Palm Reading – A Palm Reading How-To For Anyone

Palm reading, or palmistry, is a very fascinating subject. Whether you want to be an established palm reader, or you want to do palm reading just for fun, there are a lot of insights that can be gained from this art.

Palm reading

What Is Palmistry?

Palmistry is based on the principle that the lines on your palm can tell the story of your life. Each line has a particular reference to a certain aspect of your life, including relationships, travel, career, health, and more. With palmistry, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, and subsequently learn to balance them out for the betterment of your inner being.

Palmistry is said to have its roots in India, thousands of years ago. From there it grew in popularity in the Far East, and then went on to be practised all over Europe, in such places as Greece and Rome. Studies show that palmistry was widely regarded by the ancient Hindus, Persians, Hebrews, Tibetans, Chinese, and Babylonians.

Getting Started

Before you start to do palm reading, you must know which palm to start with. Traditionally, palmists believed that the left hand of a woman, and the right hand of a man, are the ones that should be examined.
Modern palmists, however, believe that a person’s dominant hand (the one with which they write) , represents their practical side, and will show you how a person has applied their ambitions and talents to their lives. A person’s non-dominant hand is their emotional side, and will reveal more about their personality. So it is important to read both hands and not just one.

Identifying The Four Principal Lines And What They Represent

As you begin to read a palm, there are four distinctive lines in each of your palms that you should look for. These are:

1. The Heart Line

Description – This represents all matters related to love and relationships. The heart line on the left hand

heart line

The Heart Line

tells how you feel about yourself, and the relationship you are in. Whereas the heart line on the right hand holds information about your romantic experiences, your passions, and your romantic needs.

Location – Your heart line is located just below the bases of your fingers and runs horizontally across the upper portion of your palm.

Interpretation –

• Short Line: Selfish, Unromantic
• Long Line: Expressive, Idealistic
• Faint Line: Sensitive, Weak
• Deep Line: Stressful romantic life
• Straight Line: Intense, Good with emotions
• Curved Line: Intellectual, Sexual
• Broken Line: Troubled relationships, Emotional trauma
• Forked Line: Divorce, Heartbreak
• Absent Line: Ruthless, Logical

2. The Head Line

Description – This represents the way you think, your cognitive ability, intellectual capacity, and your

head line

The Head Line

thirst for knowledge and wisdom. The head line on your right hand denotes your career, business, and talents. On the left hand it denotes your reasoning power, how you see the world, and your communication skills.

Location – It is located just below the heart line, and also runs horizonital across your palm.

Interpretation –

• Long Line: Ambitious, Challenging
• Short Line: Intelligent, Creative, intuitive
• Deep Line: Good memory, Focussed
• Faint Line: Forgetful, Unreliable
• Straight Line: Materialistic, Realistic
• Broken Line: Disappointment
• Chained Line: Confused
• Forked Line: Change in career
• Double Line: Talented, Easily inspired
• Absent Line: Lazy, Imbalance

3. The Life Line

Description – The life line reflects the quality of your physical health and well being. It doesn’t predict

life line

The Life Line

how long you will live, but what kind of life you will have. It could also hold the key to information about injuries and other cataclysmic events. The life line on your right hand denotes your physical strength, while the left hand denotes emotional strength.

Location – This line begins on the side of your palm, between the thumb and forefinger, and travels in a downward curving arc towards the wrist.

Interpretation –

• Long Line: Good health, Vitality
• Short Line: Does not mean a short life but rather easily manipulated.
• Deep Line: Smooth life, No major hurdles
• Faint Line: Not energetic
• Broken Line: Struggles, Losses
• Chained Line: Different paths will be explored
• Forked Line: Diversions, Changes in lifestyle
• Absent Line: Anxious, Nervous, Uneasy

4. The Fate Line

Description – The fate line, also called the Line of Destiny, reveals whether you are ruled by reason or

fate line

The Fate Line

chance. It tells how much you are influenced by circumstances out of your control.

Location –This vertical or slanted line crosses the centre of the palm. It ends near the end of the Life Line.

Interpretation –

• Absent Line: Pre-planned Life
• Deep Line: Controlled by fate
• Faint Line: Failures, Disappointments
• Forked Line: Conflict or Dual Destiny
• Jagged Line: Struggle, Indecisiveness, Conflict
• Broken Line: Trauma, Difficult Circumstances
• Chained Line: Many ups and downs

Other Things To Look For On Your Palms

There are some other things you may pay attention to besides the lines on your palms. These are:

Texture – The texture of your hand may say a lot about your personality. Someone with soft hands may be sensitive and refined, while those with rough course hands may also have a crude, harsh personality.

Nails – Long nails that taper at the tips denotes creativity, while short, squares nails, show an orderly, methodical nature.

Color – The color of a person’s hands may have particular reference to their physical health. If you have pinkish hands, you are very healthy. Yellow hands show excessive bile production, while bluish hands refer to a problem with blood circulation.

Flexibility– The flexibility of your hands show how adjusting and adaptable you can be. The more flexible your hands, the more adaptable you are. A stiff hand points to a rigid personality, fixed in opinions and views.

While palm reading can tell you a lot about every single arena of a person’s life, be aware that your palm lines change during the course of your life. Palm reading is a very valuable tool that can help you make decisions in life based on what your palms reveal.

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