Philosopher Guides: What Everyone Should Know philosopher guide

A Philosopher Guide is a type of spirit guide. They are the ones who help us in seeking wisdom and enlightenment.

If you need good counsel, all you have to do is ask your Philosopher Guide.

While most people will recognize other Spirit Guides like Ascended Master Guides and Native American Guides, Philosopher Guides often take a backseat to their more “famous” counterparts.

These wise and patient Spirit Guides may keep a low profile, but in reality, Philosopher Guides can lead us to know the answer to humanity’s most-asked question – “Why am I here?”


What Are Spirit Guides?


You’ve been interacting with your Spirit Guides since you were born.

  • That sudden happy thought, which made you smile when you felt like the world was against you
  • That comforting presence you felt as you were walking home alone.
  • The flash of inspiration you got when you thought you couldn’t finish a particular task.

These are just a few examples of how your Spirit Guides work wonders in your life.

You have one to four primary Spirit Guides who has been your companion from the moment of your birth. Other Spirit Guides will come at different stages of your life and you can have about 30 to 60 guides throughout your lifetime.

There are many kinds of Spirit Guides and each has their own task:

  • Gatekeeper Guide – provides physical and psychic protection
  • Joy Guide – brings laughter, joy, and appreciation of the simple things
  • Teacher Guide – offers help in areas of learning
  • Native American Guide – acts as your protector and brings your closer to the natural world
  • Doctor Guide – helps to maintain a healthier physical body
  • Ascended Master Guide – are enlightened Spirit Guides (Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, and Confucius) who help all of the humanity achieve greater wholeness and harmony in life

But today, I am going to talk about another special type of Spirit Guide, which is the Philosopher Guide.

The Philosopher Guide has a very important task, which is to help you understand and accomplish your goals in this life.


4 Things You Should Know About Your Philosopher Guide philosopher_guide_2

If you are in need of guidance and crucial advice, ask the help of Philosopher Guide as they are known for their wisdom and sound judgment.

You may not know a lot about your Philosopher Guide, but your Philosopher Guide knows a lot of things about you.

So, before you try to connect with your Philosopher Guide, learning the many traits and powers of this Spirit Guide and how he or she can help you will be to your advantage.


  1. Philosopher Guides offer you wisdom


Philosopher Guides are known for their wisdom and sound judgment. If you need crucial advice, your Philosopher Guide will be more than happy to help.

If you have questions about your life purpose or the things you need to accomplish in this life, your Philosopher Guide is the one to turn to. The philosopher guide is primarily interested in your spiritual growth and can help you find your purpose.


  1. Working with a Philosopher Guide will bring you closer to achieving your goals in life


With the wise Philosopher Guide by your side, you will feel a renewed sense of purpose. Your Philosopher Guide helps you evaluate the lessons you have to learn in this lifetime and the spiritual path that leads to it.


  1. Your Philosopher Guide can be your most trusted confidante


Like your other Spirit Guides, your Philosopher Guide always has your best intentions in mind. You can tell them your deepest, darkest secrets.

If your Philosopher Guide had an expertise, this wise guide would be an expert on every aspect of your being and your spiritual journey.


A few ways Your Philosopher Guide uses to contact you and connect with you

If you know what to look for, you will find messages from your Philosopher Guide. Here are a few examples of how your Philosopher Guide reaches out to you: 

  • Your Philosopher Guide will send signs through number patterns. You may look over at the clock and see the time is exactly 1:11 or 3:33. This is a sign that your Philosopher Guide may be trying to tell you something.
  • Your Philosopher Guide may contact you in a dream. Philosopher Guides often send messages through dreams. If you asked your Philosopher Guide for advice or help, the answer could appear to you while you’re sleeping.
  • Your Philosopher Guide will communicate with you during meditation. Meditation is the most powerful way to connect with your Spirit Guides. During meditation, your Philosopher Guide may even reveal his or her form to you.


A few ways your Philosopher Guide can reveal their presence to you 

  • You might see a face or a picture of someone
  • You might see colors or flashes of light
  • You might hear a name, a sound, or a song
  • You may feel a warm presence or a sudden chill


How To Connect With Your Philosopher Guide Through Meditation philosopher_guide3

Constant meditation will help you strengthen the connection between you and your Philosopher Guide.

The first step in connecting with a Philosopher Guide is to acknowledge their presence. Once you show you believe in them and welcome them into your life, it will gradually become easier to connect with this Guide and feel their presence.

If you want to strengthen your bond with your Philosopher Guide, meditation always helps. Here’s a simple meditation technique, which can be used to communicate with your Philosopher Guide.

  1. Find a quiet space where you can meditate without distractions.
  2. Sit in a chair with your spine straight and your feet flat on the floor.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Take 5 long, deep breaths.
  5. As you breathe in and breathe out slowly, feel your entire body relaxing.
  6. Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a bright spotlight of white.
  7. This white spotlight is a space of Divine Love, where you will be nurtured and protected. You will be safe and you will feel at peace within this light.
  8. While standing in the middle of the white spotlight, in your mind, call your Philosopher guide.
  9. Ask your Philosopher guide to reveal himself or herself to you.
  10. What you see, feel, or hear, in the next few minutes will be your Philosopher Guide.
  11. Tell your Philosopher Guide how happy you are to finally meet him or her and that you are grateful for the help and guidance.
  12. When you are finished, and with your eyes still closed, take 3 deep breaths.
  13. Begin to come back to the room around you, to the present time and space.
  14. Open your eyes.
  15. Write down everything that happened.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully connected with your Philosopher Guide!

You can continue meditating and connecting with your Philosopher Guide in this way, asking your Philosopher Guide to come to you so you can get to know him or her better.


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