The Journey of Spirits: Understanding Reincarnation – by Tana Hoy

Reincarnation is a very mysterious, wonderful and interesting subject. There is often much confusion over what reincarnation is, and what it means for you, and all other being in this world.

are past lives real

Are Past Lives Real?

To put it simply, reincarnation happens when the soul gets a new body, after the previously occupied physical body dies.

Understanding reincarnation gives you an understanding about yourself, your current life, and relationships as a human being, to other physical and non-physical energies.

Reincarnation in Different Religious and Spiritual Traditions

Different religious and spiritual traditions have their own concept of the process of reincarnation.

During ancient times, the followers of the Egyptian god, Thoth, taught about reincarnation. In Corpus Hermeticum, a set of writings attributed to Thoth. In it it says that: “Every Body is changeable.”

That means that after the body dies, the essence that occupies that body will occupy another body, which explains verse 70 of the Book 1 of Corpus Hermeticum, “That which is mortal, comes not into a Body immortal, but that which is immortal, comes into that which is mortal.

Meanwhile, the mystical tradition of Judaism, the Kabbalah, treats reincarnation as a process of purifying the soul.

Even in Sufism, there is a belief about the transmigration of the soul from one form or another.

On the other hand, Buddhism doesn’t believe in the concept of the human soul. Buddhists believe that it is the consciousness which transfers from one body to another.

It is in Hinduism, Hinduism’s explanation about this subject can be found in their sacred books: the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, along with other books of their ancient writings. Their sacred books, with their English translations, are searchable online.

As you can see, reincarnation is one of the most accepted spiritual teachings in the world, because it has been present in some of the world’s greatest religions and mystical traditions, both in the East and the West.

Reincarnation and Its Direct Link to the Law of Karma

There is a direct link between reincarnation and the Law of Karma. One of the most important Vedic writings in existence, Srimad Bhagavatam, explains that the soul reincarnates because of its attachment to material and temporal things, as well as to compensate for past Karma.

Souls have no gender, and they can choose which new body to occupy after the death of the body that it previously “lived in.”

It is important to understand that indulgemce in sensual and material pleasures, and not giving focus to spiritual advancement, increases the chances of acquiring negative Karma.

With negative Karma weighing a spirit down, reincarnation can happen over and over again, until such Karma has been neutralized.

Keep in mind that neutralizing past negative Karma is very painful. This is because neutralization affects all aspects of your life: your social and romantic relationships, career, family, and even your physical and mental health.

In relation, there is an interesting pamphlet written by a yogi named Swami Sivananda in 1959, which speaks about disorders and illnesses associated with negative Karma.

Is Reincarnation for Real?

Even with such wisdom accumulated through centuries regarding reincarnation, there are still those who are cynical or doubtful. They ask if there is really a possibility that we have been born before, died, and we have simply come back because of some karmas or unfinished business.

The answer is yes.

Evidence About Reincarnation

There are subtle, but solid pieces of evidence, that can prove the reality of reincarnation.

Some of the strongest proof is déjà vu.

Déjà vu is your familiarity with a place, a feeling, a person, or an experience that you had never previously encountered. Even though you may have not gone into a particular place, there’s a strong feeling that you have already been there. Or, you may have just met somebody, but you feel that he or she is somehow familiar, or somehow related to you. That is déjà vu.

A more concrete example of reincarnation is the celebrated case of a 5-year old child in Cincinnati, Ohio. That boy, named Luke Ruehlman, was convinced that he was that 30-year old black woman who died in a fire in 1993.

Akashic Review: Learning About Your Past Incarnations

Through a psychic reading, a psychic medium can help you access your Akashic Records, or the spiritual log book of your past lives.

Sometimes, an Akashic Records review is necessary to find out if your present problems and issues are connected with your past negative Karma. It it is, then it is important to neutralize any negative Karma. Not only to attain happiness and abundance in this life, but also in your next life.

Meanwhile, the key to avoid being caught up in the vicious cycle of birth, old age, disease, and death, is to develop your spiritual life, and show genuine love and compassion towards all beings. Including animals, plants, and spirit entities.

Remember that we share the same spark of life, and that respect and love for other entities are necessary to eliminate our negative Karma.

Also, bear in mind that the true purpose of reincarnation is for you to know your true identity: you are a spirit soul and your real home is the spirit world.

If you never realize your true nature, you can never get rid of material attachments. If you continue being attached to the material world, you will continue to undergo the same cleansing process again and again. That means, you will keep on reincarnating.

If you want to know how to stop reincarnating, ask for the steps to take during a psychic reading with me!

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