoy,com emotional pain

Emotional pain, when left unchecked, can eat you up, and turn you into a bitter shadow of your true self.

Some people do not want to handle or manage their pain, while others have no idea about how to deal with their emotional pain.

Because of those reasons, many people have the idea of managing pain by abusing substances such as alcohol to distract themselves, while others try to manage their pain by denying it altogether.

But neither denial nor escape is ever the solution. Because those actions simply push down or push away your pain, often times causing them to spring back with a vengeance.

A better solution would be to undergo a spiritual or psychic reading. In my article titled “Moving On From Emotional Pain And Heartbreak” I explained how:

Through spiritual readings, a good psychic can help you identify existing core issues, and enable you to see the bigger picture. When I work with my clients on this, I help them to work on releasing the negative energies that are plaguing them, and connect them to their light. This encourages their higher self to guide them in making better choices in their lives.


If you’re going through a tough phase in your relationship, or you have just been through a break-up, or if you have lost someone or something dear to you, the grief you experience may seem overwhelming.

But know you can still find peace. You can develop emotional strength, which will keep you from being crippled by pain so that you can learn what you need to, from the experience.

If you want to know how I can help you solve relationship problems and attract beneficial psychic energy from the Spirit World to lessen your chances of experiencing deep emotional pain, please visit this page to schedule your reading.


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  1. janice says:

    thats what i need im bugged by shadows -black ones i have a hard time getting past.

  2. Sam B says:

    So the reason for negative pain is to help you step into a positive direction, but is mostly misinterpreted by the sufferer. This is an exact point I said before where negativity can actually be a positive influence and help you develop.

    As for internal pain of self, even if it helps you learn from a mistake, it could lead to fear of recursion of that mistake. Possibly even to the point of paranoia that as such when the fear of recursion is present and said mistake is repeated, may cause anger or frustration at oneself as well as a further build up of these already powerful negative emotions creating a negatively evolving cycle.

    As another saying goes:
    “You can either overcome your fear or be crushed by it.”

    In this case its both.

    I also wonder that what you said about negative feelings could make someone into a better person. I’ve wondered if a person is truly reformed due to the seeing the negative nature or do they only wish to be of good nature simply to avoid the feeling of pain, regret etc but are not necessarily actually good in nature by default? They merely don’t like the “bad taste” despite putting their efforts to be good, are not really so. Its just to avoid said negative feelings?

    For a more coherent sentence: Is a person’s motivation merely based on not wanting the backlash of negative feelings towards negative deeds or to actually be truly reformed? I often wonder if I am a good person because I want to be kind, generous and generally a good person, yet fear the backlash of regret if I ever did something of negative nature. I suspect my answer would be “if you’re sincerely trying to be the best you can be.” However I mean the cause of reform. I suspect only those who understand the definition of positive and negative and walked the same road of confusion can comprehend this.

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