How To Perform A Séance – by Tana Hoy

Séance is a French word that means “sitting” or “session”. It is a ritual usually lead by a Psychic Medium who is able to communicate with spirits. A séance is generally done in the dark, with the participants sitting around a table.

performing a seance

Conducting A Seance

The Purpose Of A Séance

A séance is conducted for the purpose of communicating with spirits who have died, or crossed over to the other side. Some people attend a séance out of curiosity, while others do so to investigate a haunting.

There are two basic types of séance. One is done using a Ouija board, the other is by engaging the services of a Psychic Medium.

What Is A Ouija Board?

Created during the 19th century, Ouija boards are considered to be board games because toy companies are currently manufacturing them.

The words “Yes” and “No” are present on a Ouija board, as well as the letters of the alphabet. The numbers zero to nine are also displayed on the board, along with a pointer on which séance participants can place their hands on.

You can also make your own Ouija board by writing the same letters and numbers on paper, and then you can use a tumbler, or a drinking glass, to substitute for the pointer.

What Is A Psychic Medium?

A Psychic Medium directs the séance by receiving and relaying messages from the other side.
If you plan to conduct a séance, it is best to choose a Medium that is highly attuned, and has adequate experience in spirit communication.

How To Protect Yourself During A Séance

One way to protect yourself is to avoid conducting a séance in a place where earthbound spirits are known to stay in.

Do not do a séance in haunted houses, graveyards, or sites where a tragedy has occurred. As much as possible, select a place where the vibrations feel light.

Before a séance, start with a positive prayer that has an intent to keep the group safe.

Visualize a silver rain of positive vibrations cleansing the group. Then, fill all your bodies with white light. Imagine the light to similarly fill the entire room.

Call your guides and angels to protect you, as well as the entire group. Ask them to help you contact positive entities.

When attending a séance, the best protection is courage. Feel love instead of fear, and make sure to have the intent that the highest good will happen for all involved.

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