Your Past Lives – How You Can Remember Them – by Tana Hoy

Past lives are a fasciniating subject of study. But before we delve into your past lives, it is first import to understand the concept of life after death.

Life after death is widely embraced in many cultures across the world. Reincarnation refers to the belief that life is cyclical in nature, and that life after death exists.

past lives

What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is called by many names, such as rebirth, transmigration, or metempsychosis. It refers to the idea that a soul is continuously reborn into a new life, in a different time, and place. Reincarnation states that the body and soul are two separate entities. They may exist together in one body for a lifetime, but when the body ceases to exist, at the end of that lifetime, the soul goes on to inhabit another life.
Think of your body as a hotel. Your soul checks in for a while, and then checks out when it’s time to leave, moving on to another hotel when the time is right.

Everything in life is cyclical. Day turns into night, and then back to day again. One season gives way to the next. Your soul isn’t any different. Reincarnation says that your soul is just like everything else in nature and life – constantly changing, evolving, and never ceasing to exist in one form or the other.

Beliefs About Reincarnation Around The World

Ancient Greece

Many religions around the world embody the ideology of life after death in their beliefs and teachings. In ancient Greece, the philosophy of transmigration, which refers to the journey of the soul from one incarnation to the next. was very widely accepted. The Greeks believed that when a person died, their soul was released from their body, and existed briefly in a spiritual state, before moving on to inhabit another body.

While Plato was instrumental in introducing these beliefs to the Western world, the concept of reincarnation had its roots in Hinduism and Buddhism long before, and continues to do so even today.


Hindus believe that every individual accumulates karma over the course of their lifetime. Good actions create good karma, while evil actions create negative karma. Good karma can earn a Hindu a higher place in the caste system when they are reborn. But the ultimate aim of any practising Hindu is moksha, or salvation, which is achieved by giving up all worldly pleasures and desires. Moksha releases a soul from the constant cycle of life, death, and rebirth.


Karma plays an important role in Buddhism as well. Buddhists believe that the attainment of nirvana, or buddhismsalvation, is governed by the law of karma. Good begets good and vice versa. They also believe that the karma of a soul transmigrates between births, and becomes a ‘germ of consciousness’. To escape samsara, or the cycle of rebirth, one must not only have good karma, but also free oneself from physical and material needs. The Eightfold Path (correct view, correct intention, correct speech, correct action, correct livelihood, correct effort, correct mindfulness, and correct concentration) prescribed by Gautam Buddha himself, can end the cycle of rebirth too.

3 Tools You Can Use To Remember Your Past Lives

Obtaining knowledge about your past lives could open doors to self-discovery in your current existence. Here are few tools you can use for remebering your past lives.

1. Past Life Readings

When done with a reputable psychic, a past life reading is the best and most accurate way to learn about your past lives. A psychic who has the gift of reading your Akashic Records can tell you about your past lives. Your Akashic Records are records that exist in the higher realms, and they have recorded in them, everything about all of your past lifetimes, including this one. Theses records contain every thought, action, and deed you have every had or done.

A psychic who has the ability to read your Akashic Records can tell you many things about your past lives, such as who you were, what you did, why you have certain fears and phobias, and also your life purpose in this lifetime.

It is important to work with a reputable psychic when having your Akashic Records read, because you are allowing the psychic to delve into the deepest parts of who you are. So make sure to choose one who has a loving spirit, is kind and caring, and has a good reputation

2. Past Life Regression

Past life regression refers to a practise where you are put in a hypnotic state by someone who will guide you to reveal information about your past life. The hypnotist will take you back from your current existence to your past one.

Many people who have witnessed past life regressions have felt as if they were having an out of body experience. During a past life regression session, you might discover you have not only lived in another place and time, but that you were also be of a different gender, and even spoke another language!

3. Dream Analysis

Some people are convinced that your dreams hold the key to information about your past lives. Have you constantly dreamed of a particular place without ever having visited it? Do you remember it clearly when you wake up, with vivid detail? This is a manifestation of your past life memoires. Keeping a dream journal will help you document and analyse patterns in your dreams.

Signs To Know If You Have Lived in a Past Life

There are a few signs that you can look out for to find out if you may have existed in a time gone by.

reincarnation• Do you shave flashes or memories of places or people from a distant past?
• Do you get feelings of déjà vu often? Like you’ve been in a place before?
• Do you suffer from unexplained distressing phobias?
• Do you ever dream of places you’ve never visited and people you’ve never met?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, these are signs that you have indeed had some sort of past life experience, and that you continue to remember even today.

The concept of past lives and life after death is a fascinating one, riddled with mystery and wonder. When you leran more about past lives and reincarnation, you will come to understand death as the beginning of yet another enchanting journey that you must embark upon to perpetuate the cycle of life.

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