Past Life Karma Signs You Need To Beware Of!

Hi there,

Since I have been writing about past life karma, I have received several emails asking me to explain in more detail what past life karma is.

Someone had mentioned a good point to me:

Dear Tana, 

I always hear karma talked about in a negative manner, so I wanted to know if all karma is negative? 

Paul C. – Seattle, WA

That’s an excellent question! Karma is simply the law of Cause and Effect in action. All of your thoughts, words, and deeds, in this life, and all of your past lifetimes, are accumulated in your Karmic Bank.

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A karmic bank is where each person’s karma is stored, and your Karmic Bank is located in the same realm as your Akashic Records.

Any thought, action, or deed, returns to you ten-fold! This includes good actions as well as negative ones. Why you always hear karma talked about in a negative manner, is because most people are not concerned about the good things in their life! Most people tend to cherish those times and enjoy them.

But when people receive a negative effect as a result of their past life karma, it does not feel very good, or make one feel happy! So people are naturally inclined to want to eliminate the bad stuff!

A good indicator that will tell you if something in your life is a result of past life karma is when it becomes a recurring theme in your life.

Let me help you! Past life karma doesn’t have to keep affecting your life.

Indicators that something is a result of past life karma:

– You keep attracting the wrong types of people in a relationship.

– You can never get ahead – no matter how hard you try.

– Things seem to come harder for you than other people.

– You have trouble with self-discipline, such as staying on a diet, or exercise program.

– Weight loss seems impossible.

– Addictions to alcohol, food, gambling, sex, drugs, or any other kinds of addictions.

– Obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

– Unexplainable fears and phobias.

This is a short list, but these are some of the more common ones I see.

If you are struggling with past life karma that is affecting your life, there are techniques you can use to eliminate or lessen your karma.

If you recognize any of these signs in your life, click here and let me help you!

They will not go away on their own, because they are a result of karma, and therefore they can only be lessened or eliminated using sacred, ancient techniques designed for this purpose.

When we have our next reading, if you ask me to look at your karmic bank, I will be able to tell you why you are struggling with your particular karmic problem, and I can also advise you on what you need to do to eliminate it!

I hope this was helpful to you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Garth says:

    Hi Tana
    I know I very rarely respond but I want to say that your accuracy and timing with the points you raise are uncanny. I always read your messages and rely appreciate them.

    With love and kind regards

    Garth 😊

  2. Christina says:

    Tana, this is a little confusing to me. I’ve been having readings with you for years, and you’d told me I didn’t attract the right mate for me because I’m an old soul and old souls don’t find their mate until they’re around 40 or older. Also, I saw you mentioned about weight. Can’t sometimes weight or other issues be a part of a soul plan and not necessarily karma? Where’s the point where we figure out what’s past life karma and what’s a part of your soul contract you made for this lifetime?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Christina, thank you for the comment! Weight is usually karma related and not a soul plan. How you figure out the difference between karma and a soul contract is by having me read your Akashic Records and so I can do a Karmic Evaluation on you and see what is karma and what is part of your soul contract. That’s the only accurate way to know for sure. I can then tell you how to change any bad karma, once I’ve been able to evaluate it. Just contact me for more information about this. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  3. sharon scott says:

    I heard so many great things about you . And I hope I will be able to get a reading soon but am planning to move in feb the end of the month to Florida.. so money is tight. But one day I will do a reading with you . Bec that’s going to be a knew chapter in my life Florida. Thanks

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