How A Past Life Analysis Can Help You Find Soulmate! – by Tana Hoy

Have you ever wondered why there are times when you meet a person for the first time and you hit it off right away? Or you encounter a total stranger who seems to annoy you for no apparent reason? This could be due to a variety of factors, but it could also be because you have already met them before – in one or more of your past lives.

past life analysis

Everyone has a past life. Reincarnation, or the cycle of birth and rebirth, continues until you reach the ultimate point when you no longer need to be born into this world again. And while you may not remember who you were before, it is most likely that some members of your family, and even some of your friends, were with you at some point in your previous life. For instance, your father might have been your cousin once, or your sister could have been your grandmother.

Having a past life analysis, or going through the process or discovering who you were before, will allow you to understand more clearly why you feel close to some people, and uneasy in the company of others. It can also help you to understand yourself, your fears, your passions, and even your affinity to certain cultures.

So if you ever wonder, “Who was I in my past life?”, a professional hypnotist can help you discover this through a past life regression, or you can consult with a psychic who can also reveal this information to you through a past life reading. But until then, you can start your own past life analysis by studying your actions and reactions to certain objects, places, people, and events.

How To Do Your Own Past Life Analysis

One thing you need to remember when conducting your own past life analysis is to have an open mind. You already have the ability to recall who you were before, but you must be willing to let the memories from your past lives, flow out into your onsciousness.

A great way to begin this process is by being aware of some of the following things:

That Old Familiar Feeling

Memories from your past life can come to you in several ways, for example: Have you ever met a stranger and felt as though you’ve met him before? Have you ever had the feeling that a place is very familiar to you, although it was your first time there?

These “strangely familiar feelings” are actually not strange at all. You experience them because you have already encountered them in your past life, and encountering them again in your present has triggered the memories to come back to you.

In some cases, the experience is similar to suddenly remembering events from your childhood that you have long forgotten. Some recollections may come back as very vivid images or feelings, while others may be vague and quite unclear.


Dreams have a special meaning with regards to your past self. Your dreams may be vivid memories, or they may represent some symbolism to your past. They could be images of actual events you encountered, or they may depict experiences you had before. Either way, past life dreams are often very clear and feel very real.

Fears and Passions

What are you afraid of? What makes you feel good? Your fears as well as your passions could have stemmed from experiences in your previous life. For example, maybe you have a fear of heights, and don’t understand why; or you take extreme pleasure in traveling to exotic places. This could be related to fears or passions you once had before!

Family and Friends

As you uncover events from your past life, you can ask members of your family, and even your friends, about their own dreams and flashbacks. It’s fascinating when you discover that some of their past life memories, dreams, and recollections are similar or parallel to yours.

When you discover who you were in your past life, it will give you a better understanding of your current emotions and reactions. It will also allow you to confront unpleasant situations or challenges, or overcome an unexplained dislike for something or someone. But to do so, you must be open-minded.

Whoever you were in the past, whether a popular person or a humble villager, an upright citizen or a lawbreaker, you must never let this upset you, nor should you make this an excuse for unacceptable behavior in this one.

Instead, let this knowledge guide you into understanding yourself so that you may be able to live your life better.

How To Discover Who You Were In A Past Life

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