Healing With Positive Energy Through Touch

From the time we were babies, we have known the power of touch. We took comfort in the soothing feel of our parents next to our skin. And, most likely, we got upset when we felt unfamiliar hands holding us.

positive energyEven as grown-ups, we take comfort in the positive energy we feel being held by  those we care about.

Touching has many purposes. It can be used for sending messages, such as through a squeeze or a tap. For feeling another person’s discomfort, such as checking for fever or swelling, and for physical pleasure, such as holding and kissing. A simple pat on the back can convey either congratulations or condolences, and a handshake can communicate so much more than words can say.

Touching, of course, is used to give comfort and show affection, like pushing the hair from your lover’s face, or wiping away a child’s tear. It can soothe physical and emotional pain, and it can hasten healing. Since physical contact is skin deep, there is a lot of psychic power in released when touching.

What Makes Touch So Powerful?

Everything in this world radiates energy, and touching a person allows you to tap into their energy, and to transfer your own energy back into them. This is why you feel either feel pleasure or revulsion when someone touching you. Through touch,, you can psychically sense what another person is feeling, such as fear, agitation, anger, or even lust

How This Energy Transference Can Heal

Because of this energy transference, a simple pat or stroke can change a person’s life. Many healers, nurses, and health professionals help patients through methods like rubbing, massage, patting, acupressure, Reiki, and the like. Your own strokes help your family and friends, too, especially when they need healing, either mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically.

You can learn to direct your good energy to your palms and fingertips. This way, when you touch someone you care about, you can allow your own positive vibrations to flow directly into him or her.

How To Transfer Positive Energy

Before you hold or touch your loved ones, you need to make sure that you’re free of negativity.

• First, you need to spend time meditating and freeing your own mind of worries, anger, stress, and the like.

• Then as you meditate, you need to make sure to reinforce your shield of protection, which will prevent any negativity from getting transferred back to you. You can do this by visualizing a force field of good energy around yourself, and see it as a white light that protects you.

• Next, visualize your hands as a channel for your energy to flow through. You can imagine in your mind’s eye the flow of positive vibes moving within you, and down to your fingertips.

• Then hold your loved ones, and you will notice how much your touch gives them comfort and happiness.

Just a word of caution, though. There are some individuals who will deliberately or accidentally suck out your energy, so you need to make sure you’re properly protected before touching people.

That way, you can be more confident when touching other people and you can share your positive energy without being unwittingly drained of it.

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  1. Candy says:

    I love this ?????
    Tana, I healed my moms dog sugar twice xo
    Others too. Through higher power, of course!
    I can reach my hand up, close my eyes, and my hand is in that pure healing love and light xo
    I made it up and it works 🙂
    I can sense when I’m ready to work
    I love you and you’re the awesomest 🙂

  2. Sridevi says:

    Will that work for genetic character change. For e.g an angry person can be changed to calm

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