Life is full of Pain, Loss, and Love.

Most people wish they could see into the future, so they could prepare for it, and avoid many of the unseen hardships, problems, and difficulties that often lie ahead.

Being prepared ahead of time allows you to avoid problems before they happen, and enjoy life to it’s fullest!

Are you looking for this kind of insight? Perhaps you would like to learn more about your future. Or, perhaps you are looking for answers and guidance during a troubling situation.

Contact Tana Hoy for a Psychic Reading. Tana is America’s foremost phone psychic, and he can help you!

The Advantages Of A Phone Psychic Reading

There are many advantages to psychic phone readings. When consulting psychics by phone, you can schedule your appointment at your own convenience, and have your reading in the comfort of your home or office.

When you visit a local psychic, oftentimes you don’t really know if they’re legitimate or not, because oftentimes, they read your body language to feed you information, while pretending to know about your future.

However, you can be assured that phone psychics are using true psychic abilities during their telephone psychic readings since it is impossible for them to read your body language.

Tana Hoy has a 93% accuracy rate; which is much higher than your average psychic.

Tana’s Rise To Fame

Tana quickly rose to popularity after he predicted the Oklahoma City bombing on a live radio show, 90-minutes before it happened. He has been featured on several radio programs including “The Ryan Seacrest Show,” “The Mancow Show,” and “The Wendy Williams Experience.”

He has also appeared on several television programs including Court TV’s “Psychic Detectives”, Country Music Television’s “Popularity Contest”, along with his over 100 news interviews. He has also been featured in several national magazines such as “Marie Claire,” “Entertainment Weekly,” “TV Novelas”, “Star Magazine” and “Alive!”

Tana Was Born With His Abilities

Before Tana was born, his Great Aunt Lucille, who was also a psychic, predicted his birth. She also predicted that he would be a powerful psychic reader. Since he was a young child, his mother saw signs of his psychic abilities, so she took him to Spiritualist Camps throughout his childhood so that he could learn to develop them to their fullest!

At one such camp, he met a highly developed psychic medium that took little Tana under his wing, and then mentored him on how to use his gifts. Tana was later indoctrinated into the Secret Council of the Inner Circle, a council so secret, that most psychics are not even aware of its existence.

Tana Works With Over 150 Different Guides

Tana consults with over 150 Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and other ethereal beings. Along with being a psychic, Tana was also born a Medium. A Medium is someone who can communicate with those who have passed on, so being born a Medium, Tana can also help you contact a lost loved one who has passed on.

Through using his psychic gifts, he can tell you anything about your past, present, and future, and provide you with the guidance and insights you’ll need to make the right decisions for a happier and more fulfilled life.

Your Akashic Records

Tana can also read your Akashic Records. Akashic Records are supernatural records that reside in the higher realms. Think of these realms as a sort of supernatural library. Every person has their own set of Akashic Records, and these records contain information about all the things that have, and will happen, in your life, and on this planet.

These records also contain every tidbit of information about you and your life, and only the most gifted of psychics can read them. By reading your Akashic Records, Tana can help you find your soul mate, advise you on how to make money, help you make the right career choices, and much more. He can also tell you how to change your future for the better.

While there are many psychics and mediums that lack legitimacy, Tana Hoy has a genuine gift. Through phone psychic readings, he can help you learn about your future, discover your past lives, and even contact a loved one on the other side. Best of all, if you do not like what you hear during your reading, Tana can show you what you can do to change anything he sees in your future, into the outcome you want it to be!

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