5 Weird, Mysterious Places and Their Psychic Connections

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The most beautiful and popular tourist destinations don’t hold a candle to weird and mysterious places with psychic connections. [image credit: 666BloodWolf666 via Deviant Art CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0]

You’d think that most people would want to avoid talking or even thinking about weird and mysterious places, as scary as they are.

However, in reality, many people enjoy knowing about such mysterious places where paranormal phenomena, supernatural events, and even unsolved mysteries, have taken place.

Are you one of those who like reading about these unusual places?

If yes, you’re in for a treat, because here’s a list of 5 weird, mysterious places and their psychic connections!

1. Aokigahara Forest, Japan


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Aokigahara carries with it an unsettling reputation. It is reputedly, where tortured spirits congregate and move among the numerous trees. Entities from the Spirit World have been reportedly seen by some casual visitors.

Aokigahara can be found at the foothills of postcard-pretty Mt. Fuji in Japan. However, what’s to be found inside the rough trails of Aokigahara is in stark contrast to the breathtaking beauty of Mt. Fuji.


Aokigahara carries with it an unsettling reputation. It is reputedly, where tortured spirits congregate and move among the numerous trees. Entities from the Spirit World have been reportedly seen by some casual visitors.

This is because Aokigahara is also known as the “Suicide Forest.”

A lot of people have gone inside this forest to take their own lives. Even if it does have forest caretakers who do their best to patrol the area, it is still highly difficult to keep track of everyone who enters it.

Aokigahara is a dense forest occupying 13.5136 square miles. Because of the thickness of the foliage, sound is almost muted inside. Except of course, for the occasional “sighs of regret,” or “tortured moans” or other sounds said to float in the air, associated with the sadness of a life suddenly cut short.

There are many short documentaries on Aokigahara on YouTube.

Be careful about watching, especially if the sight of skeletons and other human remains (including the clothes they were wearing) easily scare you.

2. Hockomock Swamp, Southeastern Massachusetts


Massachusetts is notoriously known, of course, for the Salem Witch Trials that took place during colonial times. Aside from that, though, there are also reports of cryptids living in the area known as the Hockomock Swamp in Southeastern Massachusetts.

tanahoy.com cryptid

Cryptids such as this supposedly live in the Hockomock Swamp.

Cryptids are animals that not commonly known – “hidden” not only from sight, but also from understanding. Science has not yet classified them, much less studied them, which is why debates continue to rage about whether the cryptids are real or merely crazed imaginings.

However, various people have reportedly seen some cryptids in the area of the Hockomock Swamp. These include:

  • violently fighting, flying creatures said to resemble the prehistoric pterodactyl
  • massively hairy ape-looking creatures that walked upright like humans and gave off a powerful stench, and a
  • a gigantic creature with the features of a dog, which savaged the neck of a man’s ponies.

And that’s just for the unusual animals reportedly living in the Hockomock Swamp. There are also beings from the Spirit World, most notable of which are the ghostly Native Americans paddling on their canoes through the swamp.

The Wampanoag called the swamp as Hockomock, which means “the place where spirits dwell.”

The negative psychic energies that are thick in the area are said to have developed because of the tortures inflicted on the Native Americans by the colonials. A curse is also said to have been placed on the swamp.

3. Manila Film Center, Philippines


Back in the late 1970s to the early 1980s, the wife of the then Philippine President, the dictator Ferdinand Marcos, was on a building binge. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos was determined to have as many buildings erected as quickly as possible.

Most of these buildings (such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines) still stand today, serving the original purpose for which they were constructed.

However, there were also buildings that eventually became unused, and rotted through the years. Some of these buildings were left uncared for after the Marcos regime fell because of political reasons. But there is one building that was abandoned for the longest time because most people were scared to even come near it.

tanahoy.com manila film center

Before its construction was finished, a terrible tragedy happened at the Manila Film Center. [image credit: Mike Gonzalez CC BY-SA 3.0]

That building is the Manila Film Center. During the heyday of the Marcos regime, popular celebrities from all over often visited the Philippines, at the invitation of Imelda.

Mrs. Marcos decided that she would build the Film Center to showcase films from different countries. She wanted to have an Asian version of the Cannes film festival.

The construction crews were told to use quick-drying cement. Unfortunately, one of the scaffoldings collapsed during the round-the-clock construction, bringing down numerous construction workers, who broke their limbs and ribs. They fell into a hole in the ground, and couldn’t climb out.

The horrible part is, construction never stopped to save the workers. They were left in the hole as the building was being constructed.

The workers were then said to be cemented over. But that’s not all. It’s been long-rumored in Manila that even those workers who were not yet dead, were also not helped, and instead had the quick-drying cement poured over them, encasing them in the cement.

The anguished spirits of the construction workers who became victims are said to still be in the Manila Film Center. Ghostly moans and apparitions have been reported, with bloody arms and legs said to be clearly seen peeking out through the floors and walls.

A documentary on the Manila Film Center accident has reported that all the workers who died were accounted for and given a decent burial. Still, those who have experienced the mysterious sounds and apparitions refuse to believe there are no paranormal elements in the building.

4. Point Pleasant, West Virginia


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The Mothman is associated with Point Pleasant in West Virginia. [image credit: Official Mothman Group via Deviant Art]

If you were able to watch the movie titled The Mothman Prophecies (2002), you would have heard of Point Pleasant in West Virginia.

In fact, the Mothman and Point Pleasant are so intertwined with each other, that it’s not easy to talk about one without mentioning the other. The Mothman even has a statue in the area.

Quite strange, if you ask me, considering that the Mothman, when he arrived back in 1966, was said to have scared the hell out of gravediggers and courting couples who were parked.Along with making the dogs of farmers in surrounding fields his food of choice.

But from where did the Mothman come?

As a humanoid creature with moth-like features and a 7-foot wingspan, there have been many arguments regarding the origin of the Mothman. Some have said that he is a hybrid, a product of human and animal crossbreeding.

Others have said that he is a creature that resulted from the curse of Chief Cornstalk, a long-departed Shawnee leader who suffered at the hands of the colonizers.

Still others have claimed that the Mothman is a mutant creature produced by chemical toxins.

Finally, others are more firm in saying that the Mothman is an alien who came to bear bad news.

And bad news did not only come, but actually happened.  The most tragic was the collapse of a bridge with heavy traffic, killing almost 50 people. With this accident, the Mothman sightings stopped, and it’s now believed that he left.

There are reports, though, that the Mothman’s horrible shrieking can sometimes still be heard in the dead of night.

5. Mogui Cheng, China


tanahoy.com moguicheng

Mogui Cheng (aka Moguicheng) is seen by some as a portal to the Spirit World.

You’d think that there’s nothing to be feared in the desert, aside from the occasional rattlesnakes, or the prickly cactus plants.

However, in China, there is a desert that’s able to arouse extreme fear among many.It’s because of the reputed paranormal phenomena or supernatural events that have taken place there, and continue to take place up to the present.

That place is known as Mogui Cheng (aka Moguicheng) or “The City of Satan.”

What in the world would cause a desert to be called by the name of the reputed supreme devil?

One reason could be the numerous mounds of earth that curiously appear to be ancient, scary castles. The solid sand formations are said to be products of the strong winds that are present now and then in the area. However, it’s not just palaces that are formed, some are formed complete with steps.

Some sand structures also closely resemble what most people have long thought demons to look like.

But even if you took away the visual impact of the sand formations, there is no escaping the eerie and haunting sounds that visitors of this desert hear. At times, they have reported hearing an assortment of tinkling bells, along with strumming on a stringed instrument.

It’s not all pleasant-sounding, though. Sometimes, visitors have cringed at hearing strange roars from different directions, and shouts that they couldn’t make out: cries of babies, the wailing of women, all resonating together. Usually such sounds are heard when there are storms.

People are attracted to the tinkling bells, and say that these come from fairies having fun in the area. As for the creepy noises, it’s been said that they come from ghosts or other spirits who are up to no good.

Mogui Cheng is seen by some as a portal to the Spirit World.


Do you know of any other weird and mysterious places with connections to the  Spirit World? Tell me about it in the comments below!

And remember, if you want to gain more knowledge about what beings exist in other realms, as well as find out what role they play in your life, you can schedule a psychic reading now.


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