How Most People Block Good From Coming To Them!

Most people prevent their own lives from happening…

You read that right! Most people prevent their lives from happening the way that they want them to. You see, what you think, feel, believe, along with all of your actions and deeds, create the outcomes that you’re going to experience in your future.

You Are A Co­Creator Of Your Life

You may have heard people say that we are co­creators of our own lives. But what does this mean? Well, it means that our thoughts, actions, and deeds, are sent out into the universe. And like a Boomer, they return back to us. So it is very important to be consciously aware of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and deeds, on a daily basis.

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For example, when you were driving to work today, did somebody cut you off? And how did you respond? Did you respond in anger and rage, or did you think to yourself “They are only human like me and made a mistake?”

Did you have a conversation with a coworker or friend today that upset you? And how did you respond? Did you respond with patience, or with anger and resentment?

You Hold The Power To Create A Positive Future

Your reactions, along with your thoughts, feelings, and deeds, are the seeds you plant today that will eventually sprout in your future. So it is important to become consciously aware of thought seeds that you plant today, because these thought seeds will eventually sprout and bloom in your future.

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So this is what it means when you hear people say we are co-­creators of our own lives.

The key to living the life that you want to live is found in becoming consciously aware, on a daily basis, By planning positive thoughts seeds today, you will assure yourself of a happy, bright, and successful future.

What kind of thought seeds did you plant today?

Something To Try

For one week, become consciously aware of all of your thoughts actions, and deeds, and then see if things over the next month seem to run more smoothly in your life!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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    Hi Tana,

    I have heard you read on a popular morning show here in Houston,Tx (97.9); and I think that you are awesome. I’m having financial issues right now and can’t afford a reading right now, but as soon as I can I will be scheduling one. I need it!!!!! I think your great.

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