Paranormal Hotspots: Where Strange Things Happen – by Psychic Tana Hoy

You’ve probably heard people talking about places infested with ghosts ,or where UFO sightings are usually spotted. These areas are called paranormal hotspots. These are places that show a high level of metaphysical activity, or where “unexplained” events happen.

paranormal hotspots

Areas where people experience lost time or other strange phenomena, or where unidentified creatures are seen, may also be deemed as hotspots.

There is a high level of supernatural activities in these areas, primarily because the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is thinner in these locations. In these hotspots, you may have glimpses of mystical beings that would not normally see, hear, or feel. Because they tend of hang out in these spots, their unified energy is stronger, which allows you to be able sense them even more.

Some Famous Supernatural Hotspots

A site doesn’t need to be famous to be considered a hotspot, but there certainly are places that have gained quite a reputation for their “strangeness”. This is primarily because of the amount of ghost- and UFO sightings that have been documented in the area, and the number of eyewitness accounts of unusual and unexplained events experienced there.
Among these places are:

The Forbidden City

Located in Beijing, China, which was the location of the Chinese imperial palace for 600 years. There are numerous ghost sightings reported by tourists and locals in the area.

Père Lachaise Cemetery

The largest cemetery in Paris, France, is a place where ghostly apparitions have been recorded and witnessed. It is said to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in Europe.

Victoria Institution

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a school which was used as a torture chamber during World War II. There are sightings of apparitions on the campus, as well as documented possessions of students.

Clark Air Base Hospital

Located in Pampanga, Philippines, this is a location where numerous apparitions have been seen, and where screams, voices, and footsteps have been heard.


Located in Russia; Dyfed, Wales; Mexico City; Arizona; and Nullarbor Plain, and Australia, these are just a few UFO hotspots, where numerous unidentified spacecrafts, orbs, and lights have been recorded, photographed, and sighted.

Where Supernatural Hotspots Are Located

Anyplace can be a center for supernatural activity, regardless of it’s size. But some of the more common places where strange ghostly phenomena are likely to occur is in: cemeteries; hospitals; insane asylums; churches; prisons; schools; war zones; castles; and other places where numerous people have lived and died.

Hotspots for fairies, elves, mermaids, and other spiritual beings are located in places that are not disturbed by humans. This includes deep forests, underwater caverns, mountain caves, and the like. Hidden animals (“mythical” creatures or cryptids) also prefer to stay in these types of areas to avoid contact with humans.

As for UFO hotspots, more sightings happen in secluded areas, primarily because there is little to no light pollution, making objects in the sky easier to see. Also, because wide open spaces allow people to observe the heavens better, it is in places like this that people tend to look up more. This does not mean, however, that there are less UFOs in cities.

How To Tell If A Place Is A Hotspot For Strange Events

The first indication that a place is a center for supernatural activity is by the number of first-hand eyewitness accounts. But even without other people telling you, you can sense if a location has a high level of metaphysical activities.
Here are some indications that spirits of deceased persons abound in an area:

• You may sense the presence of unseen beings.
• You may feel cold gusts, when there is no way for wind to come in.
• There may be sounds and noises when no one is around, like doors opening and closing, footsteps, objects moving, tapping, and the like.
• There may be moaning, crying, whispering, and other sounds.
• There is movement out of the corner of your eye.
• You see apparitions – they may be orbs, mists, or full-bodied human shapes.
• There may be moving shadows.
• You may smell aromas such as tobacco, perfume, flowers, candles, matches, and other scents.
An isolated area is a hotspot if:
• There are circles of rocks or mushrooms – fairies use these for their fairy dances.
• You walk for a long time, only to end up in the same place where you started.
• You lose time – that is, what seems like a few minutes has actually been hours.
• You find yourself in a place, but you don’t know how you got there, and the time that elapsed seems too short for you to have travelled the distance you did.
• You witness beings that are neither human nor animal.

Do not be surprised by the abundance of these hotspots on earth. After all, the world is not only composed of humans and animals with physical bodies – there are so many other beings around us, although we cannot normally see them with our eyes.

These entities have their favorite places, too, and it is usually in these paranormal hotspots that we get to see, hear, and feel them.

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