Understanding Past Lives: YOU Have Lived Before! – by Tana Hoy

You are a work in progress, and your past lives may be affecting how your life is currently going.

past lives

Understanding Your Past Lives

Although reincarnation is still not accepted by everyone as a fact, past lives have been encountered in many societies worldwide, even from ancient times.

Déjà vu

Many people from all over the world have reported experiencing déjà vu (French for “previously seen”). They walk into a certain place, and suddenly a strong wave of familiarity washes over them.

They can even recall doing certain things in that particular place, even if in this life, it is the first time they have been there. That’s déjà vu, in a nutshell.

As some would say, been there before, done that.

Two Famous Cases of Reincarnation

Shanti Devi’s past life recall began around the age of 4, when she suddenly began talking about a previous life in another, far-away village. She said she was Lugdi Devi, a woman who died in childbirth nine years before.

What made the child’s case remarkable was that she could:

• Speak the dialect of Lugdi Devi
• Recognize the adult woman’s in-laws
• Identify her husband, even as he came disguised

Shanti Devi’s past life memories of Lugdi Devi are a strong case for reincarnation.

Another famous case of reincarnation, with strong memories of a past life, is that of James Leininger, a boy who had nightmares of dying as a WWII pilot – James Huston – in a fiery plane crash.

The boy James knew intimate details about the adult James. For little James’s age, he exhibited considerable knowledge about airplanes, particularly those used during WWII. Little James’ story was tracked and made public by Chris Cuomo, an ABC News reporter, in 2004.

Benefits of Knowing Your Past Life

Becoming aware of your past life lets you gain knowledge that can help you in your current life.

For example, if you are bothered by recurring nightmares, as the child James was, it will be easier to understand in the context of reincarnation. You will understand that your nightmares are actually memories of a past life, and you will be more in a position to handle them.

Past Lives and Karmic Debt

Discovering your past lives can also balance out any karmic debts you may have incurred. Maybe you need to learn a lesson in being charitable and forgiving. Maybe you need to right a wrong that you were a part of in your past life.

Or, maybe you need to share your knowledge about how life was long ago, to add to our collective wisdom.

What do you think? Do you have memories of past lives? Remember scenes of your past? Let’s talk about it!

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