How To Do A Past Life Regression To Discover Your Past Lives

A mini past life regression is where you put yourself under hypnosis for about 10 minutes so that you can remember one of your past lives.

past life regression

Remembering your past lives help you to overcome certain fears or phobias, help you understand why certain people are in your life, and even help you to discover your life purpose.

The following story is about a woman named Maria, and how a past life mini regression changed her life.

Maria And Sam – Their Past Life Story

Maria is in her early 30s. For most of her life, she was very good at picking proper, respectable men to date.

Then one day she met a man named Sam, and she could not stop thinking him. He was engaging, and she felt so at ease and happy around him. It was as if she had known him before, and she felt like they were meant to be together.

He felt the same attraction for her, and unfortunately, he was married, but he never told Maira this. It was one of Maria’s friends who told her he is maaried, and it broke her heart.

She tried to stay away from him, but the feelings of their forbidden love could not be erased. A few nights later, they both agreed to meet.

When they met, he apologized to her, and told her he did not know what he was thinking when he pursued her. He said had never hurt his wife like this before, but something about Maria was irresistable to him as well. soul mates

Suddenly, as they were talking about their feelings, Maria saw his face begin to change. It was becoming deformed, as if he was some kind of scarred burned victim.

She was frightened at first, but when she went closer to his face to see if what she was seeing was real, he too was then taken aback. Suddenly, he saw something on her face as well. A third eye seemingly opened on her forehead, and then shot up like a bright light through her head.

They told each other what they each saw, and they were both in disbelief. They suddenly realized there is more to their story than their present-day circumstances…that perhaps they did have a connection in another lifetime.

At home, she did a mini past life regression. During her regression, she found herself in a small American town around the time period of the 1910s-20s. She also saw that she was a man whose name was Joshua.

At first, she was standing at the town’s main street, and there were small buildings with a few cars parked by the sidewalk. Next, she saw herself at a county fair. There was a stage, and some kind of event was starting. She realized that what she was seeing must have been where she lived in a past life.

Suddenly she was transported to a vast prairie with a burning farm house. Maria, as Joshua, ran into the house, and all she could see were flames engulfing the old building. She was overcome with regret and hopelessness.

She saw that she (as Joshua) had died in the fire trying to save someone…someone she loved…someone she couldn’t live without.
When Maria came out of her trance, the answers she sought were very clear to her. The married man named Sam, that Maria couldn’t stop being involved with, was her wife in this past life. They both died in the fire, and that’s why she saw Sam’s face as disfigured and burned the last time they saw each other.

Maria and Sam were inexplicably drawn to each other because in their past lives they had a love that literally ended in flames. They were never able to live a full and loving life with each other, and Maria felt that she as Joshua, failed to save Sam.
That same day, Maria met with Sam and told him what she had discovered. Sam told her it’s okay, and that she tried to save him was all that mattered.

They realized they would hurts Sam’s wife if they continued their affair, so they promised to no longer see each other as long as he belongs to someone else.

If Maria had not undergone her mini past life regression, she would still be holding on to Sam. But with this new knowledge, she was able to move on.

How To Do A Mini Past Life Regression

Before you start your mini past life regression, find a quiet room where you will not be disturbed. Memorize the instructions below, or record the steps in a slow and soothing voice, then play it back during your session.

past life regression

1. Lay down where where your body can fully relax. Let go of any tension in your muscles.

2. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Slowly count to 3 on your inhale, and then count to 3 as you exhale.

3. Let any outside thoughts escape your mind, and concentrate on your breathing.

4. Keep breathing deeply.

5. Imagine a white light enveloping your body from your head to your toes. It is a loving light that is always there by your side to protect you.

6. Think about a current problem that you need answers to.

7. Now imagine yourself at the top of a long staircase, then start walking down the steps slowly, one by one, and let the problem fade away with each step.

8. At he bottom of the steps, imagine a room with dim lights. It can be a real or an imaginary room, but it is a place of comfort and peace.

9. Visualize the room in every detail. What does the room look and smell like? Is the room cold or warm? What does the furniture look and feel like? What does the floor feel like? What does the ceiling look like?

10. Now imagine that there’s a person who appears in the room with you. This person is you in one of your past lives.

11. Approach this person with a kind and open heart. They might be in a different emotional state, so be sensitive.

12. Now say “Hello. I am (your name). What is yours?” and allow them to answer. You can continue a short conversation with them, and ask them questions about themselves such as their age, where they are from, etc.

13. Then ask, “Do you mind if we go back to our former life? I am searching for answers in and need your help.” Wait for a positive answer such as “Yes” or “Okay”.

14. Now imagine at one side of the room there is a door outlined with a bright light. See you and your former self will walk towards the door, and slowly open it.

15. Now walk through the door, and observe any images or visions you see. Simply take it in without analyzing it. They will come at random.

16. When the visions have stopped, find the door and go walk back through it again.

17. You and your former self are now back in the room at the bottom of the stairs, but the space is bathed in the white light.

18. Thank your former self for letting you see your former life, then slowly count down from 10-1 and slowly awaken from your trance.

19. Write down everything you experienced during your self-hypnosis in a journal.

At first, your mini past life regression might feel awkward and not real. Your imagination might act up, and might wonder if what you saw when you opened the door was made up by your mind, or if it was a true memory, but the more you do this, patterns of images will start to show, and you will begin to know know when true past life memories have been revealed.

A mini past life regression is a great for understanding who you really are, and why you are living the life that you have.
Take comfort in knowing that you chose this life before you were born, because it is a path that you need to take to learn the lessons your soul truly needs to grow.

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  1. Sara says:

    I know I’m an old sole, I remember some of my deaths. I know m here for a reason. Because I’m not at an equilibrium and have had no guidance, I can’t tap in.
    This will s what drew me to you. Things are falling into place, so perhaps the blockage to you was ment till I’d found it.
    I have, now i have to desifer it, which frankly scares me, more than my powers, especially if it is me, of which I have no doubt.

    Love n light.

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks Tana for sharing self hypnosis past life aggression. I will definitely try it. I know that I have lived before and happy I found this site. I will be able to find out my purpose in life.

  3. Phoenix says:

    I just tried this tonight. I am trying to get an answer as to why someone platonic is in my life. I heard my intuition tell that he is here to teach me patience and that we knew each other in the conciousness of the cosmos. I have no idea what the conciousness of the cosmos means. Does anyone have any guesses or insight into this?

  4. ashwaganda says:

    we are all connected as human beings in one collective consciousness. That’s why in a way we all share the same memories. However there are certain specific situations to your branch of lifetimes lived. These insights can help you to let go of any limited beliefs, to be awake and aware in your present moment aka THE now.
    Try not to fixate too much on the past nor future, try finding the beauty of your now.
    Just my personal observation, aka two cents as input 😉

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