Phone Readings – Are They Accurate?

Phone readings with a psychic are convenient, and they allow you to talk from the comfort of your own space. But are phone readings as accurate as in-person readings?

When having a psychic reading in person, I have found it to be more challenging for me to read the person, because I can easily get distracted by seeing the person’s auric energy! For years I read for people in person. I was able to accurately read for them, (about a 90% accuracy rate) but being in physical contact with the energy of so many different people’s auras, spirit guides, and guardian angels, drained me and made my physical eyes feel very tired.

Phone Readings

As my clientele started expanding all around the world, I was faced with having to offer more and more phone readings. What I discovered was that doing a reading by phone actually increased the accuracy of my readings from 90% to about 95%.

I was puzzled by this, and then one day when I was meditating, my spirit guides told me that my accuracy increased because I was not being drained because I was no longer coming into physical contact with so many different people’s auras, spirit guides, and guardian angels each day! Interestingly, my eyesight has also improved, and my prescription for my reading glasses has lowered.

I never realized that seeing so many different auras, guardian angels, and spirit guides face-to-face all day could affect my eyesight! It actually takes a lot of focus and concentration to be tuned into to them when I am in the physical presence of the person I am reading for!

I can still see auras, spirit guides, and guardian angels, but during a reading by phone they often physically materialize in front of me (which they don’t do during an in-person reading, because it would probably startle the average person), or they show themselves to me via my Third Eye. I have discovered phone readings don’t drain me at all, but do the opposite now – they energizes me!

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