How To Perform A Psychic Cleansing On Yourself Or Others

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We live in a stress filled world, and as you know, stress is not good for you. So I wanted to teach you something that will help you eliminate your stress, and balance your body, mind, and soul

Here is a technique I wanted to share with you that will help you cleanse your soul, feel more balanced, and help eliminate stress in your life.

What is Psychic Cleansing?

Psychic cleansing means cleansing your energy body, and freeing your mental, emotional, and   spiritual aspects from all forms of negative energies, impure intentions, depressing thoughts, dark emotions, and other similar things. Just as you take a regular bath or shower to cleanse your body of all kinds of impurities, psychic cleansing cleanses your energy body!

The 5 Powerful Benefits of Psychic Cleansing

When you take a shower or bath, don’t you feel much more relaxed and refreshed afterward? You feel lighter and rejuvenated, and you find yourself in a much better mood. Psychic cleansing does the same to you; the difference is that psychic cleansing has much deeper effects on your energy body and aura. The comfort you feel goes beyond what you can physically experience.

Psychic cleansing can provide you with an endless list of benefits, so what you will learn now are the 5 best things which you will gain from psychic cleansing.

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1. Achieve a balance between your physical and spiritual aspect.

A physically clean body does not assure complete health. You may be physically squeaky clean, but your mind is cluttered with worries. Psychic cleansing frees you from unseen dirt and impurities, creating a balance between your physical and spiritual body.

2. It helps you to be fully prepared for any form of activity.

Psychic cleansing prepares you for any activity by clearing your mind. The can range from simple decision-making to practicing a psychic technique.

3. Heal and recuperate much more quickly.

When you wash a wound, you protect it from becoming more infected, helping it to heal more quickly. In the same manner, psychic cleansing aids in your healing – whether it is a physical, spiritual, or emotional healing. It refreshes and relaxes you, allowing you to sleep better and more restfully.

4. Find freedom from negativity, which can affect other areas of your life.

If you are in a bad emotional state for example, other areas of your life may be affected by this bad feeling. It can affect your career, your relationships, or any other aspects of your life, which are not connected to the reason of your emotional distress. Psychic cleansing prevents the spread of this negativity by eliminating it completely.

5. Live a more peaceful and joyful life.

Psychic cleansing helps you find your inner peace and joy. With this inner peace and joy emanating from you, you invite a more peaceful environment around you. You influence others by reflecting the same kind of good energy back to you.

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How To Do A Psychic Cleansing

Here are seven ways you can perform a psychic cleansing. Make sure to use these steps and you will be amazed at the results!

1. Do your psychic cleansing twice a day – one in the morning to prepare the self for the day, just like when you take a bath. Another one is done at night, just as when you take a warm bath or wash up to cleanse yourself for bedtime.

2. To begin your psychic cleansing, sit down in a quiet spot and relax your body.

3. Visualize a ball of very bright light shining down on you from over your head.

4. The rays of this light extend down to you, entering the top of your head. Imagine the light is warm, and you feel its warmth at every point where it passes through your head. Notice that each area it passes becomes cleansed of any negativity.

5.  See the light continuing to travel down to your forehead. Feel the warmth. Notice your forehead shining with pure clean light, cleansed of all impurities.

6. Imagine the light continuing down the level of your eyebrows, throat, heart, pelvis, legs,  knees, and feet. Feel it’s warmth, and see your self being totally cleansed.

7. See the light continuing down to the ground, carrying all your negativity into the earth and away from you.

8. When you are completely cleansed, see the ball of light going through you, and down into the ground. You are now totally cleansed.

Do your psychic cleansing regularly, and you will see the remarkable difference it makes to your life. Experience each of the benefits from psychic cleansing, as listed above. Witness each benefit manifesting in your life.

By using psychic cleansing, you can achieve the perfect physical and spiritual balance, and completely change the quality of your life.

I hope this helps your life in some very special and important way!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Sam B says:

    This doesn’t seem like you need to be in a deep meditative state for this.

    Call me crazy but I wonder if you might be able to ask your angels and guides to focus their light energy onto it as some kind of power buffer on the ball of light. Short term it may not have much effect since its a complete cleanse but it could help..

  2. Stephanie says:

    This sounds wonderfully easy to do. I’m going to get to it now, maybe won’t be so stressed at work today. 🙂

  3. malena says:

    thank you i will do. i have been taking spritual cleansing bath with sea salt but i feel i need more cleansing. i can feel the heaviness around me. i do have many health, finananical issues but i have strong faith and know this too shall pass. the heaviness sometimes gets too hard to bear. thanks i will be doing this ritual god b less

  4. Candy says:

    I love this! From now on I will do it, thank you Tana!! ?❤️

  5. Irma says:

    I will definitely try this Tana! I need this so much. Your timing is always right on! I have been doing my mantras for stress and it has helped so much. I’m thankful for your emails . ?

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